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U000.1.1 Memory and Commitment   Serota, Phyllis  
E000.1.1 Nelly Auersperg   Elder, Manon  
M000.1.5 Untitled (Plant With Mountai...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma
M000.2.1 Untitled (Arbutus and Lilies)   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
E000.2.1 Qwa-Ya   Paul, Tim  
M000.2.2 Untitled (Lilies On The Hill...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
E000.2.2 Qwa-Ya   Paul, Tim  
M000.2.3 Untitled (Gnarled Arbutus)   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
E000.2.3 Qwa-Ya   Paul, Tim  
M000.2.4 The Sunrise Before Another S...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
M000.2.5 Untitled (Chocolate Lily)   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
M000.2.6 Untitled (Valley Surrounded ...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
M000.2.7 Untitled (Yellow Lilies With...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
U000.3.1 Untitled (Portrait Of A Youn...   Unknown  
E000.4.1 Wooden pencil with Chinese c...   unknown
U000.4.1-1 Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   Kupczynski, Eva ; Zbigniew
U000.4.1-2 Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   Kupczynski, Eva ; Zbigniew
U000.4.1-3 Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   Kupczynski, Eva ; Zbigniew
U000.4.2 Tsawassen Suite   Sabiston, Carole RCA  
E000.4.2 Untitled (Inscribed Metal Be...   Unknown
E000.4.3 Chinese wood spoon   unknown
U000.4.3-1 Howe Sound Suite (panel 1 0f...   Sabiston, Carole RCA  
E000.4.4 Large, round wooden spoon   unknown
E000.4.5 Metal and wood cigarette/pipe   unknown
E000.4.6 Yellow plastic tweezers   Dupont, E.
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