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Untitled (Overlapping People)   U011.114.10 Drawing
Untitled (Female Nude)   U998.24.37 Nude portrait
Robin And Herbert Both 60   U998.33.22 Ink, Watercolour 
Priest, Poet, Professor   U998.33.7 Ink 
Untitled (Hannelore)   U998.31.9 Charcoal; Graphite 
Figure Drawing   U998.24.36 Ink
Choco-Omo   E985.5.2 Ink
Relax the Eye   E985.5.1 Ink
Aus Der Arktis Kommt Die Ens...   U998.19.1 Graphite 
Snarling Cat   L005.1.2 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (9 Sketches)   U998.15.20 Graphite; Watercolour 
Act IV   U998.15.19 Ink; Graphite; Acrylic
At Henley On Thames   U998.15.17 Graphite
Untitled (Sketch of an Arch)   U998.15.16 Graphite 
Untitled (Abstract)   U998.15.12 Pastel 
Snowy Woods   U997.9.1 Graphite; conte 
Raven Stealing the Sun   U990.14.914 Graphite
Untitled (Preparatory Drawin...   U990.14.1599 Ink 
Untitled (Profil of Head)   U990.14.1592 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Killer Whale   U990.14.532 Ink and acrylic 
Untitled (Sketch of Bear)   U990.14.1501 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Drawing of Eagle C...   U990.14.1500 Drawing; Draft 
Spout Of The Eagle Feathers ...   U990.14.1499 Drawing; Draft
Eagle And Dog Salmon   U990.14.1498 Graphite
Untitled (Drawing of Seal)   U990.14.1489 Graphite
Untitled (Sketch)   U990.14.1487 Drawing; Graphite
Untitled (Draft Print of Seal)   U990.14.1488 Ink and graphite
Gambler Drum   U990.14.1485 Drawing; Draft 
Untitled (Drawing of Fish/Se...   U990.14.1486 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Sketch of Bird)   U990.14.1484 Graphite
Untitled (Killer Whale Sketch)   U990.14.1483 Drawing
Untitled (Spoon Design)   U990.14.1482 Drawing
Untitled (Sketch of Bird)   U990.14.1481 Graphite
Untitled (Sketch of Animal F...   U990.14.1479 Graphite
Untitled (Draft of Whale)   U990.14.1478 Graphite
Untitled (Draft of Orca Hunt...   U990.14.1477 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Draft of Bird)   U990.14.1474 Graphite
Untitled (Draft Wing Span)   U990.14.1475 Graphite
Untitled (Draft of Human and...   U990.14.1473 Felt pen
Untitled (Draft Whale Design)   U990.14.1472 Graphite
Untitled (Draft Lightening S...   U990.14.1470 Graphite
Untitled (Draft of Fish)   U990.14.1471 Graphite
Untitled (Draft Fish Design)   U990.14.1469 Graphite; Watercolour
Untitled (Draft Drawing)   U990.14.1468 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Draft Bird)   U990.14.1467 Graphite
Untitled (Preliminary Draft)   U990.14.1466 Serigraph; Draft; Drawing
Untitled (Thunderbird)   U990.14.1464-1 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Draft Whale)   U990.14.1465 Drawing; Draft 
Untitled (Draft Bird)   U990.14.1461 Graphite
Untitled (Whale Sketch)   U990.14.1460 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Draft Bird)   U990.14.1459 Graphite
Untitled (Draft Face Design)   U990.14.1458 Ink 
Untitled (Pole)   U990.14.1455 Drawing 
Untitled (Whale Designs)   U990.14.1454 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Draft Bird Design)   U990.14.1453 Graphite
Untitled (Draft Whale in Wat...   U990.14.1452 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Detail Sketch)   U990.14.1451 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Wolf-Whale Transfo...   U990.14.1450 Graphite
Untitled (Bird Sketch)   U990.14.1448 Ink
Untitled (Maaktosiis Village...   U990.14.1447 Graphite
Untitled (Sea Creature)   U990.14.1446 Ink
Untitled (Bird Creature)   U990.14.1445 Drawing
Killer Whale   U990.14.1444 Graphite
Untitled (Human in Circular ...   U990.14.1443 Ink 
Untitled (Poison Salmon and ...   U990.14.1442 Ink 
Untitled (Thunderbird Dancer)   U990.14.1441 Print; Serigraph 
Untitled (Tee-Thloop)   U990.14.1439 Graphite 
Untitled (Gambler Drum)   U990.14.1436 Drawing; Draft 
Untitled (Memorial Canoe)   U990.14.1435 Graphite 
Untitled (Memorial Rainbow D...   U990.14.1434 Graphite 
Maak Tosiis Village   U990.14.1413 Graphite
Untitled (Sketch)   U990.14.1345 Graphite
Untitled (Sketch)   U990.14.1344 Graphite 
Untitled (Sketch)   U990.14.1339 Ink
Untitled (Figure with Guitar)   U990.14.1337 Pastel
Untitled (Many Faces)   U011.105.1 Ink
Untitled (Figure and Landsca...   U990.14.1301 Ink
Untitled (Bear and Animals)   U990.14.1300 Serigraph
Kwa-Gulth Moon   U990.14.1298 Print; Serigraph 
White Field   U007.18.11 Serigraph 
Untitled (Bird-Whale Sketch)   U990.14.1221 Graphite 
Mask By Vern Etzerza   U990.14.1182 Graphite 
... He was Made to Dance (Ur...   U997.26.2 Ink, Tempera
Look What My Girdle Did To Me   U996.25.94 Ink 
Two German Sisters   U996.25.93 Graphite; Wash 
Head of a Ballet Dancer   U996.25.92 Graphite 
Chess Players   U996.25.4 Graphite 
Untitled (Mother and Child)   U996.25.39 Pastel 
The Four Gated City (neg.)   U996.25.38 Graphite; Ink 
Untitled (Yellow Abstraction)   U996.25.37 Pastel; Graphite 
Untitled (Abstract)   U996.25.33 Graphite; Coloured Pencils
Two Figures   U996.25.25 Conte; Wash 
Head   U996.25.24 Conte; Wash 
Four Figures   U996.25.23 Ink 
Crucifixion   U996.25.21 Conte; Wash 
One Figure   U996.25.20 Graphite; Wash 
Three Figures   U996.25.18 Graphite; Wash 
Untitled (Landscape)   U996.25.32 Pastel on Paper
Untitled (Beach Landscape)   U996.25.112 Pastel
Untitled (Abstract Still Life)   U996.25.110 Pastel
Morning In The Studio   U996.25.109 Ink
Four Masks   U996.25.107 Ink
Introduction And Allegro In ...   U996.25.104 Ink
Chess Players   U996.25.10 Ink; Wash 
Love, Like a House on Fire   U996.12.62 Pastel, paper
Drawing #2   U964.1.4 Ink 
Mr. E. J. Savannah   U962.1.1 Pastel 
The Beggar   U958.1.1 Watercolour; charcoal 
Winter Scene of Kitwanga   U952.1.1 Pastel 
Untitled (Architectural Draw...   M974.3.1 Graphite 
K.E. Maltwood   M964.1.74 Pastel 
The Trial of Ursus   U997.26.5 Ink, Tempera
Crouching Nude Male With Cla...   M964.1.518-8 Graphite 
Half Kneeling Nude Female   M964.1.518-9 Graphite 
Sanctus   M964.1.518-7 Graphite; Watercolour 
Bent Leg   M964.1.518-5 Graphite 
Two Prone Nude Females   M964.1.518-6 Graphite 
Two Standing Nude Females   M964.1.518-3 Graphite 
Three Reclining Nude Females   M964.1.518-4 Graphite 
Angelic Harmonies Resounded   M964.1.518-20 Graphite 
Seated Nude Male   M964.1.518-2 Graphite 
Eight Workmen   M964.1.518-19 Graphite 
Two Standing Nude Figures   M964.1.518-17 Graphite 
Ascending Figures   M964.1.518-18 Graphite 
Two Seated Nude Females   M964.1.518-15 Graphite
Study Of Leaves   M964.1.518-16 Graphite 
Seated Nude Female   M964.1.518-13 Graphite 
Seated Nude Male   M964.1.518-14 Graphite 
Studies Of Limbs   M964.1.518-11 Graphite 
Sitting Nude Male   M964.1.518-12 Graphite 
Hill Jar And Ivory Cup   M964.1.518-1 Graphite 
Standing Nude Male   M964.1.518-10 Graphite 
Seated Man   M964.1.467 Charcoal 
Untitled (Man's Head)   M964.1.464 Charcoal 
Untitled (Man's Head)   M964.1.465 Charcoal 
Untitled (Man's Head)   M964.1.466 Charcoal 
Untitled (Woman's Head)   M964.1.463 Charcoal 
Fox Dance; (Process Sketch)   M964.1.462 Graphite 
Untitled (Spiritual Scene)   M964.1.452 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountain Landscape)   M964.1.450-9 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Arbutus and Mounta...   M964.1.450-70 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Field and Mountain...   M964.1.450-72 Coloured Pencils 
Headland   M964.1.450-8 coloured pencil 
Untitled (Bordered Grapevine)   M964.1.450-81 Coloured Pencils 
The Long Light Shadows Acros...   M964.1.450-7 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Light House)   M964.1.450-6 Coloured Pencil 
Untitled (Misty Landscape wi...   M964.1.450-61 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Boat on Water at S...   M964.1.450-54 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Two Boats on Water)   M964.1.450-55 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Pink Mountain and ...   M964.1.450-56 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Pink Face in Sky)   M964.1.450-52 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Hazy Landscape)   M964.1.450-53 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Orange Arbutus Tre...   M964.1.450-51 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountain Landscape)   M964.1.450-5 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Pink Sky)   M964.1.450-50 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Robin in Arbutus T...   M964.1.450-48 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Misty Mountain)   M964.1.450-49 Coloured Pencils 
Victory For The Arbutus   M964.1.450-47 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Landscape with Her...   M964.1.450-4 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Grey Cliffs)   M964.1.450-45 Coloured Pencils 
Trees Over Water   M964.1.450-46 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountains and Suns...   M964.1.450-37 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountain Peak)   M964.1.450-38 Coloured Pencils 
Cordova Bay Treetops   M964.1.450-39 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountain Range)   M964.1.450-35 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Flowing River)   M964.1.450-36 Coloured Pencils 
Treetops. Cordova Bay (Tre...   M964.1.450-33 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountain Landscape)   M964.1.450-34 Coloured Pencils 
Mount Rundle, Banff   M964.1.450-31 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountainous Landsc...   M964.1.450-32 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Sun Breaking Throu...   M964.1.450-30 Coloured Pencils 
Discovery Island From 1101 B...   M964.1.450-29 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountains Along Ri...   M964.1.450-3 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Forest with Red Tr...   M964.1.450-28 Coloured Pencils 
Bay At 5th Hole, Oak Bay Gol...   M964.1.450-27 Coloured Pencils 
Olympic Mountains Above Port...   M964.1.450-25 Coloured Pencils 
Olympic Mountains from Oak B...   M964.1.450-26 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mount Baker)   M964.1.450-23 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountain Range)   M964.1.450-24 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountain View)   M964.1.450-22 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Boat on Water)   M964.1.450-2 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Mountain and River...   M964.1.450-20 Coloured Pencils 
Goldstream Summit   M964.1.450-21 Coloured Pencils 
The Old One   M964.1.450-18 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Arbutus Trees)   M964.1.450-19 Coloured Pencils 
Salmon Arm near Vancouver B.C.   M964.1.450-17 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Canoes on Water)   M964.1.450-15 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Figure with Reflec...   M964.1.450-16 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Castle Mountain)   M964.1.450-13 Coloured Pencils 
Enchanted Lake   M964.1.450-14 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (View of Treetops)   M964.1.450-11 Coloured Pencils 
Trunks of Arbutus After Rain   M964.1.450-12 Coloured pencils 
Untitled (Water and Mountain...   M964.1.450-1 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (View of Mountain)   M964.1.450-10 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Basset Hound Sketch)   M964.1.350 Graphite
Vidia While Writing   U006.24.1 Graphite
Untitled (architectural abst...   M964.1.132 Charcoal 
Untitled (Street Scene with ...   M964.1.133 Charcoal 
Siena Cathedral   M964.1.119 Pastel 
Fishes   M964.1.109 Pastel
Untitled (Elephant)   U007.11.1 Ink 
Untitled (Popeye sketch)   U011.30.2 ink
Untitled (Scene of Tower of ...   E996.1.3 Ink; paint 
Untitled (Portrait)   E996.1.11 Graphite 
Nicola Study   L005.1.3 Graphite; Charcoal 
Four Cartoon Drawings   U004.8.4 Ink; Graphite; Collage
Ornamental Line   E985.5.3 Chinese ink 
Untitled (Colourful Nudes)   U011.115.3 Coloured Pencils
Kwa-Gulth Frog   U990.14.147 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Untitled   U989.6.5 Watercolour; Pen & Ink 
Black Diamond #1   U007.18.9 Graphite and oil pastel 
For Robin   U989.6.2 Graphite 
Old Houses, Tunbridge Wells,...   U989.18.5 Graphite 
Aging Faculty Members Facing...   U988.9.1 Ink; wash 
Elza Mayhew and Anne (Relati...   U988.32.1 Graphite 
Untitled (Dancer)   U988.29.2 Felt Pen; Graphite 
Untitled (Thunderbird Catchi...   U988.29.1 Felt Pen; Graphite 
Untitled (Geological Portrait)   U987.9.6 Ink 
Black Cherries   U987.3.7 Graphite 
A Shape of Arp   U987.3.6 Ink 
Untitled (Abstract)   U987.3.5 Pastel 
Untitled (Man Carrying Child)   U987.3.39 Charcoal 
Untitled (City Park)   U987.3.38 Ink; Wash 
Untitled (Trees)   U994.30.696 Graphite 
Untitled (Sketch)   U994.30.592 Graphite; Ink
Max Bates In Yellow Chair   U994.23.1 Graphite; Charcoal; Ink; Wash 
Man in Theatrical Costume   U994.16.1 Ink; Graphite
Contemplation   U994.15.7 Charcoal 
Untitled (female nude)   U994.1.9 Charcoal 
Untitled (Self portrait)   U994.1.8 Acrylic; pastel; charcoal 
Untitled (female nude)   U994.1.39 Graphite 
Untitled (male and female nu...   U994.1.38 Charcoal 
Untitled (Maxwell Bates)   U994.1.35 Graphite 
Untitled (Max Bates)   U994.1.33 Graphite 
Untitled (Maxwell Bates)   U994.1.31 Charcoal; paper 
Untitled (Herbert Siebner an...   U994.1.29 Charcoal 
Untitled (Robin Skelton)   U994.1.28 Charcoal 
Untitled (two figures; prep ...   U994.1.27 Graphite 
Untitled (two figures; one H...   U994.1.26 Graphite 
Untitled (Lazlo Gati)   U994.1.25 Graphite 
Untitled (Mr. Freeman)   U994.1.24 Charcoal 
Untitled (Colin Graham)   U994.1.23 Graphite 
Untitled (Colin Graham)   U994.1.22 Graphite 
Untitled (basic form study)   U994.1.21 Graphite 
Untitled (seated man; Peter)   U994.1.20 Graphite 
Untitled (Mr. Spencer, Myfan...   U994.1.18 Charcoal 
Untitled (female nude)   U994.1.17 Charcoal 
Untitled (Queen Elizabeth II)   U994.1.16 Charcoal 
Untitled (Self-portrait as a...   U994.1.15 Graphite 
Untitled (male profile; Yehu...   U994.1.14 Conte 
Untitled (Two nude women)   U994.1.13 Graphite 
Untitled (Sketch of Herbert ...   U994.1.12 Charcoal 
Untitled (Two Sided Sketch)   U994.1.11 Charcoal; graphite 
Centre In The Middle   U993.7.97 Graphite 
Perception   U993.7.92 Graphite 
Zara Nelsova (cellist)   U993.7.90 Graphite 
Distance (Nana Mountains)   U993.7.89 Graphite; Acrylic 
Searching (Self-Portrait)   U993.7.88 Graphite 
Dick Morris   U993.7.86 Charcoal 
Foggy Morning   U993.7.85 Charcoal 
Kate (Katharine Hepburn)   U993.7.84 Graphite 
Ravi Shankar   U993.7.82 Charcoal 
Jack And George (Relationshi...   U993.7.8 Charcoal 
Yehudi Menuhin - Profile (sk...   U993.7.78 Charcoal 
Yehudi Menuhin - Hands Holdi...   U993.7.77 Charcoal 
Yehudi, Menuhin - Hand Playi...   U993.7.76 Conte 
Yehudi Menuhin Profile Playi...   U993.7.75 Charcoal 
Yehudi Menuhin Playing - Fro...   U993.7.73 Graphite 
Yehudi Menuhin - Three Heads...   U993.7.74 Conte 
Yehudi Menuhin Playing - Fro...   U993.7.72 Charcoal 
Glenn Gould   U993.7.7 Charcoal 
Head and Hands Playing (Yehu...   U993.7.69 Conte; Charcoal 
Yehudi Menuhin #1   U993.7.68 Charcoal 
Yehudi Menuhin #2   U993.7.67 Charcoal 
Yehudi Menuhin #3   U993.7.66 Charcoal 
Hands Holding Violin (Yehudi...   U993.7.65 Charcoal 
Hands - Violin (Yehudi Menuh...   U993.7.64 Charcoal 
"1986" (Self-Portrait)   U993.7.6 Graphite 
Niki   U993.7.52 Charcoal 
Glenn Gould (preparatory ske...   U993.7.51 Charcoal; conté 
Leroy Jensen   U993.7.50 Charcoal 
Brissenden - Defense Attorney   U993.7.47 Charcoal 
Exercise With Head #3 (Self-...   U993.7.43 Charcoal 
Pat Martin Bates and Jocelyn...   U993.7.41 Charcoal; Conte 
Helga Grove   U993.7.39 Charcoal 
Elizabeth and Stephanie's Ha...   U993.7.38 Charcoal 
Rostropovich - Sketch   U993.7.36 Graphite 
Rostropovich - Sketch   U993.7.37 Graphite 
Don Harvey And Shawn's Hands...   U993.7.30 Conte 
Beverley Mclachlin   U993.7.3 Graphite 
Robin Skelton and Alison (Re...   U993.7.29 Graphite 
Silk Scarf   U993.7.28 Conte 
Herbert And Angela   U993.7.24 Graphite 
Jan Grove (Relationships Ser...   U993.7.25 Chalk; Charcoal 
Drawing - Pat Martin Bates a...   U993.7.21 Charcoal; Conte 
Luis Merino and Adan - Hands...   U993.7.22 Charcoal 
Seated In Corridor (Pierre T...   U994.1.46 Charcoal
Michael Morris And Rita (rel...   U993.7.20 Conte; Charcoal 
Tatlow Road   U993.7.2 Pastel 
Yehudi Menuhin   U994.1.44 Ink; Wash 
Mount Hood   U993.7.192 Pastel 
Church Of Santa Maria Della ...   U993.7.191 Graphite 
Walter Dexter   U993.7.19 Charcoal 
Daddy   U993.7.185 Charcoal 
Victor Tischler   U993.7.174 Red conte 
John Dunn (N.Y. Period)   U993.7.168 Charcoal 
Jan Cherniavsky - Hands And ...   U993.7.166 Charcoal 
Tessa: Head And Hands   U993.7.164 Charcoal 
Clown Without Makeup   U993.7.158 Charcoal 
And went gaily about their m...   U997.26.4 Ink, Tempera
Mother   U993.7.155 Charcoal 
Man - N.Y. - Phil   U993.7.153 Charcoal 
Standing Couple   U993.7.152 Charcoal 
Bob And Jeb (N.Y. Period)   U993.7.151 Charcoal 
Mother   U993.7.149 Charcoal 
Fallen Tree   U993.7.148 Charcoal 
Tessa With Niki   U993.7.141 Charcoal 
Couple   U993.7.140 Charcoal 
Hands And Frames (Self-Portr...   U993.7.139 charcoal 
Anguish   U993.7.137 Charcoal 
Decision   U993.7.134 charcoal 
Ricky Ciccimarra   U993.7.135 Conte and wash 
Release   U993.7.136 Graphite 
Nini Vas Dias   U993.7.133 Graphite 
Driftwood Bowl   U993.7.132 Charcoal 
Driftwood Holes   U993.7.130 Charcoal 
Niki Reading   U993.7.131 Charcoal 
Elza And Anne - Drawing   U993.7.13 Charcoal/Conte 
Windswept   U993.7.129 Charcoal 
Reflections - #2   U993.7.128 Graphite 
Self: Limner Head And Hand   U993.7.127 Charcoal 
Portrait of Karl Spreitz   U993.7.126 Charcoal; Conte 
Reflection #1   U993.7.124 Graphite 
Andrew   U993.7.125 Charcoal 
Still Life   U993.7.121 Pastel 
Couple - Black And White   U993.7.120 Charcoal 
Bach Chaconne - (1st Drawing...   U993.7.117 Charcoal 
Paul Badura - Skoda - (Three...   U993.7.114 Charcoal 
Masuko Ushioda, Lawrence Les...   U993.7.115 Graphite 
Alone (Boy)   U993.7.112 Graphite 
Max's Birthday Party   U993.7.110 Graphite, Charcoal, acrylic paint 
Rostropovich   U993.7.111 Graphite 
J. Wilkinson (Head)   U993.7.105 Charcoal 
Paul Horn   U993.7.103 Graphite; Tissue paper; paint 
Impressions of Yehudi Menuhi...   U993.7.104 Graphite 
Curtain with Peacock Tail Pa...   U982.21.5 Graphite, ink
Curtain With Peacock Tail Pa...   U982.21.6 Graphite
Sleeping #33   U982.13.1 Oil; pastel
Self-Portrait   U982.11.5 Mixed media; graphite; paper collage 
First Plowing   U007.18.14 Oil stick; graphite 
Despair   U982.11.2 Charcoal 
Portrait Of A Man   U981.9.1 Ink, India
Audubon's Warbler- Prep Sketch   U980.9.7 Graphite 
Steller's Jay - Prep Sketch   U980.9.6 Graphite 
Bewick's Wren - Prep Sketch   U980.9.2 Graphite 
Untitled (Portrait)   U980.13.3 Charcoal; Pastel
Cathy's Image No.2   U980.13.2 Charcoal; Pastel 
Untitled (Landscape Sketch)   U979.7.2 Graphite 
Untitled (Town Hall)   U979.4.1 Ink; Watercolour 
Untitled (Ano Mepa, Mykonos)   U979.4.2 Ink; Watercolour 
Cowichan Bay   U978.13.1 Graphite 
Nude with Tea Cosy Hat   U977.4.1 Charcoal; graphite 
Untitled (Architectural Scene)   U977.1.75 Pastel 
Untitled (Street Scene)   U977.1.72 Pastel; Chalk 
Syskon   U977.1.71 Ink 
Church at Duncan   U977.1.65 Pastel; chalk 
Labyrinth   U977.1.50 Ink 
A Nude   U976.3.2 Charcoal 
Seated Man #4   U976.3.1 watercolors (painting); charcoal drawings 
Mountaineers at Rest, Garbaldi   U976.1.1 Ink 
Max   U973.2.2 Charcoal 
Rock Forms   U973.2.1 Charcoal 
Untitled (Three Women)   U971.1.4 Mixed Media/Graphite 
Drawing #25   U970.1.8 Mixed Media; ink; graphite; charcoal 
Drawing #14   U970.1.4 Charcoal; Watercolour 
Drawing #36   U970.1.5 Ink; Graphite 
Drawing #31   U970.1.6 Mixed Media; charcoal; watercolour 
Drawing #28   U970.1.7 Drawing with paint 
Drawing #2 - Don Quixote Rea...   U970.1.3 Charcoal; chalk 
Untitled III (Lift-drawing E...   U966.1.9 Ink 
The Keeper   U966.1.4 Ink and wash 
Medici Fountain, Luxembourg ...   U965.1.19 Pastel 
Inch House   U993.6.6 Graphite 
An Aesthete   U993.6.5 Pastel 
Folies Bergere   U993.6.4 Conte 
Untitled (Architectural Draw...   U993.6.2 Graphite; pigment 
Inside And Out, Sense Of Cla...   U993.28.19 Graphite
Winter Light   U987.18.1 Graphite; Conte; Oil; Pastel; Charcoal
Portrait Of Robert Lorell Gw...   U987.16.2 Graphite 
Portrait of Reverend Beaucha...   U987.16.1 Graphite 
Matera   U987.1.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Canada Goose)   U986.2.3 Graphite 
Untitled (Canada Goose)   U986.2.2 Graphite 
Untitled (Canada Goose)   U986.2.1 Graphite 
Mountain Scene   U985.4.1 Crayon, black; ink
Untitled (Three Preliminary ...   U985.17.2 Graphite 
Mouth Of A Creek, Cherry Poi...   U991.2.1 Graphite 
Birth   U991.13.2 Ink 
Nude   U984.76.5 Charcoal
Untitled (Architectural Draw...   U984.60.1 Graphite, watercolour 
Henry Miller   U984.35.1 Crayon
Vernon Watkins   U984.35.2 Charcoal; Graphite
Space Of Death   U984.11.6 Charcoal 
Untitled (doorway)   U984.11.4 Charcol 
Space Of Death   U984.11.5 Charcoal 
Untitled (Abstract Building)   U984.11.2 Charcoal 
Untitled (Doorway)   U984.11.3 Charcoal 
Space Of Death   U984.11.1 Charcoal 
Untitled (Mourner and Consol...   U983.28.1 Charcoal 
Untitled (Curtain Design)   U983.17.2 Watercolour 
Dinner with a Wolf   U983.16.1 Graphite, watercolour 
Untitled (Abstraction with F...   U982.32.3 Mixed Media; Ink; graphite; charcoal 
Untitled (Sketch of a Nude)   U982.32.1 Charcoal 
Untitled (Seated Woman)   U982.32.2 Graphite; Ink 
Lake View   U982.30.1 Graphite 
Chromatic Grid #10   U982.27.1 Watercolour; Graphite 
Growing   U990.26.70 Coloured Pencils 
Figure Study   U990.26.54 Ink 
Figure Study   U990.26.53 Ink 
Untitled (Figure Drinking)   U990.26.40 Graphite; Crayon 
Untitled (Child with Phone)   U990.26.39 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Fort Rodd Hill #10   U990.23.9 Graphite; eraser 
Fort Rodd Hill #9   U990.23.8 Graphite; eraser 
Fort Rodd Hill #8   U990.23.7 Graphite; eraser 
Fort Rodd Hill #6   U990.23.6 Graphite; eraser 
Fort Rodd Hill #5   U990.23.5 Graphite; eraser 
Fort Rodd Hill #4   U990.23.4 Graphite; eraser 
Fort Rodd Hill #3   U990.23.3 Graphite; eraser 
Fort Rodd Hill #2   U990.23.2 Graphite; eraser 
Fort Rodd Hill, Winter   U990.23.10 Graphite 
Fort Rodd Hill #1   U990.23.1 Graphite; eraser 
Raven And Moon   U990.14.995 Print; Serigraph
Don't Remember   U998.28.4 Pen & Ink and gouache 
The Performance   U998.28.6 Gouache; Pen & Ink 
Untitled (Female Portrait)   U997.19.1 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Portrait)   U997.19.2 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Nude Reading)   U997.19.3 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Reclining)   U997.19.4 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Reclining)   U997.19.5 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.6 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.7 Graphite 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.8 Graphite 
Untitled (Female Portrait)   U997.19.9 Ink 
Untitled (Female Portrait)   U997.19.10 Ink 
Untitled (Female Portrait)   U997.19.11 Ink 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.12 Graphite 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.13 Graphite 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.14 Ink 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.15 Ink 
Untitled (Still Life)   U997.19.16 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Nude)   U997.19.17 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Nude)   U997.19.18 Graphite 
Untitled (Female Nude)   U997.19.19 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Reclining)   U997.19.20 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Reclining)   U997.19.21 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Reclining)   U997.19.22 Charcoal 
Untitled (Female Reclining)   U997.19.23 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.24 Graphite 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.25 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.26 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.27 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.28 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.29 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.30 Graphite 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.31 Charcoal 
Untitled (Landscape)   U997.19.32 Graphite 
Untitled (Seated Cat)   U997.19.33 Charcoal 
Untitled (Seated Cat)   U997.19.34 Graphite 
Untitled (Seated Cat)   U997.19.35 Graphite 
Portrait Of A. Segovia   U999.5.1 Charcoal 
Autumn   U998.34.1 Charcoal
Plant Eros   U999.12.1 Mixed media; Acrylic; Ink; Crayon 
November Mists Clothe The Ar...   M964.1.450-64 Coloured Pencils 
Heaven For Some Critters   U999.12.2 Mixed Media 
Four In A Circle   U000.12.1 Graphite 
Mice, Crazy Cats, Insects, S...   U999.12.4 Ink and Paint 
Untitled (Labyrinthine Abstr...   U999.35.1 Watercolour; Graphite
Untitled (Design For Door Ha...   U999.35.3 Graphite, Watercolour
Untitled (Zodiac)   U999.35.2 Watercolour; Graphite
A Dove Within The Hawk Is Fl...   U999.28.9 Ink 
A Dove Within The Hawk Is Fl...   U999.28.10 Ink 
A Dove Within The Hawk Is Fl...   U999.28.11 Ink 
A Dove Within The Hawk Is Fl...   U999.28.38 Graphite 
A Dove Within The Hawk Is Fl...   U999.28.40 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Architectural Draw...   U011.104.1 Mixed media; collage; paint; ink
Untitled (Portrait Of Dr. W....   U998.18.1 Pastel
Untitled (Arbutus and Lilies)   M000.2.1 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Lilies On The Hill...   M000.2.2 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Gnarled Arbutus)   M000.2.3 Coloured Pencils 
The Sunrise Before Another S...   M000.2.4 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Chocolate Lily)   M000.2.5 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Plant With Mountai...   M000.1.5
Untitled (Valley Surrounded ...   M000.2.6 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Yellow Lilies With...   M000.2.7 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Pierre Trudeau)   U994.1.45 Graphite 
Untitled (Three Figures)   U996.25.22 Charcoal; Wash 
Easter Lilies   M999.1.1 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Arbutus tree)   M964.1.450-43 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Snowy Mountain Peak)   M964.1.450-57 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Spruce Trees)   M964.1.450-58 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Orange Trees Along...   M964.1.450-59 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Orange Arbutus Tree)   M964.1.450-60 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Rainbow Casting fr...   M964.1.450-62 Coloured Pencils 
The Arbutus Crown The Rocks ...   M964.1.450-63 Coloured Pencils 
The Straits From Tree Tops   M964.1.450-65 Coloured Pencils 
Salmon Arm   M964.1.450-66 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Boat and Mountain ...   M964.1.450-67 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Boats in Water at ...   M964.1.450-68 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Boats on Rippling ...   M964.1.450-69 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Leaves by the Bay)   M964.1.450-71 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Rainbow Sky over W...   M964.1.450-73 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Rocky Landscape wi...   M964.1.450-74 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Boats on Water wit...   M964.1.450-75 Coloured Pencils 
Midsummer Day 1944   M964.1.450-76 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Two Boats off the ...   M964.1.450-77 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Decaying Tree)   M964.1.450-78 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (High Mountain Peak)   M964.1.450-79 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Bridge Over Waterf...   M964.1.450-80 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Arbutus Tree)   M964.1.450-40 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Arbutus Tree)   M964.1.450-41 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Arbutus Trunks)   M964.1.450-42 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Arbutus)   M964.1.450-44 Coloured Pencils 
Moonrise On Christmas Day 19...   M999.1.2 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Sunrise behind Mou...   M999.1.3 Graphite
Trisha   U000.32.6 Ink
Jazz   U000.32.9 Pen & Ink 
Untitled (Pastoral Landscape)   U000.47.8 Graphite
View Of Chapel And Bath House   U000.47.6 Graphite
Harris' Sparrow   U000.9.1 Oil Stick 
Northern Shrike   U000.9.2 Oil Stick 
Varied Thrush   U000.9.3 Oil Stick 
Jurek   U000.39.1 Ink
Yehudi Menuhin   U993.7.1 Charcoal and White Conte 
Two Magpies on a Branch   M964.1.1 ink and white paper 
Untitled (Mischel Cherniavsky)   U993.7.205 Graphite
Untitled (Buildings on Water)   U999.26.2 Graphite
Rita   U993.7.157 Charcoal 
Untitled (Single Figure, Lin...   U001.12.36 Ink
Reflection No. 10   U982.11.1 Graphite 
Study of Shells   L982.1.1 Graphite 
Flower Study   L982.1.2 Graphite 
Figure Study   L982.1.3 Graphite; Conte 
Study of Hands   L982.1.4 Graphite; Conte 
Study of Hand and Foot   L982.1.5 Graphite 
Untitled (Chalk/Pastel Portr...   U995.26.1 Chalk; pastel
Garter Snake Wrapped Doll; C...   U001.11.626 Graphite 
Pike Street Market   U001.11.538 oil pastels 
Untitled (Blue and Yellow Fl...   U001.11.458 Pastel 
Transient   U001.11.553 mixed media 
650 Pembroke Street   U001.11.568 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Black Diamond #6   U001.11.563 Graphite (color); Oil Pastels 
Chrysanthemum   U001.11.1 Watercolour 
Nudes in a Wrecker's Yard   U001.11.100 Graphite 
J.C. on the Stairs at Painte...   U001.11.101 Graphite 
Studio #7   U001.11.521 mixed media 
Untitled (Abstract)   U001.11.524 pastels
Max Bates (Profile)   U001.11.18 Mixed media (ink, watercolour, graphite) 
Untitled (Three Figures)   U001.11.17 Mixed (ink, watercolour, graphite, charcoal) 
Study for 'Naamah the Charmer'   U001.11.63 graphite 
Stellar's Jay   U001.11.55 Graphite 
California Quail   U001.11.56 Graphite 
Audubon's Warbler   U001.11.57 Graphite 
Bewick's Wren   U001.11.58 Graphite 
The Entombment   U001.11.13 Pastel (oil/chalk) 
Untitled (Figure)   U001.11.14 Watercolour; graphite; charcoal 
Untitled (Figure Under Papers)   U001.11.15 Graphite 
Untitled (Two Figures, Old M...   U001.11.78 Mixed media 
Untitled (Five Seated Figures)   U001.11.81 Watercolour; conte/charcoal 
Untitled (Two Figures)   U001.11.83 Graphite 
Untitled (Figure)   U001.11.68 Watercolour and graphite 
Woman   U001.11.69 Watercolour and conté 
Drawing for Rain   U001.11.234 Plastic; Plexiglas; Ink; Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Abstract Elephants)   U001.11.244 Graphite 
Iraq   U001.11.518 Oil Stick and Oil 
Insect Grid   U001.11.536 Oil 
There is no Messiah coming   U001.11.574 Mixed media (watercolour; pastel; graphite; conté)
Scarlet Runners   U001.11.593 Pastel 
Untitled (Garden Scene)   U001.11.679 Oil pastels 
Untitled (Fields)   U001.11.680 Oil pastel 
Alien Life   U001.11.687 Mixed media 
Untitled (Streetside Cafe)   U001.11.770 Oil pastel 
The Swan   U001.11.783 pastel; ink
The Bruiseless Embrace   U001.11.787 graphite 
Mother and Daughter   U001.11.796 Oil stick
Island Visit #56   U001.11.799 Charcoal 
Hemming   U001.11.800 Graphite 
Untitled (Forest Scene)   U001.11.913 oil pastel
The Roost   U001.11.933 Charcoal 
Hitchhiking to Whitehorse   U001.11.935 Ink
Untitled (Man with Birds)   U001.11.936 Ink
Untitled (Green, Brown and B...   U001.11.957 Ink; Acrylic 
Stoney Creek   U001.11.963 Ink 
Untitled (Portrait of a Firs...   U001.11.969 Oil pastel 
Five Horses Grazing   U001.11.1103 Graphite
Untitled (Nude Women by the ...   U001.11.1025 Graphite; cold wax 
Untitled (Self-Portrait, Cut...   U001.11.724 graphite 
Untitled (Ad Lib Cafe)   U001.11.726 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Abstract)   U001.11.739 Mixed media; ink; graphite; paint 
The Yellow Kerchief   U001.11.742 graphite; charcoal; chalk pastel 
Mujer Secreta   U001.11.755 Graphite 
Dark Figure   U001.11.758 Oil pastels 
How Soon Will We Be Free   U001.11.759 Ink; conté; graphite 
Untitled (Children)   U001.11.616 Conté 
Tiempo Perdido   U001.11.659 Pastel 
Untitled (Abstract Interior)   U001.11.660 Charcoal; conte
Untitled (Three People in a ...   U012.1.1 Ink
Hand on Chin   U001.11.862 graphite 
Untitled (Abstract Figure Dr...   U001.11.1049 graphite; charcoal
Untitled (Michael Williams)   U001.11.1104 Pastel; Chalk 
Nude study   U001.11.974 Conte
Untitled (Sitting Dog)   U001.11.975 Ink
Untitled (House)   U001.11.971 Ink
Schoenlaterngasse, Vienna   U001.11.973 Oil pastel 
Two Figures   U001.11.985 Mixed media (pastel, charcoal) 
Untitled (Man with Child and...   U001.11.894 Ink 
Island Visit #3   U001.11.880 charcoal 
Max Bates (Hand Raised)   U001.11.876 Charcoal 
Untitled (Figure)   U001.11.874 Mixed media 
Rolling Landscape   U001.11.870 Coloured Pencils 
Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe   U001.11.454 Pastel 
Untitled (The Sleep of Reason)   U001.11.456 Pastel 
El Beso   U001.11.457 Pastel 
Tom's Beach: Lac La Hache   U001.11.460 pastel 
Untitled (Swans - Crocodile ...   U001.11.475 ink
Untitled (Fish and Bird Cart...   U001.11.476 Ink
Untitled (Fortune Teller Car...   U001.11.477 Ink
Untitled (Swans Media Press ...   U001.11.478 ink; light blue graphite/crayon?
Owl   U001.22.6 Graphite
Girgenti   U002.29.1 Ink 
Untitled (Cartoon Illustrati...   U001.11.1061 Ink
Untitled (Man with Paper and...   U002.29.2 ink
Country Scene with Boat   U001.22.3 Graphite 
Portrait (profile, left side)   U001.22.5 Graphite
View in France   U004.2.4 Watercolour
Carisbrook Castle 1793   U004.2.1 Graphite and ink
Sporting Drawing   U001.22.4 Ink
Nien (Year)   U004.17.1 Ink
Aligator and Dragonfly   L005.1.1 Ink 
For Now I Am a Boy   U005.8.1 Mixed media; charcoal; pastel; photograph; collage
Untitled (Abstract Two Figur...   U005.13.1 Ink 
Western Sandpipers   U005.17.11 Graphite 
Parasitic Jaeger, Common Tern   U005.17.13 Graphite 
Green-Winged Teal   U005.17.17 Graphite and ink 
Barred Owl   U005.17.23 Graphite; Ink 
Least Bittern   U005.17.24 Graphite and ink 
Hansen Bearpaw   U005.20.1 oil pastel 
House Wren   U005.17.25 Graphite 
White-eyed Vireo   U005.17.26 Graphite 
Rail or waterbird - head, foot   U005.17.27 Graphite 
Rails, no. 38 (takahe)   U005.17.28 Graphite 
Golden Plover   U005.17.29 Graphite 
American (common) Egret   U005.17.30 Graphite 
Eared Grebe   U005.17.32 Graphite 
Screech Owl   U005.17.33 Graphite 
Surfbirds   U005.17.34 Graphite 
Western Gull   U005.17.35 Graphite 
Architectural Rendering   U005.25.13 Graphite 
Three Beaver Brothers   U010.17.40 Graphite
Rider   U002.26.3 Charcoal 
Corrida   U002.26.4 Charcoal 
Portrait of Aubrey Lemon White   U003.16.1 Charcoal 
Parable of the Marriage Feast   U004.22.1 Chalk
Waterfall   U006.34.3 Graphite 
Ladder Series #2   U007.2.5 Charcoal
Max Painting   U999.20.7 Charcoal 
Archer - Angel of the 10th C...   U002.26.5 Charcoal 
The Ferruginous Hawk   U007.18.13 Oil stick 
Ladder Series #1   U007.2.2 Charcoal
Hanging Fur Pelts   U007.2.3 graphite
Interior Abstract Grid   U007.2.4 Mixed media
Diptych - Crucifixion I   U007.2.8-1 Oil stick; paint; pastel
Diptych - Crucifixion II   U007.2.8-2 Mixed media
Skeletal Form   U007.2.9 Charcoal
Spirals #1   U007.2.12 Charcoal
Self Portrait   U007.2.13 Graphite
Namah the Charmer - sketch   U002.26.1 Charcoal 
It Is Always Our Voice that ...   U002.26.2 Charcoal 
Fallen Young Sitkas, Carmana...   U007.18.2 oil pastel/ oil stick 
A Crossing of Zebras   U007.18.3 Oil pastel 
Victoria Garden # 3   U007.18.4 Oil pastel; Graphite 
A Winter of Wolves   U007.18.6 Oil pastel; graphite 
Untitled (Red Poppies)   U007.18.7 Oil pastel 
Fallen Young Sitkas, Carmana...   U007.18.8 Oil pastel 
Head and Hands Playing (Yeh...   U993.7.70 Conte 
The Golden Eagle   U007.18.12 Oil stick 
Black Diamond #5   U007.18.17 Graphite; spray paint 
French Garden   U007.18.20 Oil stick 
Black Diamond #6   U007.18.22 Graphite and oil pastel 
Black diamond #8   U007.18.23 Graphite; Oil pastel 
Jardin Francais   U007.18.25 Oil pastel and graphite 
A Medum of Canadian Geese   U007.18.28 Oil stick and graphite 
Untitled (Tigers)   U007.18.29 Oil pastel 
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.238 Pastel
Sketch #1   U007.24.1 Charcoal 
Sketch #2   U007.24.2 Graphite 
Sketch #3   U007.24.3 Graphite 
Sketch #4   U007.24.4 Graphite 
Sketch #5   U007.24.5 Graphite 
Sketch #6   U007.24.6 Graphite 
Sketch #7   U007.24.7 Graphite 
Three Fish (Arctic Char)   U007.25.3 Coloured Pencils 
Five Horses Running   U001.11.1102 Graphite
Common Merganser   U005.17.31 Graphite 
Blue Magpie   U005.17.36 Graphite 
Falcated Teal   U005.17.37 Graphite 
Purple Heron   U005.17.38 Graphite 
Blue Winged Teal Heads   U005.17.39 Graphite 
Oldsquaw Duck   U005.17.40 Graphite 
Little-Scaly-Bellied Green W...   U005.17.42 Graphite 
Mt. Omei Laughing Thrush or ...   U005.17.43 Graphite 
Ruffed Grouse   U005.17.44 Graphite 
White Winged Scoter - Sketch   U005.18.2 Graphite 
Untitled (Collage)   U007.28.8 Mixed media; pastel collage 
Untitled (Wilderness Scene i...   U007.32.6 Charcoal 
Mill Bay Ferry   U007.34.1 Coloured Pencils 
Small Trees   U007.38.1 Charcoal 
Frog Design   U009.13.9 Koona ink
Grizzly Eating Man: Guardian...   U009.13.10 Koona ink on paper
Y Sont Pas La   U003.37.1 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Stanfield Church   U999.16.1 watercolour and ink on paper
Untitled (Shipyard Scene)   U008.5.1 Ink 
Portrait of Judy   U006.41.32 charcoal on paper 
Fragmented Forms Test Drawings   U006.41.129 Test Drawings 
Mule Ears Large - Drawing   U006.41.58 Graphite 
Untitled (Three Women, Three...   U001.12.63 Ink 
Untitled (Men Sitting at a H...   U001.12.62 Ink 
Untitled (Blue and Black lin...   U001.12.64 Ink 
Brown Nude   U001.12.69 Oil pastel 
Untitled (Sketch of rock for...   U001.12.70 Oil pastel on paper 
Untitled (Garden)   U001.12.71 Ink 
Untitled (Portrait)   U001.12.73 Charcoal 
Untitled (Abstract)   U001.12.77 oil pastel 
Untitled (Abstract)   U999.20.18 felt pen 
Untitled (Abstract Sketch)   U007.18.34 Wax Crayon, Pastel 
Interior with Fruit and Flow...   U008.14.1 Pastel
Maltwood Victoria   M008.1.1 Ink 
Herbert   U008.16.2 Charcoal 
Stone Study #2   U008.24.420 Graphite
Untitled (Pencil Sketch of M...   U010.1.6 Graphite
Interweave   U008.21.1 Coloured Pencils; Graphite 
Untitled (Fantasmagoria with...   U009.1.35 printing inks 
The Other Plane   U009.1.60 Ink
Hat Flower   U009.1.87 Mixed media 
La Maison de la Sorciere (Dr...   U009.1.103 Ink
Third Man (The Fairground Le...   U009.1.30 Ink
Mexican Landscape   U009.1.41 Charcoal
Self Portrait   U009.1.42 Charcoal
Nude   U009.1.43 Charcoal
Monday Morning   U009.1.5 Charcoal
Untitled (Witness)   U009.1.47 Charcoal
Raven and the First People   U010.17.39 Graphite; Coloured Pencils
Untitled (Abstract Ink Drawi...   U008.24.17 Sumi Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.74 Sumi ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.75 Sumi ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.76 Sumi ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.77 Sumi ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.276 Pastel
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.281 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.282 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.283 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.284 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.285 Ink
China Point   U008.24.286 Ink
We Are Moving Through the My...   U008.24.287 Ink
Old Love - New Summer   U008.24.288 Ink
Musical Curtain #2   U008.24.289 Graphite
On the Nature of Fire   U008.24.290 Graphite; Ink
Charcoal   U008.24.291 Charcoal
Ancient Landscape   U008.24.292 Graphite
Stone Study #1   U008.24.293 Graphite
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.303 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.304 Ink
A Delicate Dust   U008.24.306 Ink
Cinder Wind   U008.24.307 Ink
Once the Red Folly   U008.24.309 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Geometric)   U008.24.310 Ink
Ghost Story   U008.24.312 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.314 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.316 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.317 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.318 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.319 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.320 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.321 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U008.24.322 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.323 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.325 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Landscape)   U008.24.326 Ink
Jester   U008.24.327 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.329 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.330 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.331 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U008.24.332 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.333 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.334 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.335 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.336 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.337 Ink
David Milne's Studio   U008.24.338 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.339 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.340 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.341 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Portrait)   U008.24.342 Ink
Two Forms   U008.24.343 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.344 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.345 Ink
China Point   U008.24.346 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.347 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.348 Ink
Waterbird   U008.24.349 Mixed media
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.350 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U008.24.351 Ink
Untitled (Landscape)   U008.24.352 Ink
Untitled (abstract)   U008.24.353 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U008.24.354 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.355 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.356 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.357 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.358 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.359 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.360 Ink
Untitled (Figure)   U008.24.361 Ink
Untitled (Landscape)   U008.24.362 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Figure)   U008.24.363 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.374 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.380 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.382 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.383 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.401 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.409 Ink
The Behind of a Head   U008.24.421 Ink
Musical Curtain   U008.24.422 Graphite
North American Baby at Play   U008.24.423 Graphite
Stone in Forest   U008.24.424 Graphite
Caryatid   U008.24.425 Graphite
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.426 Ink
Raven Tale   U008.24.427 Graphite
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.437 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.438 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.439 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.440 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.441 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.442 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.443 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.444 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.445 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.446 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.447 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.448 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.449 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.450 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.451 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.452 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Landscape)   U008.24.453 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.454 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.455 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U008.24.456 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U008.24.457 Ink
Untitled (Architectural Draw...   U008.24.488 Ink
Untitled (Seated Buddha Draw...   U008.24.489 Graphite; Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   U008.24.490 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.512 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Ink Paint...   U008.24.516 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.528 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.527 Ink
Untitled (Calligraphic Abstr...   U008.24.529 Ink
The Indian Within   L008.1.5 Mixed media
The Summit Conference   L008.1.6 Ink
Untitled (Circle)   L008.1.14 Ink and gouache
Figure Study- Female Nude   U009.14.19 Conte
Untitled (Mandala)   L008.1.30 Ink; Graphite
Untitled (Pastel, Abstract L...   L008.1.36 Pastel
Untitled (72 Small Ink Paint...   L008.1.37 Ink
Seventh Bindu   L008.1.39 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Ink Drawi...   L008.1.46 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   L008.1.47 Ink
Calligraphy   L008.1.48 Ink
Untitled (calligraphy, sumi ...   L008.1.53 Sumi ink
Untitled (Calligraphy)   L008.1.59 Ink
Untitled (Tree)   L008.1.60 Ink
Untitled (Seascape)   L008.1.61 Ink
Untitled (Abstract)   L008.1.77 Ink
Promenade Plantée   U009.15.2 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (small work, jug, v...   U009.15.3 Coloured pencils 
Calligraphy   U008.24.540 sumi ink
Mushroom sketches (14)   U008.24.541 Mushroom ink
Beaver Design- Scratch Board   U009.13.6 ink
Split Raven Design- Scratch ...   U009.13.7 Ink
Horizontal Mortuary Wolf   U009.13.11 Koona Ink
Seal Design Float   U009.13.12 Koona ink
Chief and Guardian Bear   U009.13.13 Ink
Six Beam House and Two Beam ...   U009.13.14 Ink
Beaver Memorial   U009.13.15 Ink
Haida Wing Design   U009.13.16 Ink
Haida Frog tattoo Design   U009.13.17 Ink
Bird and Human Halibut Hook   U009.13.18 Ink
Otter Design Fishing Float   U009.13.19 Ink
Haida Fin Design   U009.13.20 Ink
Bear Mother and Two Cubs   U009.13.21 Ink
Copper Fishing Hook   U009.13.22 Ink
Haida Watchman- Ninstints   U009.13.23 Ink
Storage box   U009.13.24 Ink; Graphite; Watercolour
Detail from Beaver Pole of T...   U009.13.25 Tanu Ink
Beaver Pole of Tanu   U009.13.26 Tanu ink
Watchmen from Weeping Pole   U009.13.27 Ink
Sketchbook: Skidegate Pole S...   U009.13.31 Graphite
Beaver Mortuary   U009.13.33 Ink
Mortuary Pole   U009.13.34 Graphite; Ink
Grizzly Bear Mortuary Fronta...   U009.13.35 Ink; Graphite
Six Beam House Frame- Plain ...   U009.13.36 Graphite; Ink
Grizzly Bear Mortuary Frontal   U009.13.37 Ink; Graphite
Bear Eating Man- House Front...   U009.13.38 Ink; Graphite
Eagle Mortuary Pole with Box...   U009.13.39 Ink
House Frontal   U009.13.40 Ink
Grizzly Bear and Whale Mortu...   U009.13.41 Ink-photocopy
House Frontal-Sea Grizzly an...   U009.13.42 Ink
House Frontal   U009.13.43 Ink
Eagle Mortuary Pole   U009.13.44 Ink
Bear Whale Human Mortuary   U009.13.45 Ink
House Frontal- Owl, Whale, B...   U009.13.46 Ink
Killer Whale and Bear on Mor...   U009.13.47 Ink
House Frontal with hole for ...   U009.13.48 Ink
Mortuary- Eagle and Human   U009.13.49 Ink
Mortuary Bear in Moon Frontal   U009.13.50 Ink
Beaver Front Box   U009.13.51 Ink
House Frontal- 2 humans, wha...   U009.13.52 Ink
Beaver Memorial   U009.13.53 Ink
House Frontal- Wolf and Snag   U009.13.54 ink
Inside Posts- Eagle and Beaver   U009.13.55 Ink
Scratchboard: Frog design   U009.13.56 White Ink
Ninstints- Haida Memorial   U009.13.57 Ink
Untitled (Sketch of Welcome ...   U010.1.1-1 Graphite
First Peoples House   U010.1.1-2 Graphite
Untitled (Petch Fountain Uni...   U010.1.1-3 Ink
Petch Fountain UVic   U010.1.1-5 Ink and graphite
UVic   U010.1.1-4 Ink and graphite
Untitled (Petch Fountain Loo...   U010.1.3 Ink; Graphite
Untitled (McPherson Library)   U010.1.5 Coloured Pencils
Untitled (Carbon Sketch of M...   U010.1.7 Graphite
Jack Wilkinson Folio Sheet   U001.12.41-1 Ink on Paper
Wolf and Killer Whale   U008.31.2 Ink
Wolf   U008.31.10 Ink
Charcoal rubbing of Haida de...   U008.31.69 charcoal
Charcoal rubbing of Haida de...   U008.31.68 charcoal
Charcoal rubbing of Haida de...   U008.31.67 charcoal
Charcoal rubbing of Haida de...   U008.31.66 charcoal
Charcoal rubbing of Haida de...   U008.31.65 charcoal
Charcoal rubbing of Haida de...   U008.31.64 charcoal
Charcoal rubbing of Haida de...   U008.31.63 charcoal
Six Horses and a Donkey   U009.16.289 Graphite
Drawing of Donkey   U009.16.299 Charcoal
Horse   U009.16.308 Graphite and wash
Portrait of Rev Doncel Lysons   U009.16.384 Graphite
Fvah from the Nile   U009.16.275 Graphite
Untitled (Nude Study)   U009.16.278 Pastel 
Untitled (56 Individual Sket...   U008.36.1 Various
Untitled (77 Individual Sket...   U008.36.2 Various
Mad Dog   U008.31.133 Oil pastel
"Brutopia" Period Sketchbook   U007.66.1 Ink 
Untitled (Folder of 30 Sketc...   U008.31.144 ink
Florence, Italy; Sept 22-27 ...   U008.28.17 Coloured Pencils; Ink; Graphite
Mother's Christmas Cake 1980   U008.28.27 Coloured Pencils; Pastel 
Untitled (Manilla Folder and...   U008.31.145 Ink; Graphite
'Caernarvon 1840' a girl han...   U009.16.334 Graphite
Self Portrait   U009.16.342 Ink 
William Blake   U009.16.348 Graphite
Pwyll   U009.16.294 Coloured Pencils 
Mouse Sitting at Table   U009.16.253 Ink 
Red Apples   U009.16.266 Coloured Pencils 
Untitled (Pentwash Shipwreck)   U009.16.361 Gouache; Ink 
Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton   U009.16.301 Pastel 
Untitled (Fisherman)   U009.16.318 Ink 
Untitled (Garden Scene)   U009.16.458 Ink 
AKT   U009.16.290 Graphite
Rev. Daniel Wyeans   U009.16.332 Graphite
Study of Trees   U009.16.328 Black chalk 
Piazza San Marco, Venice   U009.16.367 Graphite, watercolour
Church of San Giovanni, Lucc...   U009.16.385 Watercolour; Ink 
View of Veolterra   U009.16.370 Ink and watercolour
An Eastern View of the Palac...   U009.16.280 Ink wash 
Portrait of a Gentlemen   U009.16.424 Conte 
Portrait of Lady   U009.16.425 Coloured chalk; conte 
Untitled (Various Scenes of ...   U010.10.2 Ink
Chateau Frontenac, Quebec   U006.45.1 Pastel
Dr. Irene Parlby   L010.5.1 Pastel
Judge Emily Murphy   L010.5.2 Pastel
Henrietta Muir Edwards   L010.5.3 Pastel
Louise McKinney   L010.5.4 Pastel
Nellie McClung   L010.5.5 Pastel
Alabian Tights   U011.103.20 Charcoal
Dragonfly   U010.17.35 Graphite 
Bumblebee   U010.17.34 Graphite 
Butterfly   U010.17.33 Graphite 
Moth   U010.17.32 Graphite 
Whale Landscape   U010.17.26 Ink 
Feast Bowl   U010.17.25 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Double Finned Whale   U010.17.24 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
canoe- IHos   U010.17.21 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Canoe-Maxwalaogwa   U010.17.20 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
Dancing Cranes   U010.17.18 Graphite; Coloured Pencils 
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