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Untitled (Sketch)   U990.14.1487 Drawing; Graphite
Untitled (Draft Print of Seal)   U990.14.1488 Ink and graphite
Gambler Drum   U990.14.1485 Drawing; Draft 
Untitled (Drawing of Fish/Se...   U990.14.1486 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Sketch of Bird)   U990.14.1484 Graphite
Untitled (Killer Whale Sketch)   U990.14.1483 Drawing
Untitled (Spoon Design)   U990.14.1482 Drawing
Untitled (Sketch of Bird)   U990.14.1481 Graphite
Untitled (Sketch of Animal F...   U990.14.1479 Graphite
Untitled (Draft of Whale)   U990.14.1478 Graphite
Untitled (Draft of Orca Hunt...   U990.14.1477 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Draft of Bird)   U990.14.1474 Graphite
Untitled (Draft Wing Span)   U990.14.1475 Graphite
Untitled (Draft of Human and...   U990.14.1473 Felt pen
Untitled (Draft Whale Design)   U990.14.1472 Graphite
Untitled (Draft Lightening S...   U990.14.1470 Graphite
Untitled (Draft of Fish)   U990.14.1471 Graphite
Untitled (Draft Fish Design)   U990.14.1469 Graphite; Watercolour
Untitled (Draft Drawing)   U990.14.1468 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Draft Bird)   U990.14.1467 Graphite
Untitled (Preliminary Draft)   U990.14.1466 Serigraph; Draft; Drawing
Untitled (Thunderbird)   U990.14.1464-1 Drawing; Draft
Untitled (Draft Whale)   U990.14.1465 Drawing; Draft 
Untitled (Draft Bird)   U990.14.1461 Graphite
Untitled (Whale Sketch)   U990.14.1460 Drawing; Draft
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