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Untitled (Greek Cross Buildi...   M964.1.372 Plaster, paint 
Untitled (Tray)   M964.1.345 Wood, lacquer 
Untitled (Functional Art)   M964.1.342-2
Untitled (Functional Art)   M964.1.342-1
Untitled (Two Primitive Figu...   M964.1.336-2
Untitled (Monkeys)   M964.1.335 Ivory
Untitled (Seal and Case)   M964.1.331 Mineral, jade 
Untitled (Caddy)   M964.1.324 Shell, tortoise, wood, metal 
Untitled (Tea Caddy)   M964.1.323 Rosewood 
Untitled (Oak Commode)   M964.1.321 Oak
Untitled (Standing Lamps)   M964.1.314-2 Iron
Untitled (Incense Burner)   M964.1.312 Brass
Untitled (Incense Burner)   M964.1.313 Bronze
Untitled (Standing Lamps)   M964.1.314-1 Iron
Untitled (Fire Back)   M964.1.310 Cast iron 
Untitled (Cross)   M964.1.289 Olivewood, mother-of-pearl 
Untitled (Pipe Organ)   M964.1.283
Untitled (Tray)   M964.1.284 Rosewood, mother-of-pearl 
Untitled (Peat Fork)   M964.1.190 Metal 
Untitled (Three-fold Mirror)   M964.1.188 Wood; glass; mirror 
Untitled (Chinese Gong)   M964.1.189 Metal; Wood 
Untitled (Hanging Clock)   M964.1.181 Unknown
Untitled (Geometric Clippings)   L990.5.59 Newspaper 
Untitled (geometric newspape...   L990.5.60 Newsprint collage 
Untitled (figure)   L990.5.61 Oil
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