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Untitled (Toast Rack)   M971.6.1 Silver 
Untitled (Spoon)   M971.4.1 Silver 
Untitled (Window Hardware)   M971.2.1 Wrought Iron 
Untitled (Tudric Tea Service...   M970.8.1 Pewter; rattan; unknown lacquer
Untitled (Tudric Pewterware ...   M970.5.2 Pewter; wood
Untitled (Set of Six Fish Fo...   M970.5.3 Silver 
Untitled (Compote)   M970.5.1 Silver 
Untitled (Cocoa Pot)   M970.19.1 Silver plated; rattan 
Untitled (covered muffin dish)   M970.3.1 Silver; wire; blue stone 
Untitled (Beaten Copper tray)   M970.18.4 Beaten Copper 
Untitled (coal scuttle)   M970.18.12 Brass; copper
Untitled (Tudric Pewter Cand...   M970.14.1 Pewter 
Untitled (tea kettle and sta...   M969.6.2 Metal; silver; wicker 
Untitled (Brass Bookends)   M969.5.1 Brass
Brass Fire Fender And Arrow   M969.13.97 Pewter,wood, brass plate 
Untitled (Tudric Stamp Box)   M969.13.98 Pewter; enamel; wood 
Untitled (Pair of Candlestan...   M969.13.94 Copper; glaze 
Untitled (copper vase)   M969.13.95 Copper; silver
Untitled (Candlesticks)   M969.13.90 Nickel plated 
Untitled (Brass Desk Calendar)   M969.13.91 Brass; Glass; Textile; Ink 
Untitled (Pair Of Caddies)   M969.13.42 Copper Sheet 
Untitled (Craftsman Inkstand)   M969.13.43 Silver; Copper 
Untitled (Candlesticks)   M969.13.37 Copper 
Untitled (spoons)   M969.13.35 Pewter; Silver
Untitled (silver spoon)   M969.13.33 Silver 
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