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Untitled (Tudric Bowl)   M983.3.1 Pewter
Untitled (Hatpin)   M974.2.8 Sterling Silver 
Untitled (Fish Knives and Fo...   M974.2.4 Silver plated metal 
Untitled (Art Nouveau Pictur...   M974.2.5 Gilded iron; glass; print on paper 
Untitled (Fork)   M974.2.2 Silver plated metal 
Untitled (Six Teaspoons)   M974.2.1 Sterling Silver; enamel 
Untitled (Tudric Cocoa Pot)   M974.1.8 Pewter; raffia 
Untitled (Compote)   M974.1.6 Brass plated 
Untitled (Tudric Napkin Rings)   M974.1.7 Pewter; Enamel 
Untitled (Copper Dish)   M974.1.5 Copper 
Untitled (Silver Plated Suga...   M974.1.24 Metal, Base; Silver 
Untitled (Bowl)   M974.1.23 Silver plated 
Untitled (Tea Caddy)   M974.1.19 Pewter 
Untitled (Tudric ink Stand)   M974.1.17 Pewter; Enamel 
Untitled (Tudric salver)   M974.1.18 Pewter 
Untitled (Two-Pronged Fork))   M964.1.376-30 Metal
Untitled (Mail Chute; Door K...   M974.1.16 Brass 
Untitled (Tudric cake stand)   M974.1.14 Pewter; udricware
Untitled (Platter)   M974.1.10 Pewter 
Untitled (Silver Salt and Pe...   M972.6.1 Silver 
Untitled (fire screen)   M972.3.1 Copper
Untitled (Fire Fender)   M972.5.1 Brass 
Untitled (Cymric Candlestick)   M972.2.1 Silver
Untitled (Tudric clock)   M972.10.1 Pewter; enamel inlay; glass 
Untitled (Tudric Compote)   M972.11.1 Pewter 
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