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Untitled (Bead)   M964.1.426-3 Stone 
Untitled (Shark Tooth)   M964.1.426-11 Bone 
Untitled (Egyptian Ram Bead)   M964.1.426-12 Bone 
Untitled (Buddha Medallion)   M964.1.426-1 Metal; fibre 
Untitled (Box)   M964.1.419 Ivory 
Untitled (Fish)   M964.1.409 Mother-Of-Pearl 
Untitled (Moroccan Lamp Shad...   M964.1.41 Brass; glass; cord; cardboard 
Untitled (Egyptian Scarab Be...   M964.1.405-7 Stone 
Untitled (Egyptian Uatch)   M964.1.405-16 Stoneware; Faience 
Untitled (Amulet-Neith Heiro...   M964.1.405-15 Stone 
Untitled (Handle)   M964.1.397 Wood; Bronze 
Untitled (Bowls)   M964.1.393 Wood; Lacquer 
Untitled (Spoon)   M964.1.392 Wood 
Untitled (Box of Drafting Eq...   M964.1.377 Miscellaneous 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-8 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-9 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-7 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-6 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Mallet)   M964.1.376-5 Wood 
Untitled (Sculpting Brush)   M964.1.376-3 Wood; metal; bristles 
Untitled (Peeler)   M964.1.376-4 Wood; metal; string 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-14 Wood; metal
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-13 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-12 Wood; metal 
Untitled (Chisel)   M964.1.376-11 Wood; Metal 
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