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Untitled (Overlapping People)   U011.114.10 Drawing
Untitled (Female Nude)   U998.24.37 Nude portrait
Robin And Herbert Both 60   U998.33.22 Ink, Watercolour 
Priest, Poet, Professor   U998.33.7 Ink 
Untitled (Hannelore)   U998.31.9 Charcoal; Graphite 
Figure Drawing   U998.24.36 Ink
Choco-Omo   E985.5.2 Ink
Relax the Eye   E985.5.1 Ink
Aus Der Arktis Kommt Die Ens...   U998.19.1 Graphite 
Snarling Cat   L005.1.2 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (9 Sketches)   U998.15.20 Graphite; Watercolour 
Act IV   U998.15.19 Ink; Graphite; Acrylic
At Henley On Thames   U998.15.17 Graphite
Untitled (Sketch of an Arch)   U998.15.16 Graphite 
Untitled (Abstract)   U998.15.12 Pastel 
Snowy Woods   U997.9.1 Graphite; conte 
Raven Stealing the Sun   U990.14.914 Graphite
Untitled (Preparatory Drawin...   U990.14.1599 Ink 
Untitled (Profil of Head)   U990.14.1592 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Killer Whale   U990.14.532 Ink and acrylic 
Untitled (Sketch of Bear)   U990.14.1501 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Drawing of Eagle C...   U990.14.1500 Drawing; Draft 
Spout Of The Eagle Feathers ...   U990.14.1499 Drawing; Draft
Eagle And Dog Salmon   U990.14.1498 Graphite
Untitled (Drawing of Seal)   U990.14.1489 Graphite
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