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Brass Holder for Headgear   U998.26.10-2 Brass 
Chinese Plume And Case   U998.26.33 Feather; wood; cardboard 
Wooden Shoe Insert   U998.26.19 Wood 
Wooden Shoe Insert   U998.26.18 Wood 
Untitled (Māori Club)   U998.20.1 Wood
Floating Forms   U998.24.44 Intaglio Etching and Collage
Lovebook   U998.33.15 Collaged paper and ink 
Robin Skelton: Schriftstelle...   U998.33.14 Mixed media: Paper, Velvet, Wood 
Mask For Robin On Xmas From ...   U998.33.6 Ink; Gouache? Acetate? 
Riddle For Robin   U998.33.5 Ink 
Untitled (Coat of Arms)   E992.2.2 Wood; Plastic 
Untitled (Sunflowers)   E992.1.1 Ink
Untitled (Kobukson)   E992.2.1 Bronze; Wood; Fabric; Paper 
Untitled (BC Landscape)   E987.1.1 Ink 
Untitled (Medieval effigy)   E985.7.8 Ink 
Untitled (Jane Cradock)   E985.7.6 Ink 
Untitled (Brygete)   E985.7.5 Ink 
Untitled (Crucifix and Trini...   E985.7.4 Ink 
Untitled (Knight and Lady)   E985.7.3 Ink 
Untitled (Sir Peter Courtenay)   E985.7.2 Ink 
Untitled (Crucifixion Scene)   E985.7.10 Ink 
Untitled (Brass Rubbing of T...   E985.7.1 Ink 
She Goat   L004.2.14
Untitled (Axe)   U998.1.8 Wood; Stone 
Untitled (Adze)   U998.1.7 Wood; Stone 
Untitled (Mask)   U998.1.5 Wood, feather, shell, bone 
Untitled (Wooden Tube)   U998.1.10 Wood; leather; bone 
Untitled (Flute)   U998.1.1 Wood; Feathers; Shell; Hair 
Art Is Timeless II   U997.34.17 Ink
Untitled (Mace Head)   U997.3.44 Jadeite[?] 
Untitled (tubular bead)   U997.3.40 Jade 
Untitled (Macehead)   U997.3.4 Jadeite 
Untitled (Sukia stone)   U997.3.32-3 Quartz 
Untitled (Sukia stone)   U997.3.32-2 Quartz 
Untitled (Sukia divinatory s...   U997.3.32-1 Quartz 
Untitled (Tubular Bead)   U997.3.28 Jadeite 
Untitled (tubular bead)   U997.3.27 Jade 
Untitled (Abstract Bird-Form)   U997.28.1 Mixed media; oil; pastel 
Koto   U997.27.1 Laquered And Painted 
For Erika and Burton   U997.20.1 Lithograph 
Untitled (Circular Textile)   U997.17.1 Wicker and cotton 
Untitled (Bailer)   U996.9.8 Red Cedar 
Untitled (Miniature Paddle)   U996.9.69 Plastic 
Untitled (Clam Shell)   U996.9.67-3 Shell 
Untitled (Clam Shell)   U996.9.67-4 Clam shell 
Untitled (Shell)   U996.9.67-1 Shell 
Untitled (Scallop Shell)   U996.9.67-2 Shell 
The Tled (Goat Horn)   U996.9.66 Horn 
Untitled (Salad Spoon and Fo...   U996.9.64 Cow Horn 
Untitled (Butter Paddles)   U996.9.62 Hard Wood 
Untitled (Paddle)   U996.9.45 Wood 
Untitled (Wooden Paddle)   U996.9.44 Wood 
Untitled (Wooden Paddle)   U996.9.43 Wood 
Untitled (Canoe Bailer)   U996.9.42 Yellow Cedar 
Untitled (Digging Stick)   U996.9.40 Wood, Yew [?] 
Untitled (Digging Stick)   U996.9.39 Wood 
Untitled (Potlatch Whistle)   U996.9.29 Yellow Cedar 
Untitled (Basket)   U996.9.13 Natural Fiber 
Untitled (Game Set)   U996.9.12 Animal hide; stone; wood; bone; paint 
Untitled (Doll)   U996.5.2 Cotton; Wool; Sealskin; Fur 
Untitled (Doll)   U996.5.1 Cotton; Wool; Sealskin; Fur 
Portrait Head   U996.4.9 Ink
Self-Propelled   U996.25.98 Monoprint and acrylic
Untitled (Figure and Geometr...   U996.25.97 Mixed media
Untitled (Figure and Machine)   U996.25.96 Mixed media
Collage   U996.25.91 Collage; Multimedia 
Collage   U996.25.90 Collage 
Woman Making Holes (the Hole...   U996.25.83 Mixed Media; Encaustic 
Dubrovnik   U996.25.81 Mixed Media 
Detail from "Spirit"   U996.25.73 Charcoal 
La Tete   U996.25.62 Ink; Graphite
Palm Image 10   U996.25.58 Serigraph 
Flowers   U996.25.47 Oil 
Raked Hay   U996.25.43 Oil 
Untitled (Minimalist Abstract)   U996.25.42 Wash 
Four Boats   U996.25.35 Roplex; Ink; Watercolour 
Untitled (decorations)   U996.24.18 Glass; leather; metal; string 
Statement of an Eagle Feathe...   U996.21.9 Mixed Media; ink; paper; adhesive; oil 
Timothy and Eunice; stained ...   U996.2.2 leaded stained-glass window 
Flag #1   U996.12.128 Monoprint; Wax
Source of Sources   U964.1.9 Glass; stone 
Untitled (Egyptian bead)   U006.38.10 stone 
Untitled (Model)   M982.1.1 Wood; Paint; Acrylic 
Untitled (Art Nouveau Pictur...   M980.6.1 Wood 
Untitled (Arts and Crafts Li...   M970.18.8 Iron; Glass 
Untitled (Stained Glass Wind...   M970.16.3 Glass; Lead 
Untitled (Leaded Glass Window)   M970.12.1 Glass; Lead 
Untitled (Window)   M970.12.2 Glass; Lead; Wood
Untitled (Fern Stand)   M969.13.39 Wood, oak 
Untitled (Goblet with Stag H...   M964.1.90 Ivory 
Untitled (Lacquered Box and ...   M964.1.569 Wood; paint; lacquer 
Untitled (Suitcase)   M964.1.515 Leather; wood 
Untitled (Burled Bowl)   M964.1.50 Wood 
Untitled (Moroccan Lamp with...   M964.1.47 Brass; Paper 
Untitled (Artist's Portfolio)   M964.1.459-16 textile covered cardboard 
Untitled (Covers For Waterco...   M964.1.458-14 Paper; Silk; Dye 
Untitled (Tray)   M964.1.448 Wood 
Untitled (Tea Caddy)   M964.1.435 Rosewood 
Untitled (Wax Seal)   M964.1.429 Wax 
Untitled (Bead)   M964.1.426-4  
Untitled (Bead)   M964.1.426-3 Stone 
Untitled (Shark Tooth)   M964.1.426-11 Bone 
Untitled (Egyptian Ram Bead)   M964.1.426-12 Bone 
Untitled (Buddha Medallion)   M964.1.426-1 Metal; fibre 
Untitled (Box)   M964.1.419 Ivory 
Untitled (Fish)   M964.1.409 Mother-Of-Pearl 
Untitled (Moroccan Lamp Shad...   M964.1.41 Brass; glass; cord; cardboard 
Untitled (Egyptian Scarab Be...   M964.1.405-7 Stone 
Untitled (Egyptian Uatch)   M964.1.405-16 Stoneware; Faience 
Untitled (Amulet-Neith Heiro...   M964.1.405-15 Stone 
Untitled (Handle)   M964.1.397 Wood; Bronze 
Untitled (Bowls)   M964.1.393 Wood; Lacquer 
Untitled (Spoon)   M964.1.392 Wood 
Untitled (Box of Drafting Eq...   M964.1.377 Miscellaneous 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-8 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-9 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-7 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-6 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Mallet)   M964.1.376-5 Wood 
Untitled (Sculpting Brush)   M964.1.376-3 Wood; metal; bristles 
Untitled (Peeler)   M964.1.376-4 Wood; metal; string 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-14 Wood; metal
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-13 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-12 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-11 Wood; Metal 
Untitled (Greek Cross Buildi...   M964.1.372 Plaster, paint 
Untitled (Tray)   M964.1.345 Wood, lacquer 
Untitled (Functional Art)   M964.1.342-2
Untitled (Functional Art)   M964.1.342-1
Untitled (Two Primitive Figu...   M964.1.336-2
Untitled (Monkeys)   M964.1.335 Ivory
Untitled (Seal and Case)   M964.1.331 Mineral, jade 
Untitled (Caddy)   M964.1.324 Shell, tortoise, wood, metal 
Untitled (Tea Caddy)   M964.1.323 Rosewood 
Untitled (Oak Commode)   M964.1.321 Oak
Untitled (Standing Lamps)   M964.1.314-2 Iron
Untitled (Incense Burner)   M964.1.312 Brass
Untitled (Incense Burner)   M964.1.313 Bronze
Untitled (Standing Lamps)   M964.1.314-1 Iron
Untitled (Fire Back)   M964.1.310 Cast iron 
Untitled (Cross)   M964.1.289 Olivewood, mother-of-pearl 
Untitled (Pipe Organ)   M964.1.283
Untitled (Tray)   M964.1.284 Rosewood, mother-of-pearl 
Untitled (Peat Fork)   M964.1.190 Metal 
Untitled (Three-fold Mirror)   M964.1.188 Wood; glass; mirror 
Untitled (Chinese Gong)   M964.1.189 Metal; Wood 
Untitled (Hanging Clock)   M964.1.181 Unknown
Untitled (Geometric Clippings)   L990.5.59 Newspaper 
Untitled (geometric newspape...   L990.5.60 Newsprint collage 
Untitled (figure)   L990.5.61 Oil
Model for #17   L990.5.1 Wood; acrylic 
Untitled (Tree)   E997.3.7 Jute 
Untitled (Leaves)   E997.3.2 Woodblock 
Untitled (Leaf Linoleum Block)   E997.3.3 Wood, linoleum 
Untitled (Victoria British C...   E997.3.4 Wood; Metal 
Untitled (Victoria College S...   E997.3.5 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Model of Mauori Wa...   E997.2.7 Paper; paint; plexiglass
Untitled (Linocut)   E997.3.6 Woodblock 
Untitled (Dr. Johnson's House)   E997.2.4 Paper; paint; wood; plexiglass
Untitled (House of Parliament)   E997.2.5 Paper; paint; wood; plexiglass 
Untitled (Model of RMS Mauri...   E997.2.6 Paper; print; wood; plexiglass 
Untitled (Barham Family House)   E997.2.3 Paper; paint; wood; plexiglass 
Untitled (Westminster Abbey)   E997.2.2 Paper; paint; wood; plexiglass 
Untitled (Hampton Court)   E997.2.1 Paper; paint; wood; pexiglass 
Untitled (Ship Plaque)   E996.1.2 Wood; plastic; metal 
Untitled (Flowers of Victoria)   E996.1.13 Flowers, Pressed 
Sowing Starts from Her Basket   E995.2.1
Untitled (Victorian House Re...   E994.3.8 Ink 
Moscow   L004.2.13
Untitled (collage reproducti...   E993.3.1 Ink
Untitled (Ali Baba Theatre S...   E993.1.1 Paper; Ink
China Between Revolutions   E990.2.3  
Untitled (Religious Scene)   E985.7.9 Ink 
Untitled (Knights)   E985.7.7 Ink 
Untitled (metal container)   U996.23.19 Fabric applique on metal
X-Ray of Italian Ivory Drawe...   U995.5.4 Film 
X-Ray of Italian Ivory Drawe...   U995.5.3 Film 
X-Ray of Italian Ivory Drawe...   U995.5.2 Film 
Untitled (Dish)   U995.17.1 Silver plated
Untitled (Bottle)   U995.15.16 Hide ?
Untitled (Bottle Stopper)   U995.15.15 Leather 
Untitled (Bass Clarinet Case)   U001.35.1-2 Wood, velvet, and metal
Untitled (Tray)   U995.15.10 Wood 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.9 Bamboo; Bone; Quills; Paint 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.8 Bamboo; Wood; Rattan; Paint 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.7 Bamboo; Wood; Paint ?; Rattan 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.6 Bamboo; Wood; Ratan; Stain; Tw 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.5 Bamboo; Wood; Stain; Ratan 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.4 Bamboo; Wood; Stain; Twine 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.3 Bamboo; Wood; Stain; Twine 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.2 Bamboo; Wood; Stain; Twine 
Untitled (Bow)   U994.9.13 Wood; Bamboo; Stain; Twine 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.12 Bamboo; Wood; Rattan; Twine; 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.11 Bamboo; Wood; Rattan; Twine 
Untitled (Spear)   U994.9.10 Bamboo; Wood; Rattan; Twine; 
Untitled (Headdress)   U994.9.1 Hair, Human; Organic Materials 
Untitled (carpet)   U994.8.4 Hair, goat; dye 
Untitled (carpet)   U994.8.2 Wool; dye 
Untitled (Cloth)   U994.7.1 Bark, Tapa; Dye 
Untitled (Flageolet)   U994.4.9 Boxwood; Ivory 
Untitled (Flute)   U994.4.8 Grenadilla;ivory; Silver 
Untitled (Clarinet)   U994.4.77 Wood; Brass
Untitled (Rawhide Hand Drum)   U994.4.75 Rawhide, wood 
Untitled (Inuit Frame Drum)   U994.4.74 Wood; Caribou Skin 
Untitled (Drum; Drumstick)   U994.4.73 Bark; Wood; Rawhide 
Untitled (Kora)   U994.4.72 Wood; Skin; Gourd; Fabric 
Untitled (Dulcimer)   U994.4.71 Wood, metal 
Untitled (Rattle)   U994.4.70 Wood; Gourd; Beads; Hair 
Untitled (Oboe)   U994.4.7 Boxwood; Silver
Untitled (Reed Mouth Organ)   U994.4.69 Bamboo, wood 
Untitled (Rattle)   U994.4.68 Birchbark; Wood; Wicker 
Untitled (Gourd Rattle)   U994.4.67 Gourd, wood, paint 
Untitled (Water Drum)   U994.4.66 Wood; Suede; Metal 
Untitled (Rawhide Rattle)   U994.4.65 Rawhide; Wood; Hide
Untitled (Maraca)   U994.4.64 Gourd; Wod 
Untitled (Sansa)   U994.4.63 Wood; Metal 
Untitled (Rebec)   U994.4.62 Wood; Skin; Gut; Paint 
Untitled (Claves)   U994.4.61 Wood; Stain 
Untitled (Panpipes)   U994.4.60 Reed; String 
Untitled (Flute)   U994.4.6 Cocas; Ivory; Silver 
Untitled (Yueh Chin)   U994.4.59 Wood; Ivory; Gutstring 
Untitled (Flute)   U994.4.58 Bamboo 
Untitled (violin)   U994.4.56 Wood 
Untitled (clarinet)   U994.4.55 Boxwood; Ivory; Brass 
Untitled (Horn)   U994.4.54 Horn 
Untitled (Bamboo Flute)   U994.4.53 Gourd; Bamboo 
Untitled (Panpipes)   U994.4.52 Wood 
Untitled (Stroh Violin; Case)   U994.4.51 Wood; Brass; Aluminum; Leather
Untitled (Dvojnice (Double P...   U994.4.50 Wood 
Untitled (Oboe and Case)   U994.4.5 Grenadilla; German Silver
Untitled (Clarinet and Case)   U994.4.49 Grenadilla; German Silver 
Untitled (Flute and Case)   U994.4.48 Grenadilla; Ger. Sil 
Untitled (Clarinet)   U994.4.47 Boxwood; Brass; Ivory 
Untitled (Double Flageolet)   U994.4.46 Boxwood; Brass; Ivory
Untitled (Mute)   U994.4.45-2 Wood 
Untitled (Mute)   U994.4.45-1 Wood 
Untitled (Theorbo)   U994.4.44 Wood; Metal; Ivory 
Untitled (Reproduction Lute)   U994.4.43 Wood; Metal; Ivory 
Untitled (Drum)   U994.4.42 Wood; Skin 
Sir William Osler   U990.11.1 Metal; Bronze; Wool; Felt 
Untitled (Harpoon)   U990.10.2 Wood; Ivory; Leather 
Untitled (Harpoon)   U990.10.1 Wood; Ivory; Leather 
Open Windows And Life's Ladder   U989.8.2 Mixed Media, estampille 
Untitled (Abstract Collage)   U989.6.1 Watercolour; Paper 
Untitled (Plate)   U989.13.1 Silver
Untitled (Tooth)   U989.1.90 Ivory 
Untitled (Mat)   U989.1.31 Grass 
The Legacy   U988.33.1-8 Ink
The Salmon   U988.33.1-7 Ink
The Pacific   U988.33.1-6 Ink
The Cycle   U988.33.1-4 Ink
Sockeye Salmon   U988.33.1-22 Ink 
Pink Salmon   U988.33.1-21 Ink 
Chinook Salmon   U988.33.1-20 Ink 
Untitled (Vellum Manuscript)   U988.27.1 Ink; Paint 
Untitled (Greek Commercial B...   U988.17.9 Glass; Plastic; Paper 
Col. Harland Sanders   U988.17.6 Plastic 
DeCastro's tool; hand saw   U991.25.72 Wood, metal
Olive Oyl   U988.17.2 Plastic; Metal 
Untitled (Munchy Stationary ...   U988.17.12 Vinyl, Plastic; Paper 
Untitled (Commemorative Beer...   U988.17.1 Aluminum 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.9 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.7 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.5 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.6 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.4 Wood; Leather 
Untitled (glass slides in ca...   U988.14.20 Glass; Wood; Leather
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.3 Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.2 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.19 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.17 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.18 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.16 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.15 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.13 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.14 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.12 Glass; Wood; Leather; Felt 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.11 Glass; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.8 Wood; Leather; Felt; Glass 
Untitled (Box, Slides)   U988.14.10 Glass; Leather; Wood; Felt 
A Little Fantasy   U988.12.5 Ink 
Printmaker's Platter   U988.10.5 Mixed Media 
August Window III   U988.10.32 Serigraph 
Exchange   U988.10.30 Lithograph 
Untitled (labels)   U987.4.4 Ink
Untitled (item label)   U987.4.1 Ink
Untitled (Planets and Face)   U987.3.45 Etching 
Untitled (Kettle Drum)   U994.4.41 Wood; Skin 
Untitled (Kinde)   U994.4.40 Wood; Skin, Goat; Metal 
Untitled (Clarinet)   U994.4.4 Boxwood; Ivory; Brass; Ebony
Untitled (Kinde)   U994.4.39 Wood; Skin, Goat; Metal 
Untitled (Kinde)   U994.4.38 Wood; Skin, Goat; Metal 
Untitled (Kinde)   U994.4.37 Wood; Skin, Goat; Metal 
Untitled (Kinde)   U994.4.36 Wood; Skin, Goat; Metal 
Untitled (Mvet)   U994.4.35 Gourd; Wood; Metal; Fibre 
Untitled (Horn)   U994.4.34 Brass 
Untitled (Serpent)   U994.4.33 Maple ?; Leather; Brass
Untitled (Bassoon)   U994.4.32 Maple; Brass; Stain 
Untitled (Bassoon)   U994.4.31 Maple; Brass; Cork 
Untitled (Bassoon)   U994.4.30 Maple; Stain; German Silver 
Untitled (Flute)   U994.4.3 Boxwood; Ivory; Brass; Cork 
Untitled (Bassoon)   U994.4.29 Fruitwood; Brass; Stain
Untitled (Russian Bassoon)   U994.4.28 Maple; Brass; Paint 
Untitled (Instrument; Bow)   U994.4.27 Gourd; Wood; Skin; Metal; Hair 
Untitled (Raft Zither)   U994.4.26 Bamboo 
Untitled (Rattle)   U994.4.24 Gourd; Paint 
Untitled (Pan Pipes)   U994.4.23 Wood, Lime Or Lemon 
Untitled (Clarinet)   U994.4.22 Boxwood; Ivory; Cork; Plastic
Untitled (Dvojnice; Double P...   U994.4.20 Wood 
Untitled (Autoharp)   U994.4.2 Wood; Lacquer; Paint 
Untitled (Clarinet and Case)   U994.4.19 Boxwood; Ivory; Brass; Cork
Untitled (Flute and Case)   U994.4.18 Silver; Ivory; Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Sansa)   U994.4.17 Gourd; Metal; Wood 
Untitled (Mandolin)   U994.4.16 Mahogany; Ivory; Shell; Silver
Untitled (Clarinet and Case)   U994.4.15 Grenadilla; German Silver
Untitled (Flute)   U994.4.14 Rosewood; German Silver; Cork
Untitled (Oboe and Case)   U994.4.13 Rosewood; Silver
Piccolo In D Flat; Case   U994.4.12 Grenadilla; Silver; Leather
Untitled (Fife)   U994.4.11 Rosewood; Silver 
Untitled (Flute and Case)   U994.4.10 Cocas; Silver
Untitled (Zither (Autoharp))   U994.4.1 Wood, Pine; Metal; Lacquer 
Untitled (Sketch)   U994.30.593 Graphite; Ink; Watercolour
Clarinet and Case   U997.24.1 Wood, Metal 
Untitled (mandolin)   U994.4.76 Wood; metal; string
Untitled (Slit Drum)   U994.26.1 Hardwood 
Queen's Baton; Case   U994.20.1 Pewter; Wood; Plexigalss 
Untitled (Abstract Landscape...   U994.18.1 Multimedia
Untitled (Chair)   U994.17.5 Wood, Rosewood; Velvet
Untitled (Chair)   U994.17.4 Wood, Rosewood; Velvet
Untitled (Chair)   U994.17.3 Wood, Rosewood; Velvet
Untitled (Chair)   U994.17.2 Wood, Rosewood; Velvet
Forest   U994.15.9 Mixed Media
Skylight   U994.15.8 Mixed media
Time And Tide   U994.15.12 Paper; Ink
Again   U994.15.11 Paper
Moon Driver   U994.15.10 Paper
Untitled (Tapa Cloth)   U994.14.2 Bark, Tapa; Paint 
Untitled (Goblet)   U994.14.17 Silver; gold 
Untitled (Chair)   U994.14.1 Wood; Fibre, Rush
Untitled (Reproduction of Wi...   U994.12.3 Ink
Untitled (Piano)   U994.10.1 Wood
Untitled (Flowers)   U994.1.7 Paint; construction paper; tissue 
Droppings From A Wooden Horse   U994.1.6 Mixed media; paper; acrylic paint; adhiseive 
Double Reflection (Max and N...   U993.7.98 Mixed media collage; paint; tissue 
The Limners   U993.7.108 Acrylic; Tissue paper 
Robin Skelton   U993.7.107 Paint; Paper 
Black Sweater - (Karl Spreit...   U993.7.106 Paper; Paint 
Flowerstar   U982.24.7 Serigraph 
Untitled (Wooden Spoon)   U982.22.2 Wood 
Untitled (Wooden Spoon)   U982.22.1 Wood 
Untitled (Curtain Design)   U982.21.3 Graphite, ink, watercolour
Untitled (Curtain Design)   U982.21.4 Gouache
Sketch No.1 (Proscenium Hous...   U982.21.1 Collage 
Salmon Run   U982.17.3 Fibre, Nylon
Salmon Run   U982.17.2 Fibre, Nylon
Caricature Of P. Trudeau   U981.5.1 Ink; Opaque White
Documentation Of Performance...   U981.4.1 paper
Untitled (Globular Rattle)   U981.3.3 Cedar; Paint 
Cod Lure   U981.3.2 Cedar; Spruce; Wire 
Snow Shoes   U981.2.9 Wood; Sinew 
Untitled (Clarinet Case)   U001.35.2-2 Wood, leather, metal, velvet and satin
Untitled (Spoon)   U981.2.40 Horn (Mountain Goat) 
Spoon   U981.2.39 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Painted Wooden Spo...   U981.2.38 painted and varnished cedar 
Spoon   U981.2.37 Mountain Goat Horn 
Untitled (Spoon)   U981.2.36 Wood 
Untitled (Spoon)   U981.2.35 Blue Mountain Goat Horn 
Untitled (Spoon)   U981.2.34 Blue Mountain Goat Horn 
Spoon   U981.2.33 Horn, Goat 
Untitled (Spoon)   U981.2.32 Wood (Alder) 
Ladle   U981.2.31 Horn; Bone; Metal 
Untitled (Basket)   U981.2.28 Cane 
Drum   U981.2.27 Leather; Wood; Skin; Paint 
Drum   U981.2.26 Wood; Skin; Metal; Wire; Paint 
Canoe Paddle   U981.2.25 Wood; Paint; Shell, Dentalia 
Canoe Paddle   U981.2.24 Wood; Paint; Shell, Dentalia 
Canoe Paddle   U981.2.23 Wood; Paint 
Model Paddle   U981.2.22 Wood 
Canoe Bailer   U981.2.14 Bark, Cedar; Wood 
Untitled (Wooden Heron Fork)   U981.2.12 Wood 
Coconut Shell Rattle   U981.2.10 Shell, Coconut 
Bow and Arrow   U981.13.1 Wood; Hide; Hair; Beak; twine 
Modern Cedar Bark Canoe Bailer   U981.12.1 Bark, Cedar 
Untitled (Mushroom Coral)   U981.1.7 Mushroom coral 
Untitled (Antelope Horn)   U981.1.6 Antelope Horn 
Small Tusk   U981.1.49 Horn; Ivory; Shell 
Elephant Tusk   U981.1.5 Ivory 
Bone Harpoon Head   U981.1.48 Bone 
Slab Of Tortoise Shell   U981.1.47 Tortoise Shell 
Slab Of Tortoise Shell   U981.1.46 Tortoise Shell 
Leather Button and Thong   U981.1.45 Leather 
Grass Mat   U981.1.43 Fibre, Grass 
Woven Shawl   U981.1.42 Woven Fibre, Grass 
Woven Shawl   U981.1.41 Woven Grass 
Woven Slippers   U981.1.40 Rushes; Grass; Leather 
Untitled (Set of Teeth)   U981.1.4 Ivory 
Woven Slippers   U981.1.39 Fibre, Grass; Fibre, Cotton 
Untitled (Coconut Shell Ladle)   U981.1.38 Wood; Coconut Shell 
Club   U981.1.36 Wood 
Clubs   U981.1.35 Wood 
Club   U981.1.34 Wood 
Club   U981.1.33 Wood; glass beads; thread 
Arrows With Iron Points   U981.1.32 Wood; Grass; Wire; Feathers 
Spears   U981.1.31 Wood; Metal 
Polished Staff   U981.1.30 Wood 
Coiled Basket   U981.1.29 Root; Rush 
African Drum   U981.1.25 Wood; Leather 
Untitled (Mat)   U981.1.24 Wicker 
Coiled Tray   U981.1.23 Rush; Root 
Coiled Fan   U981.1.21 Bark; Root; Grass 
Raft Zinther   U981.1.17 Reeds; Grass 
Untitled (Woven Cloth)   U981.1.16 Fibre 
Untitled (Sword)   U981.1.14 Metal; Wood 
Untitled (Sword with Scabbard)   U981.1.13 Metal; Wood; Reptile Skin
Large Tusk   U981.1.12 Ivory 
Untitled (Elephant Tusks)   U981.1.11 Ivory 
Steller's Jay   U980.9.5 Ink
California Quail   U980.9.3 Ink
Women Breeding Better Men   U980.8.3 Lithograph 
Toy Theatre Collection   U980.1.1 Ink; Watercolour
Untitled (Red and White)   U980.11.2 Canvas
Six from the Sun   U978.8.3 Ink 
Untitled (Geometric Panels o...   U978.2.1 Concrete
Untitled (Collage)   U977.1.68 Collaged Paper; Mixed Media 
Fish and Sky   U977.1.54 Serigraph; Gelatin silver print 
Woman with Words in Her Head   U977.1.25 Ink; Watercolour; Paper 
Green Landscape   U977.1.22 Mixed media 
Man Kissing His Belly Goodbye   U976.5.2 Mixed media; paint 
Dandelion Dream   U971.1.1 Mixed Media; paper; graphite; etching 
Untitled (Japanese Scroll)   U001.34.1 Ink
Scottish Targe, Shield   U993.5.2 Wood; leather; metal 
Ceremonial Furniture; Stand   U993.30.5 Cedar; acrylic 
Ceremonial Furniture; Lectern   U993.30.3 Cedar; acrylic
Ceremonial Furniture; Handra...   U993.30.2 Cedar; acrylic
Ceremonial Furniture; Cushion   U993.30.2-1 Fibre, Wool; Dye
Ceremonial Furniture; Chance...   U993.30.1-6 Cedar
Ceremonial Furniture; Cushion   U993.30.1-4 Wool; Dye
Ceremonial Furniture; Backrest   U993.30.1-3 Wool; Dye
Untitled (Beaded Bag)   U993.3.9 Glass Beads; Fabric; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.68 Palm leaf; Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.67 Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.66 Rattan[?]/Bamboo[?] 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.64 Leaf, Plam; Rattan[?] Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.63 Leaf, Palm; Rattan[?] or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.62 Leaf, Palm; Rattan[?] Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.61 Leaf, Palm; Rattan ? Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.59 Leaf, Palm; Rattan ? Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.58 Leaf, Palm; Rattan[?] or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.57 Leaf, Palm; Rattan ? Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical hat)   U993.3.56 Leaf, Palm; Rattan ? Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.54 Leaf, Palm; Rattan[?] or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.53 Leaf, Palm; Rattan ? Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Woven Pouch)   U993.3.52  
Untitled (Woven Pouch)   U993.3.51  
Untitled (Woven Pouch)   U993.3.50  
Untitled (Woven Purse)   U993.3.49  
Untitled (Woven Clutch)   U993.3.48  
Untitled (Purse)   U993.3.47 Rattan ? Or Bemban ? 
Untitled (Purse)   U993.3.46 Rattan or Bemban 
Untitled (Purse)   U993.3.45 Rattan or Bemban 
Untitled (Purse)   U993.3.44 Rattan or Bemban 
Untitled (Purse)   U993.3.43 Rattan ? Or Bemban ? 
Untitled (Handbag)   U993.3.41 Rattan or Bemban 
Untitled (Handbag)   U993.3.40 Rattan ? Or Bemban ? 
Untitled (Purse)   U993.3.39 Rattan or Bemban 
Untitled (Ceremonial Mask)   U993.3.33 painted wood 
Untitled (Bowl and Lid)   U993.3.23 Wood 
Untitled (Placemat)   U993.3.22 Rattan; Cotton; Glass Beads 
Untitled (Model Shield)   U993.3.21 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Toy Shield)   U993.3.20 Wood, paint 
Untitled (Parasol Hat)   U993.3.17 Palm leaf; Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Dyak Ceremonial Hat)   U993.3.14 Rattan; Beads; Feather; Fur 
Untitled (Beaded Headband)   U993.3.11 Glass Beads; Cotton; Rattan 
Untitled (Small model basket...   U993.3.10 Rattan; Bark; Wood 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.9 Wood, Cocus ?; Metal, Silver 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.8 Wood, Rosewood; Metal, Silver 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.7 Wood, Cocus; Metal, Silver 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.5 Boxwood; Ivory; Silver 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.6 Wood, Rosewood ?; Silver 
Untitled (Gemshorn and Bag)   U993.27.34 Horn; Leather; Wood; Fibre 
Untitled (Gemshorn)   U993.27.33 Horn; Leather; Wood ? 
Untitled (Gemshorn and Bag)   U993.27.31 Horn; Leather; Wood; Fibre 
Untitled (Mute Cornett)   U993.27.30 Wood 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.3 Boxwood; Brass
Untitled (Cornett)   U993.27.29 Leather; Wood ?; Brass; Ivory 
Untitled (Flute and Case)   U993.27.28 Cocus; Silver; Cork; Leather 
Untitled (Crumhorn)   U993.27.27 Plastic; Cork 
Untitled (Oboe D'amore; Cham...   U993.27.25 Boxwood; Cork; Brass; Chamois 
Untitled (Oboe)   U993.27.24 Wood, Boxwood; Stain 
Untitled (Recorder)   U993.27.23 Wood, Boxwood[?] 
Untitled (Recorder)   U993.27.22 Boxwood; Brass; Cork 
Untitled (Alto Reproduction ...   U993.27.21 Boxwood; Brass; Cork 
Untitled (Recorder)   U993.27.20 Boxwood; Brass; Cork 
Untitled (Flute and Pouch)   U993.27.2 Ivory; Silver; Felt; Cork 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.19 Boxwood; Cork 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.18 Wood, Boxwood 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.17 Wood, Boxwood 
Untitled (Flute and Bag)   U993.27.16 African blackwood or grenadilla; Ivory; Silver
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.15 Birch/Western Maple?; Brass; Wood 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.14 Boxwood; Ivory; Silver; Cork
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.13 Ivory; Silver; Cork
Untitled (Flute and Case)   U993.27.11 Ebony; Ivory; Silver; Leather 
Untitled (Piccolo)   U993.27.10 Wood, Rosewood; Metal, Silver 
Diversity   U007.8.4 wire, paper 
Untitled (Lontar Scroll)   U993.25.9 Wood; Palm Leaf; Fibre; Metal 
Untitled (Manuscript)   U993.25.8 Wood, palm leaf, fibre, metal 
Untitled (Lontar Scroll)   U993.25.6 Wood, palm leaf, fibre, metal 
Untitled (Manuscript)   U993.25.7 Wood; Palm Leaf; Fibre; Metal 
Untitled (spade)   U993.25.10 Silver 
Untitled (Pouch, Canting, Br...   U993.25.1 Cotton; Rattan ?; Metal; Wood 
Untitled (Art Nouveau Crumber)   U993.2.1 Pewter 
Harmonies #2   U993.14.2 Paper; Fabric; Tinsel
Harmonies #1   U993.14.1 Paper; Fabric; Tinsel
Untitled (Dagger)   U992.24.3 Bone 
Untitled (Mortar)   U992.24.4 Wood 
Silotung   U992.23.7 Bamboo; Wood 
Untitled (Flute)   U992.23.6 Bamboo; paint 
Untitled (Fish Trap)   U992.23.54 Rattan; Bamboo; Shell, Coconut 
Untitled (Women Doing Laundry)   U992.23.52 Pastel ? 
Untitled (Flute)   U992.23.5 Bamboo; paint 
Untitled (Hat)   U992.23.48 Beads; Fabric; Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U992.23.45 Beads; Fabric; Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U992.23.46 Beads; Fabric; Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U992.23.47 Beads; Fabric; Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U992.23.44 Beads; Fabric; Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U992.23.43 Beads; Cloth; Rattan; Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U992.23.42 Rattan ?; Bemban ?; Bamboo ? 
Untitled (Model)   U992.23.41 Wood; Reed; Grass 
Untitled (Flute)   U992.23.4 Bamboo; paint 
Untitled (Model)   U992.23.40 Wood; Reed; Grass 
Untitled (Dyak Flute)   U992.23.38 Bamboo; Paint
Untitled (Beaded Bag)   U992.23.39 Threaded Glass Beads 
Untitled (Dyak Flute)   U992.23.37 Bamboo; Paint
Untitled (Offering Dish)   U992.23.30 Wood 
Untitled (Pipe)   U992.23.3 Bamboo 
Untitled (Pipe)   U992.23.2 Bamboo
Untitled (Shield)   U992.23.17 Wood; paint 
Untitled (Shield)   U992.23.16 Wood; paint 
Untitled (Shield)   U992.23.15 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Shield)   U992.23.14 Wood; paint 
Untitled (Shield)   U992.23.13 Wood, paint 
Untitled (Holder)   U992.22.1-3 Metal 
Untitled (Case)   U992.22.1-4 Textile; Wood 
Untitled (Drum)   U992.23.1 Wood, Iron; Skin; Wicker 
Untitled (Slide)   U992.22.1-2 Metal 
Untitled (Horn)   U992.22.1-1 Metal, Brass
Saucer   U992.2.1-2 Porcelain; enamel paint; glaze 
Untitled (Pitcher)   U987.29.8 Bamboo
Untitled (Needle Holder And ...   U987.29.7 Lead; Silver; Gold; Paper
Untitled (Needle Holder And ...   U987.29.6 Lead; Silver; Gold; Paper
Untitled (Scissors, Case and...   U987.29.5 Metal; Plastic; Paper; Glue ?
Untitled (Scissors)   U987.29.4 Metal; Paint; Plastic
Untitled (Tripod Vase)   U987.29.1 Ceramic; glaze; enamel paint 
Untitled (Ruler)   U987.23.4 Woods, various; varnish
Sign   U987.23.2 Glass; paint 
Two Tweed Dolls   U987.23.1 Fibre, wool; metal; paint
Untitled (Paper Lamps)   U987.21.8-1 Fibre, Silk ?; Wood; Lacquer
Untitled (Flower Arrangements)   U987.21.7 Fibre, Nylon ?; Wood
Untitled (Tatami Mats)   U987.21.6 Wood; Fibre; Grass
Untitled (Folding Screen)   U987.21.5 Wood; Paper; Metal; Ink
Decoration Base   U987.21.4 Wood; lacquer; tatami 
Untitled (plaque)   U987.21.3 Wood; ink
Untitled (Cross And Stand)   U987.17.1 Walnut, American; Oak, Red
Joy   U986.7.1 Fibre, Cotton; Thread
Untitled (Clarinet Case)   U001.35.3-2 Wood, metal, leather, fabric
Untitled (Bamboo Spoon)   U986.15.5 Bamboo
Untitled (Bamboo Tea Whisk)   U986.15.4 Bamboo
Untitled (Scroll)   U986.13.1 Ink; Paper; Cloth; Wood
Untitled (Propeller)   U986.10.3 Wood; Steel; Paint 
Untitled (Wheel)   U986.10.2 Wood; Steel; Paint 
Untitled (Wheel)   U986.10.1 Wood; Paint; Steel 
Untitled (Trade Pipe)   U985.9.6 Wood; Metal; Horn 
Untitled (Musket)   U985.9.5 Wood; Metal 
Untitled (tea container with...   U985.16.8 Wood; lacquer; cardboard 
Untitled (Plate)   U985.16.7 Wood; lacquer
Untitled (Pot)   U985.16.5 Metal, Iron
Untitled (Parasol With Base)   U985.16.3 Wood; Paper; Metal
Untitled (Storage Box)   U985.16.2 Felt; Cardboard
Untitled (Papers)   U985.16.17 Paper
Untitled (cloth)   U985.16.16 Fibre; silk
Untitled (Cleaning Cloths)   U985.16.15 Fibre, Cotton; Thread
Untitled (Tea Spoon)   U985.16.14 Bamboo
Untitled (tea whisk with con...   U985.16.13 Bamboo; plastic 
Untitled (Dipping Spoon)   U985.16.12 Bamboo; Glue
Untitled (Tatami Mat)   U985.16.1 Wood; Tatami; Fibre
Untitled (Metate)   U991.8.71 Volcanic rock 
Untitled (Metate)   U991.8.67 Volcanic rock 
Untitled (Metate)   U991.8.59 Volcanic rock 
Untitled (Metate)   U991.8.46 Volcanic rock 
Blowpipe Dart Container   U991.7.8 Fibre, Bamboo 
Burmese Lacquered Container   U991.7.4 Wood; Lacquer 
Borneo Blowpipe   U991.7.2 Wood; Metal 
Borneo Blowpipe   U991.7.1 Wood; Metal 
Untitled (Bowl with Lid)   U991.6.2 Plastic 
Untitled (Creamer)   U991.6.1 Plastic 
Untitled (Axe God)   U991.15.99 Jade 
Untitled (beads)   U991.15.98 Jade 
Untitled (bead)   U991.15.97 Jade 
Untitled (fragment)   U991.15.96 Jade 
Untitled (bead)   U991.15.95 Calcinated jade 
Untitled (bead)   U991.15.75 Quartz 
Untitled (Skeletal Remains)   U991.15.74 Bones; Teeth
Untitled (pendant)   U991.15.68 Gold 
Untitled (Foil)   U991.15.67 Metal, Gold
Untitled (Metate)   U991.15.30 Volcanic stone 
Untitled (Sukia Stone)   U991.15.29-2 Stone, Quartz 
Untitled (Mano Stone)   U991.15.128 Volcanic stone 
Untitled (pendant)   U991.15.127 Gold 
Untitled (Metate)   U991.15.126 Volcanic rock 
Untitled (Avian Macehead)   U991.15.102 Granitic 
Untitled (beads)   U991.15.100 Jade 
Untitled (arrowhead)   U991.14.92 Stone; flint 
Untitled (Metate)   U991.14.85 Volcanic stone 
Untitled (stone)   U991.14.75 Jade 
Untitled (pendant)   U991.14.64 Metal; gold alloy (tumbago) 
Untitled (pendant)   U991.14.63 Gold alloy 
Untitled (pendant)   U991.14.62 Gold alloy 
Untitled (pendant)   U991.14.61 Gold Alloy 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.9 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.70 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.68 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.66 Wood 
Untitled (Rough-Hewn Abstrac...   U991.12.63 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.64 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (black abstract scu...   U991.12.65 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.61 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.54 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Black and White Ab...   U991.12.53 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.50 Wood 
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.49 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.47 Wood 
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.48 Wood; Painted 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.42 Wood
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.30 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.29 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.27 Wood; Fibre, Burlap 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.28 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Cylindrical Abstra...   U991.12.26 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.23 Wood 
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.24 Wood 
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.21 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Albert Model Clari...   U001.35.3-1 Wood and Metal and plastic
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.20 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Circular Abstract ...   U991.12.2 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.18 Wood 
Untitled (Elongated Abstract...   U991.12.19 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.17 Wood; Paint
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.16 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.15 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.12 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.13 Wood; Paint 
#10   U991.12.11 Wood 
Untitled (Rough-hewn abstrac...   U991.12.1 Wood 
Untitled (Batik Hat)   U991.11.40 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fan)   U991.11.41 Paper; Silk 
Untitled (Orange Abstract)   U985.11.8 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Abstract Symbols)   U985.11.9 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Orange Abstract)   U985.11.6 Linoleum 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.7 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.5 Linoleum 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.43 Linoleum; Ink 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.42 Linoleum; Pressboard; Ink 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.41 Linoleum; Pressboard; Ink 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.40 Linoleum; Pressboard; Ink 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.4 Linoleum 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.39 Linoleum; Pressboard; Ink 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.38 Linoleum; Pressboard; Ink 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.37 Linoleum; Pressboard; Paint 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.36 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.35  
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.34 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.33 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.32 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.31 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.30 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.29 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.3 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.28 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.27 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.26 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Linoblock for Dîner à deux   U985.11.25 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.23 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.24 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.22 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.20 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.21 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.2 Linoleum; Presswood 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.19 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.17 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.18 Linoleum; Plywood 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.16 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.15 Linoleum; Pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.14 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.12 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.13 Linoleum, pressboard 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.10 Linoleum, wood 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.11 Linoleum; Plywood 
Untitled (Linocut Block)   U985.11.1 Linoleum; Wood 
Untitled (Stained Glass)   U985.10.1 Glass; Lead; Stain
Untitled (Wall Mural for the...   U984.75.2 Cedar; Spruce; Fir; Pine blocks 
Marimba Players   U984.70.6  
Bushy Head   U984.70.51 Straw; Bark 
Untitled (Feather Fan)   U984.70.49 Cormorant or peacock feather, wood 
Untitled (Balinese shadow pu...   U984.70.45-2 Paper, paint, wood 
Untitled (Balinese Shadow Pu...   U984.70.45-1 Paper, paint, wood 
Untitled (Balinese Puppet Do...   U984.70.35 Wood, fibre 
Untitled (coin)   U984.63.1 Silver 
Untitled (Pie Spoon)   U984.52.3 Silver 
Untitled (Tea Chest)   U984.54.1 Wood 
Untitled (Bowl and Base)   U984.51.1 Wood 
Untitled (Wine Cooler)   U984.50.4 Silver
Untitled (female medicine do...   U983.8.2 Wood, paint 
Untitled (male medicine doll)   U983.8.1 Wood 
Untitled (fan)   U983.25.1 Ivory, feathers, peacock 
Untitled (mustard spoon)   U983.2.9 Yew
Untitled (Plate)   U983.2.91 Copper; enamel 
Untitled (Plate)   U983.2.85 Copper; Enamel
Untitled (Mustard Pot with L...   U983.2.8 Yew
Untitled (Corkscrew Bottle O...   U983.2.7-2 Arbutus; metal
Untitled (Corkscrew Bottle O...   U983.2.7-1 Arbutus; metal
Untitled (Rattle)   U983.2.56 Skin, fur, wood
Untitled (Square Dish and Cup)   U983.2.51 Ceramic, glaze, plaster 
Untitled (Enamelled Dish)   U983.2.17 Copper; enamel; gilt
Untitled (plate)   U983.2.145 Wood
Untitled (Placemats and Coas...   U983.2.140 Plastic; pressed flowers
Untitled (Enameled Dish)   U983.2.14 Metal, copper; enamel
Untitled (Bowl)   U983.2.12 Yew
Untitled (butter knife)   U983.2.11 Wood
Untitled (salt spoon)   U983.2.10 Wood
Untitled (Curtain Design)   U983.17.5 Ink, photographic print 
Untitled (Curtain Design)   U983.17.3 Watercolour 
Untitled (Curtain Design)   U983.17.4 Ink 
Untitled (Curtain Design)   U983.17.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Box)   U982.45.1 Wood, lacquer 
Untitled (Metal printing pla...   U982.4.3 Metal 
Untitled (Wooden Bowl)   U982.33.1 Wood
Roman/Etruscan Excavated Art...   U990.28.1 Bronze; glass; ceramic
Wallpaper Sample "Daisy" (la...   U990.27.5 Ink 
Wallpaper Sample; Powdered   U990.27.2 Wallpaper 
The William Sutherland Maxwe...   U990.27.1
Elizabeth 7 (niko)   U990.26.19 Serigraph 
Untitled (Scoop)   U993.3.7 Rattan[?]/Bamboo[?] 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.65 Rattan; Leaf, Palm; Plastic 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.60 Leaf, Palm; Rattan ? Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Conical Hat)   U993.3.55 Leaf, Palm; Rattan[?] or Bamboo 
Untitled (Hat)   U993.3.36 Palm Leaf; Cotton[?]; Rattan[?] 
Untitled (Hat)   U993.3.35 Leaf, Palm; Cotton[?]; Rattan[?] 
Untitled (Bamboo Cigarette P...   U993.3.24-1 Bamboo; Paint 
Untitled (Hat)   U993.3.18 Leaf, Palm; Rattan ? Or Bamboo 
Untitled (Flute)   U993.27.4 Boxwood; Ivory; Brass 
Untitled (Flageolet)   U993.27.35 Wood; Silver; Ivory 
Untitled (Gemshorn)   U993.27.32 Horn; Leather; Wood 
Untitled (Rauschpfeife)   U993.27.26 Boxwood ?; Fruitwood ?; Silver
Untitled (Clarinet)   U993.27.12 Boxwood; Ivory; Brass 
Untitled (Flute and Pouch)   U993.27.1 Ivory; Silver; Fabric; Wood 
Untitled; Steamer Trunk   U999.7.1 Leather; metal; wood 
Untitled (Woodblock For Boat...   U998.21.1-4 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Boat...   U998.21.1-5 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Boat...   U998.21.1-6 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Cran...   U998.21.2-4 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock for Cran...   U998.21.2-5 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Cran...   U998.21.2-6 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Came...   U998.21.5-2 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Came...   U998.21.5-3 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Came...   U998.21.5-4 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Glox...   U998.21.7-2 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Glox...   U998.21.7-3 Relief 
Untitled (Woodblock For Glox...   U998.21.7-4 Relief 
Untitled (Working Board)   U998.21.7-5  
Untitled (Miniature Temple)   U998.6.8 Wood 
Untitled (miniature temple)   U998.6.7 Wood 
Untitled (Lontar Scroll)   U998.6.4 Wood; Ink; Rope; Metal Coins 
Untitled (Lontar Scroll)   U998.6.5 Wood, Ink, Metal, Beads 
Untitled (Abstract Form)   U999.21.11 Collage; Paint; Pastel 
Communication   U999.21.12 Collage 
Untitled (Wood Fragment)   E999.1.1 Wood 
Untitled (sled runner)   E999.1.2 Wood 
JVC Videosphere Television   U998.29.1 Plastic; metal 
Serpent Mask   U999.11.7 Wood 
Untitled (Salish Copper Ratt...   U000.31.1-2 Wood; Copper; Wool 
Untitled (Salish Copper (sha...   U000.31.1-1 Wood; Copper; Wool 
Untitled (Copper Rattle)   U000.31.1-3 Wood; Copper; Wool 
Untitled (Coast Salish Horn ...   U000.31.3 Wood; Bone; Horn; Wool 
Red Insect   U000.22.9 Magazine Paper, Paint (tempera?) 
The Strip Of Knowledge   U000.22.12 Oil Paint, Paper, Wingnut And Screw 
Untitled (Horn Rattle, Coast...   U000.31.2 Wood; bone/horn; wool 
Untitled (Coast Salish Horn ...   U000.31.4 Wood; Bone/horn; Wool 
Untitled (Flute)   U000.38.13 wood/bamboo 
Untitled (D-Flat Picolo)   U999.1.1 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Painted Board with...   U000.50.1 Painted wood, shells, grass, rope, sticks 
Untitled (Tambuan Headdress)   U000.50.3 Grasses; Wood; Sea Shells; Paint 
Untitled (Cooking Pot)   U000.50.6 Ceramic; paint 
Untitled (nook and horn Ratt...   U000.31.5-1 Cow horn; textile; thread 
Untitled (water drum)   U000.50.2  
Untitled (nook and horn ratt...   U000.31.5-2 Cow horn; wood; textile; thread 
Untitled (nook and horn ratt...   U000.31.5-3 Cow horn; wood; textile; thread 
Frame from The Wreck of the ...   U000.37.4-2 Plaster, Wood 
Untitled (Fragment)   E000.5.1 Ink; paint
Untitled (Butler Fife)   U000.8.1 Wood; metal 
Masks (Masker)   U999.20.17 Mixed media; paint; print; ink 
Untitled (Geranium Woodblock)   U006.41.44-2 Woodcut
Untitled (Bowl with Inlay)   U996.23.12 Wood
Untitled (Bark Beater)   U996.23.8 Sandstone
Untitled (silver bookends)   M969.5.2 Silver
Untitled (Popular Arts Colle...   M969.13.44
Bamboo stands   M969.13.86
Bamboo stands   M969.13.87
Bamboo stands   M969.13.88
Vase   M969.13.101
Stationart folder   M969.13.103
Tray   M970.11.1
Oak server tray   M972.4.1
Spreading words on circumsta...   U001.26.1 Mixed media; print; photograph; ink; plastic transparency
Untitled (three kings woodbl...   E997.3.1 Wood
South Pacific Drum Stick   U001.23.1 Black Hardwood and Raffia
Untitled (Iron Strongbox on ...   U001.11.482 iron; paint; brass; oak wood; paint; varnish
Untitled (Abstract Forms)   U001.11.29 mixed media (adhesive, paper)
Untitled (Abstract Forms)   U001.11.30 mixed media (adhesive, paper)
Untitled (Wooden Planter)   U001.11.142 wood; unknown material for rope - horse hair? wheat?
Untitled (Wooden Planter)   U001.11.143 wood; unknown material for handle: coarse horse hair? wheat?
Untitled (Wooden Planter)   U001.11.144 wood; unknown material for handle: coarse horse hair? wheat?
Untitled (French Atlas Clock)   U001.11.154 Brass; metal; glass; paint 
Untitled (Ship's Clock and B...   U001.11.178 Brass; glass; wood; other types of metal 
Untitled (Oblong Wooden Bowl)   U001.11.190 Wood; metal
Untitled (round wooden bowl)   U001.11.191 wood
Nite Lite   U001.11.444 Wood; metal; electrical cord with plug; dentures; x-ray; metal/wire apparatus; plexi-glass
A Hole in the House   U001.11.110 Acrylic 
Untitled (elm dough bin)   U001.11.202 Elm wood
Untitled (Oblong wooden basin)   U001.11.212 Wood; metal
Untitled (wooden pot)   U001.11.213 wood
Untitled (wooden pot)   U001.11.214 wood
Untitled (wooden pot)   U001.11.215 wood
Untitled (Northern-style ste...   U001.11.445 Yellow cedar; paint; pigment 
Untitled (Kwagiulth steering...   U001.11.443 Yellow cedar; pigment; paint 
Cartouche   U001.11.74 Acrylic; Modelling Paste; Fine Gold leaf
Tlingit style Feast Dish and...   U001.11.124 alderwood; oil; wax; soapberry wood 
Ghost Rattle   U001.11.132 Bronze; horse hair; yellow cedar 
Untitled (French Atlas Clock)   U001.11.229 Metal; glass; rubber 
Untitled (telescope on stand)   U001.11.231 Metal; glass; rubber; plastic; pigment 
A Very Good Year   U001.11.243 Wood; metal; plastic; plexiglass; paint; glue 
Lyrical   U001.11.560 Mixed media (paint; paper; glue)
Untitled (Abstract)   U001.11.706 Mixed media (paint; dyes; paper)
Garden of Light   U001.11.707 mixed media
Untitled (Abstract Collage)   U001.11.709 Mixed media
Untitled (vertical blue abst...   U001.11.1032 Acrylic
Campaign style mahogany and ...   U001.11.846 wood (mahogany); brass; varnish
30 Hour Brass Dial Oak Case ...   U001.11.850 wood (oak); brass; metal; paint; varnish; glass
Seated Women   U001.11.725 Ink; Pigment 
Katharine Emma Maltwood's In...   M964.1.571 Cardboard and artificial leather 
Untitled (Clarinet)   U006.23.1-1 Wood, metal
Untitled (Clarinet Case)   U006.23.1-2 Wood, leather, metal, felt
Birds in a Tree #2   U001.11.741 collage; paint 
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U001.11.744 mixed media
Untitled (Leather Louis Vuit...   U001.11.163 Leather; wood; textile; metals; glue
Untitled (World War I machet...   U001.11.164 Wood; brass; steel; leather; copper; other metals
Untitled (carved walrus peni...   U001.11.165 Bone; ivory; pigment; glue
Untitled (Clock and Case)   U001.11.186 Oak, metal, fabric, glass
Untitled (Victorian Skeleton...   U001.11.194 Brass; other metals; glass; wood; paint; textile
Untitled (large wooden dough...   U001.11.207 Wood
Old wooden plant pot   U001.11.211-1 wood; metal
Old wooden plant pot   U001.11.211-2 wood; metal
Untitled (Brass Warming Pot ...   U001.11.221 Brass; copper; other metals; wood; varnish
Untitled (Brass Preserve Pan...   U001.11.222 Brass; other metals; wood; varnish
Untitled (Field Binoculars w...   U001.11.280 Metal; plastic; glass; vinyl 
Untitled (ivory handled fish...   U001.11.278-1 Ivory; metal (silver); unknown sealant/polymer
Untitled (ivory handled fish...   U001.11.278-2 Ivory; metal (silver); unknown sealant/polymer
Untitled (shaman's baton wha...   U001.11.377 Whalebone
Untitled (Glass Bottle with ...   U001.11.382-1 Glass; leather; metal; thread; glue 
Untitled (Glass Bottle with ...   U001.11.382-2 Glass; leather; metal; thread; glue; cork 
Untitled (Harpoon Head)   U001.11.386 Bone
Untitled (pointed bone spear...   U001.11.387 Bone
Untitled (horn cup)   U001.11.388 Unknown horn; unknown sealant
Untitled (Michael Collard Wi...   U001.11.402 Paper; leather; unknown textile; board; glue; pigment
Untitled (Cradleboard)   U001.11.403 Leather; fabric; textile; beads; thread; wood
Untitled (Gourd with Beaded ...   U001.11.409 Gourd, leather, beads
Untitled (Samurai armour (st...   U001.11.419-1 metal; wood; varnish
Untitled (Samurai armour (st...   U001.11.419-2 Metal; wood; varnish
Untitled (Red Figures)   U001.11.1047 linoleum
Untitled (Wasco mortar and p...   U001.11.366 Stone; wood; hide; metal nails
Untitled (Wasco mortar and p...   U001.11.367 Stone; wood
Untitled (Plateau Bowl and P...   U001.11.368 stone; wood 
Untitled (shaman's box by Ka...   U001.11.375 wood; animal hide
Untitled (Northwest Coast pl...   U001.11.378-1 mountain sheep horn 
Untitled (Northwest Coast pl...   U001.11.378-2 mountain sheep horn 
Haida Bentwood Box   U001.11.405 Cedar wood; operculum shells 
Haida Bentwood box   U001.11.406 Painted cedar with inlaid operculum
Untitled (Abstract)   U001.11.1043 Paint 
Tea Caddy   U005.32.2 Wood, Abalone inlay
Untitled (Forms, Hand with B...   U001.11.984 paper; wood; paint; velvet
Untitled (Abstract)   U001.11.886 coloured paper; paint 
Untitled (Abstract)   U001.11.883 Paint; paper collage 
Black Widow   U001.11.878 Tissue Paper 
Creations (Salish ceremonial...   U001.11.452 Deer hide; sinew lacing; deer leather; shells; deer hooves; raw sheep wool; cedar; graphite; paint
Untitled (Victorian Butcher ...   U001.11.483 unknown wood; unknown metal; glue; unknown varnish; wax/sealant
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-1 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Bronze Hallway Cha...   U001.11.486 bronze; other metals; paper; unknown textile; glass; wires; plastic
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-2 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-3 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-4 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-5 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-6 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-7 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-8 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-9 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-10 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-11 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-12 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-13 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-14 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-15 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-16 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-17 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-18 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-19 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-20 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Chandelier)   U001.11.485-21 unknown wood; unknown metal; fiberglass/plastic; paint/ surface treatment; wires; glass
Untitled (Carved Walking Cane)   U001.11.389 Unknown wood; varnish; pigment/
leather case   U001.11.1064 leather
Tipstaff with metal crown, s...   U003.36.4 Metal; wood 
Tipstaff with Metal Crown, m...   U003.36.3 Wood; metal 
Tipstaff with Red Crown   U003.36.2 Wood; paint 
The Seed of a Flower   U006.37.12 acrylic and paper 
14   U007.9.1 Paper, wood, varnish 
Fourteen Figures   U007.9.2 Rice paper; varnish 
Stump at Totem Spit   U005.7.2 Mixed media; photographic print; graphite 
Musical Cane   U003.27.1 Wood
Musical Cane   U003.27.2 Wood
Untitled (Bass Clarinet Oele...   U001.35.1-1 Wood and Metal
Untitled (Painted French Fan)   U002.4.2 Painted paper; carved ivory 
Untitled (Brevete Oboe Case)   U001.33.1-2 Wood, Metal, and Velvet
Untitled (Boehm System Clari...   U001.35.2-1 Wood and Metal
Untitled (Brevete Oboe and C...   U001.33.1-1 Wood, Metal
Untitled (Multimedia hand dr...   U006.7.1 Wood and animal skin
Russian Palekware Snuff Box   U003.29.9 Paper mache; paint; wood
Russian Paper Mache Snuff Box   U003.29.10 Paper mache; paint; wood
Untitled (Child's Hobby Horse)   U000.51.3 Wood
Box for Book Arts Project   U007.8.27 board, linen, leather, paint 
Mandolin   U998.23.1 Wood; Metal 
Untitled (Paper Lamps)   U987.21.8-2 Fibre, Silk ?; Wood; Lacquer
Carved Utensil   U002.41.11 wood 
Decorated Gourd   U002.41.14 Painted dried gourd 
Bull Oil Lamp   U002.41.15 Ceramic; paint 
Parishioners List for Mr. Ma...   M964.1.572 ink on paper 
Paperweight feauturing a rep...   U008.9.1 glass/print inside glass 
(Untitled) Box Piece   U007.50.6 mixed media 
Tulip Field II   U006.41.64 collograph
Tulip Field II support mater...   U006.41.65 samples 
Tulip Field III and IV Suppo...   U006.41.5 Paper, Lino Block, Stencil 
Tulips, working papers   U006.41.10 Stencils and Chalk/Pastel 
Marsh Marigolds Support Mate...   U006.41.12 Print, Stencil 
Night Wind Support Materials   U006.41.83 Mezzotint Metal Plate; Printing Papers; Working Prints; Mini Print Stencils and Colour Samples 
Rocks and Shadows Support Ma...   U006.41.84 Notes, Plates, Samples, Rags 
Shadows/Winter Shadows Suppo...   U006.41.86 Silkscreen and Notes 
Sounds of WInter Silence/Sup...   U006.41.87 Prints and notes 
Benign and Hostile/Mezzotint...   U006.41.17 Mezzotint Plate 
Sounds of Winter Silence/ Me...   U006.41.18 Mezzotint Plate 
Winter Reflections/ Mezzotin...   U006.41.19 mezzotint plate 
Untitled (Metal Plate)   U006.41.41 brass 
Tree Wood Cut   U006.41.22 Woodblock 
Tree Wood Plate   U006.41.93 lacquered and diluted with alcohol 
Sky woodcut board   U006.41.23 Engraved 
Sky Support Material Test St...   U006.41.94 Print 
Prints in Process Support Ma...   U006.41.24 Notes, Test Strips, Tracing Paper Samples 
Sounds of Winter Silence sup...   U006.41.30 rough sketches, stencils, etching 
frame for "Spring Sun"   U006.41.31 wood and glass 
Winter Stream metal plate   U006.41.111 mezzotint plate 
Winter Shadows metal plate   U006.41.34 mezzotint plate 
Early Spring Metal plate   U006.41.36 metal plate 
Spring Forms in Metamorphosi...   U006.41.37 etched/intaglio 
Spring Forms in Metamorphosi...   U006.41.38 etched/intaglio 
Vermont Mountain Night Phase...   U006.41.39 mezzotint plate 
Vermont Mountain Night Phase...   U006.41.40 mezzotint plate 
Spring Geranium Woodblock 1   U006.41.44-1 Woodcut 
Untitled (Unused Copper Plate)   U006.41.42  
Spring Geranium Woodblock 2   U006.41.112 woodcut 
Untitled (Unused Copper Plate)   U006.41.43 none 
Spring Geranium Wood Block 3   U006.41.45 Woodcut 
Spring Geranium Wood Block 4   U006.41.113 Woodcut 
Spring Sun Wood Block 1   U006.41.46 woodcut 
Spring Sun Wood Block 2   U006.41.114 Woodcut 
Spring Sun Wood Block 3   U006.41.47 Woodcut 
Untitled (Geranium Wood Block)   U006.41.115 carving 
Mule Ears Support Materials   U006.41.116 colour tests 
Mule Ears Mini Glass Plate   U006.41.117 paint samples 
Mule Ears Large Glass Plate I   U006.41.118 Paint samples 
Mule Ears Large Glass Plate II   U006.41.119 paint samples 
Mule Ears Large Glass Plate ...   U006.41.120 paint samples 
Wild Sunflowers Design and P...   U006.41.49 cutaway paper 
Wild Sunflowers Test Board I   U006.41.121 carved 
Wild Sunflowers Test Board II   U006.41.122 carved 
Wild Sunflowers Test Board III   U006.41.123 carved 
Wild Sunflowers Color Tests   U006.41.124 paint 
Mariposa Lilies, support sheet   U006.41.125 relief/collograph/intaglio 
Seaform Shadows support mate...   U006.41.52 notes, colour samples 
Water Lilies Support Materials   U006.41.53 Woodblocks, proof prints, samples 
Drawer #4 - Support Material...   U006.41.56 Paint 
Drawer #4 - Support Material...   U006.41.126 Paint 
Fragmented Forms stencil rel...   U006.41.127 Stencils 
Fragmented Forms Cardboard S...   U006.41.128 Carved 
Winter Reflections Support M...   U006.41.130 Mezzotint, Engraving on intaglio, with pencil notes. 
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