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E000.4.7 Wood coin holder box   unknown
E000.4.8 Small box with two scenes   unknown
E000.4.9 Untitled (Chinese child doll)   Unknown
E000.4.10 Chinese paper fan   unknown
E000.4.11 Wooden staff   unknown
E000.4.12 Small glass bottle   unknown
E000.4.13 Glass bottle   unknown
E000.4.14 Blue China plates   Unknown
E000.4.15 Small Chinese decorative scr...   unknown
E000.4.16 Groupings of colourful tassels   unknown
E000.4.17 Miscellaneous trinkets   unknown
E000.4.18 Small screens   unknown
E000.4.19 Untitled (religious temple)   unknown
E000.5.1 Untitled (Fragment)   Morris, Michael
U000.6.1 Prairie Image (#784)   Jorgensen, Flemming  
U000.7.1 Plaque #3   Jorgensen, Flemming  
U000.7.2 Plaque #8   Jorgensen, Flemming  
U000.8.1 Untitled (Butler Fife)   Unknown  
U000.9.1 Harris' Sparrow   Curry, Gwen RCA  
U000.9.2 Northern Shrike   Curry, Gwen RCA  
U000.9.3 Varied Thrush   Curry, Gwen RCA  
U000.10.1 Portrait Of Dr. David Strong   Strong, Joanna
U000.11.1 Qwa-Ya   Paul, Tim  
U000.12.1 Four In A Circle   Pavelic, Myfanwy Spencer  
U000.12.2 Untitled (Five Figures)   Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA  
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