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Standing Grandfather Clock   U997.13.1 Mahogany 
Untitled (Digging Stick)   U996.9.38 Yellow Cedar 
Untitled (Mantlepiece from R...   M971.3.1 Oak 
Untitled (Arts and Crafts Ch...   M970.4.1 Mahogany; leaded glass; mother of pearl inlay 
Untitled (Lamp)   M970.18.9 Glass; Wood 
Untitled (knives)   M970.18.13 Brass
Untitled (Gate Leg Dining Ta...   M970.18.10 Mahogany 
Untitled (Mission stool)   M970.18.11 Oak; rush 
Untitled (Filing Cabinet)   M970.17.1 Oak 
Untitled (Lamp Shades)   M970.17.2 Shell 
Untitled (Coffee Table)   M970.15.2 Oak 
Untitled (Coffee Table)   M970.15.1 Oak 
Smoking Cabinet   M969.6.1 Mahogany 
Untitled (Oil Lamp)   M969.3.2 Glass; Iron 
Untitled (Stained Glass Hang...   M969.3.3 Glass; Iron 
Untitled (Marble Topped Wash...   M969.3.4 Oak; Marble; Ceramic 
Untitled (Chair)   M969.14.1 Cherry Wood 
Untitled (American Craftsman...   M969.13.92 Wood; oak; rush slip seat 
Untitled (Vanity Table)   M969.13.93 Wood, Mahogany 
Untitled (Craftsman Style Ch...   M969.13.7 Wood, Oak; Brass 
Untitled (Even-arm Single Oa...   M969.13.59 Oak 
Untitled (Stained Glass Wind...   M969.13.45 Glass; Lead; Brass; Copper Foil 
Untitled (Shaker Style Rocki...   M969.13.41 Wood; Walnut 
Untitled (Mission Style Chair)   M969.13.38 Oak; Leather 
Untitled (Mission Style Chin...   M969.13.11 Wood, maple; glass 
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