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Four Boats   U996.25.35 Roplex; Ink; Watercolour 
Untitled (decorations)   U996.24.18 Glass; leather; metal; string 
Statement of an Eagle Feathe...   U996.21.9 Mixed Media; ink; paper; adhesive; oil 
Timothy and Eunice; stained ...   U996.2.2 leaded stained-glass window 
Flag #1   U996.12.128 Monoprint; Wax
Source of Sources   U964.1.9 Glass; stone 
Untitled (Egyptian bead)   U006.38.10 stone 
Untitled (Model)   M982.1.1 Wood; Paint; Acrylic 
Untitled (Art Nouveau Pictur...   M980.6.1 Wood 
Untitled (Arts and Crafts Li...   M970.18.8 Iron; Glass 
Untitled (Stained Glass Wind...   M970.16.3 Glass; Lead 
Untitled (Leaded Glass Window)   M970.12.1 Glass; Lead 
Untitled (Window)   M970.12.2 Glass; Lead; Wood
Untitled (Fern Stand)   M969.13.39 Wood, oak 
Untitled (Goblet with Stag H...   M964.1.90 Ivory 
Untitled (Lacquered Box and ...   M964.1.569 Wood; paint; lacquer 
Untitled (Suitcase)   M964.1.515 Leather; wood 
Untitled (Burled Bowl)   M964.1.50 Wood 
Untitled (Moroccan Lamp with...   M964.1.47 Brass; Paper 
Untitled (Artist's Portfolio)   M964.1.459-16 textile covered cardboard 
Untitled (Covers For Waterco...   M964.1.458-14 Paper; Silk; Dye 
Untitled (Tray)   M964.1.448 Wood 
Untitled (Tea Caddy)   M964.1.435 Rosewood 
Untitled (Wax Seal)   M964.1.429 Wax 
Untitled (Bead)   M964.1.426-4  
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