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Newfoundland Gros Morne Coas...   U998.24.45 Watercolour
Untitled (Abstract figures)   U998.33.16 Mixed Ink And Wash 
Barbar Finds A Piece Of Cake...   U998.33.13 Oil 
One Of The First Watercolour...   U998.33.10 Watercolour 
Bella Belle   U998.33.2 Ink 
Robin Skelton Reading Poetry...   U998.33.1 Mixed media 
Untitled (City)   U998.31.10 Ink And Watercolour 
Untitled (cycladic Islands)   U998.31.8 Watercolour 
Untitled (lesbians Kissing)   U998.31.7 Watercolour 
Paris   U998.31.5 Oil 
Beach Cabanas   U998.31.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract Musicians)   U997.15.9-2 Tempera 
Untitled (Ursus; Abstract Be...   U997.26.1 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Figure)   U997.15.9-1 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Figure)   U997.15.8 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Child Fig...   U997.15.7 Tempera
Mother Of The Sun   U997.15.6 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (No. 5)   U997.15.5 Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Head)   U997.15.4 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Female Fi...   U997.15.2 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Waving Fi...   U997.15.3 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Preparatory Sketch...   U997.15.1 Tempera
Figure And Mirror   U998.24.27 Watercolour 
Swift Shore (swiftsure) Race   U998.24.21 Watercolour 
Figure in a Mirror   U998.24.17 Watercolour and ink 
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