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Newfoundland Gros Morne Coas...   U998.24.45 Watercolour
Untitled (Abstract figures)   U998.33.16 Mixed Ink And Wash 
Barbar Finds A Piece Of Cake...   U998.33.13 Oil 
One Of The First Watercolour...   U998.33.10 Watercolour 
Bella Belle   U998.33.2 Ink 
Robin Skelton Reading Poetry...   U998.33.1 Mixed media 
Untitled (City)   U998.31.10 Ink And Watercolour 
Untitled (cycladic Islands)   U998.31.8 Watercolour 
Untitled (lesbians Kissing)   U998.31.7 Watercolour 
Paris   U998.31.5 Oil 
Beach Cabanas   U998.31.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract Musicians)   U997.15.9-2 Tempera 
Untitled (Ursus; Abstract Be...   U997.26.1 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Figure)   U997.15.9-1 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Figure)   U997.15.8 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Child Fig...   U997.15.7 Tempera
Mother Of The Sun   U997.15.6 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (No. 5)   U997.15.5 Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Head)   U997.15.4 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Female Fi...   U997.15.2 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Abstract Waving Fi...   U997.15.3 Ink, Tempera
Untitled (Preparatory Sketch...   U997.15.1 Tempera
Figure And Mirror   U998.24.27 Watercolour 
Swift Shore (swiftsure) Race   U998.24.21 Watercolour 
Figure in a Mirror   U998.24.17 Watercolour and ink 
Untitled (Mountain ram)   E985.9.1 Watercolour; Graphite 
Roman Portrait of a Man   U006.37.13 acrylic and watercolour 
Untitled (Scroll Calendar)   U998.6.1 Bamboo; Textile; Paint 
#1   L990.5.41 Acrylic 
#3   L990.5.43 Acrylic 
Tibetan Tanka, Three Tantric...   U998.32.7 Paint 
Tibetan Tanka, Circular Mand...   U998.32.6 Paint 
Untitled (Tibetan Tanka, Fem...   U998.32.5 Paint 
Tibetan Tanka, Great Ring: W...   U998.32.3 Paint 
Tibetan Tanka, Wheel of Divi...   U998.32.2 Paint 
Tibetan Tanka, Revealed Text   U998.32.1 Paint 
Passage   U007.10.4 watercolour; graphite 
Wooded Field, Ontario   U998.3.1 Oil 
Pecheurs Normande   U998.2.23 Oil 
Partition   U007.10.2 watercolour, graphite, oil pastel 
Kirkstone Pass, Cumbria   U998.2.22 Watercolour 
Serried   U007.10.5 watercolour; graphite; charcoal 
The Lookout   U998.2.21 Oil 
Untitled (Botanical Image)   U998.2.20 Watercolour 
Pheasant In Snow   U998.15.9 Paint
Harbour Scene   U998.15.8 Acrylic 
'Mama' (muley Doe)   U998.15.7 Oil
Polo #2   U998.15.6 Watercolour
Untitled (Bird and Butterfly)   U998.15.58 Watercolour 
Long Beach   U998.15.56 Oil
Untitled (Cow Field)   U998.15.55 Watercolour
Untitled (Pastoral Landscape)   U998.15.54 Oil
Dawn   U998.15.53 Acrylic
Untitled (Winter Landscape)   U998.15.52 Acrylic
Untitled (Large Rocky Landsc...   U998.15.51 Watercolour 
Polo #1   U998.15.5 Watercolour
Hallowe'en In A Squall, 1873   U998.15.49 Oil
View of Whidbey Island   U998.15.48 Oil 
"End Of The Road For The Pio...   U998.15.47 Watercolour
Morraine Lake Alta.   U998.15.46 Oil
Pigeons   U998.15.45 Watercolour
A La Terrasse   U998.15.44 Acrylic?
Untitled (Reclining Portrait)   U998.15.42 Oil 
Untitled (Reclining Woman)   U998.15.41 Oil 
Untitled (Country Lane)   U998.15.40 Watercolour
Bow River, Alberta   U998.15.39 Oil
North New Brunswick   U998.15.38 Oil
The Tavern   U998.15.37 Watercolour; emboss 
Untitled (Woman at an Organ)   U998.15.35 Watercolour 
Untitled (Ships Anchoring)   U998.15.34 Oil
Tattletale   U998.15.33 Acrylic
Untitled (Snowy Landscape)   U998.15.32 Watercolour
Heading South   U998.15.31 Oil
Untitled (Tree in Country La...   U998.15.29 Oil
Untitled (Madonna and infant...   U998.15.28 Oil 
Street Corner   U998.15.27 Oil 
Untitled (Shepherds with Cam...   U998.15.26 Watercolour 
The Land   U998.15.25 Acrylic 
Untitled (Victoria Street Sc...   U998.15.24 Oil 
Two Peaks, Fire Lake, B.C.   U998.15.23 Watercolour 
Evening Sky   U998.15.22 Oil
Untitled (Beach Scene)   U998.15.21 Oil
Evening-South Manitou   U998.15.2 Oil 
Untitled (Coastal Scene)   U998.15.18 Oil
Mist In The Selkirks   U998.15.13 Watercolour
Untitled (Riverside Tree)   U998.15.11 Watercolour 
Engine Yard   U998.15.10 Oil; watercolour
Rapids On Gull River, Near M...   U998.15.1 Oil 
Cloud   U998.14.1 Oil 
The Wonder Of It All   U998.13.2 Watercolour
Journey #13   U998.12.1 Acrylic 
Autumn Message   U997.8.1 Watercolour
View Of Canterbury, Kent   U000.47.2 Oil
Salmon   U990.14.923 Watercolour and graphite
Miracle   U990.14.733 Paint
Ada Jack Memorial Thunderbird   U990.14.571 Paint 
Wolf-Killer Whale Transforma...   U990.14.569 Paint 
Spawning Salmon   U990.14.554 Goauche 
Split Crane   U990.14.537 Paint
Thunderbird   U990.14.534 Paint 
Split Thunderbird, Killer Wh...   U990.14.526 paint (unknown type) on paper
Spawning Salmon   U990.14.520 Paint 
Split Thunderbird   U990.14.518 Paint 
Sea Lion   U990.14.517 Paint 
Untitled (Thunderbird and Wh...   U990.14.1440 Paint 
Untitled (Crawling Wolf)   U990.14.1438 paint, ink on matboard 
Untitled (Animal)   U990.14.1352 Paint
Kiista Design   U990.14.345 Watercolour
Spearing Spring Salmon   U990.14.219 Watercolour; Graphite
Monsterbird Dance   U990.14.218 Painting
Untitled (City Scape (Istanb...   U997.32.6 Acrylic 
Man and the Image of His Hor...   U997.32.5 Acrylic 
Girl From Pommerania   U997.32.4 Mixed Media 
Evening In The East (or, A P...   U997.32.3 Acrylic 
Barbar   U997.32.2 Acrylic 
An der Mole   U997.32.1 Oil 
Westcoast Tenacity   U997.28.2 Watercolour 
Waterfront Rocks (foot Of Be...   U997.22.1 Oil 
Untitled (Architectural Rend...   U997.21.3 Watercolour 
Tea In The Poppies By The Sea   U997.21.1 Oil
A Woman-A Child   U997.12.1 Oil 
Untitled (Still life with fl...   U997.10.1 Oil 
Shushma Datt (portrait)   E999.2.3 Oil 
P.K. Page (portrait)   E999.2.2 Oil 
Jeannette Armstrong (portrait)   E999.2.1 Oil 
Untitled (Square-rigged Ship)   U996.26.9 Oil 
Untitled (Square-Rigged Ship)   U996.26.8 Oil 
Last Day Of The Old Nelson F...   U996.26.7 Oil 
Near Harrop, B.C.   U996.26.6 Oil 
Near Kaslo, B.C.   U996.26.5 Oil 
Near Dock Lake, B.C.   U996.26.4 Oil 
Near Proctor, B.C.   U996.26.3 Oil 
Winter Near Proctor   U996.26.2 Oil 
Near Mirror Lake   U996.26.1 Oil 
Behind The Barn   U996.25.99 Gouache 
Restaurant   U996.25.9 Watercolour 
Lugano   U996.25.88 Watercolour; Wash 
Hidden See (Baltic Sea)   U996.25.89 Acrylic 
Balcony   U996.25.87 Ink; Wash 
Cycladic Dream Of A Certain ...   U996.25.86 Acrylic; Mixed media 
School Children   U996.25.8 Oil 
Untitled (Street Scene)   U996.25.79 Watercolour 
Berlin Cityscape   U996.25.78 Tempera 
Im Sonnenland   U996.25.75 Watercolour 
Apartment Dweller   U996.25.72 Gouache 
Roof Tops - Zagreb   U996.25.71 Oil 
Row Of Houses - Rural Jugosl...   U996.25.70 Oil 
Fleur de Lis   U996.25.7 Oil 
Landscape With Figure   U996.25.69 Oil 
Toledo   U996.25.61 Oil 
Scarecrow   U996.25.6 Watercolour 
Untitled (Greek Church)   U996.25.59 Watercolour; Graphite 
Girl In Blue Flowered Nightg...   U996.25.57 Oil 
Spring   U996.25.56 Oil 
Unmasked Clown   U996.25.53 Acrylic
Fan Tan Alley   U996.25.52 Watercolour 
City Works On Cook Street   U996.25.51 Watercolour 
Strollers   U996.25.50 Acrylic?; Oil 
Tree And Mountain   U996.25.49 Watercolour
Forest Presence   U996.25.48 Gouache
Transfiguration North   U996.25.46 Acrylic 
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U996.25.45 Tempera 
Pink Field   U996.25.36 Watercolour 
Woman   U996.25.34 Oil 
Landscape, Victoria, B.C.   U996.25.3 Oil 
Yellow Reception   U996.25.2 Oil 
Two Figures   U996.25.19 Graphite; Wash 
Untitled (Abstract figure; C...   U011.103.26 Ink, Tempera
Blue Vi   U996.25.16 Oil 
Departure   U996.25.13 Watercolour 
Still Life With Checked Cloth   U996.25.12 Oil 
Untitled (Dark Abstract with...   U996.25.28 Mixed media 
Untitled (Landscape)   U008.40.2 Ink and brush painting 
Untitled (Abstract Form)   U996.25.111 Oil 
Mediterranean Landscape   U996.25.11 Watercolour 
To The Villa   U996.25.108 Tempera 
Untitled (Figure in Room)   U996.25.105 Watercolour
Untitled (Fruit Bowl and Fig...   U996.25.102 Acrylic
Where Do You Want To Go?   U996.25.101 Gouache 
Maybe The Rooster Came First   U996.25.100 Gouache and ink
Rithet's Swamp   U996.25.1 Oil 
Dream - Act 1   U996.24.7 Gouache
Hidden Sea (Baltic Sea)   U996.21.5 Ink; Watercolour 
Hidden Sea (Baltic Sea)   U996.21.4 Watercolour 
Asking For Direction On The ...   U996.21.3 Ink; Watercolour 
Architecture From An Antique...   U996.21.2 Mixed Media; ink and paint 
Untitled (Three Figures)   U996.21.10 Watercolour 
Alleine in Berlin   U996.21.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract)   U996.20.2 Acrylic 
Painting Class   U996.20.1 Acrylic 
Untitled (Self-Portrait)   U996.19.1 Oil 
Untitled (Pat Bay Highway Re...   U996.18.1 Oil 
Third Beach, Wickanninish   U996.16.1 Watercolour
Untitled (Portrait)   U996.14.11 Oil 
Look South, Sidney Island   U996.13.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Tae Lisie)   U996.12.65 Oil
Dangerous Passage   U965.1.10 Acrylic 
Nude from Back   U965.1.11 Watercolour 
Interference   U964.1.5 Acrylic 
Koh-I-Nor   U964.1.7 Aquatex; enamel; wood 
Still Life With Orange   U964.1.2 Watercolour 
The War Machine   U964.1.3 Watercolour 
Negative Positive   U964.1.10 Oil 
Procession II   U963.1.2 Oil 
Untitled (Watercolour Landsc...   U963.1.3 Mixed media: watercolour; ink; crayon 
Figure Forms   U963.1.4 Oil; casein; wax 
Chinese Impressions   U962.1.6 Oil 
Gods of the Sun Dogs   U962.1.5 Tempera 
Polar No. 35   U962.1.4 Canvas; paint; collage 
Dark Painting   U962.1.3 Oil 
The Red Sail   U961.1.4 Oil 
Denmark   U961.1.2 Oil; casein; wax 
Chinatown, Nanaimo   U961.1.3 Watercolour 
Easter Lilies   U960.1.2 Watercolour 
Nude Landscape   U960.1.3 Oil 
Hurrying Figures   U960.1.1 Oil 
Camas   U959.1.3 Watercolour 
Saskatchewan Power Plant   U958.1.5 Mixed Media; Watercolour 
Washerwomen   U959.1.1 Oil 
Algoma   U958.1.3 Oil 
Escrimer Assis (Seated Fencer)   U958.1.4 Acrylic 
The Founders of the Castle   U957.1.5 Mixed media (oil; wax; cassein; watercolour) 
Coast Glitter   U958.1.2 Oil 
Blue Hydrangeas   U957.1.3 Oil 
Sand Dunes   U957.1.1 Watercolour 
Yale Church   U956.1.1 Watercolour/ ink 
Dr. J. A. Cunningham   U954.1.1 Oil 
Battle Scarred   U952.1.3 Oil 
The Red House   U952.1.2 Watercolour 
Okanagan Landscape   U951.1.1 Watercolour
Untitled (Country Lane)   M980.6.3 Watercolour
Untitled (Landscape)   M980.6.2 Watercolour 
Untitled (landscape)   M980.5.1 Oil 
Syn-Optica # 3   U002.15.2 acrylic
Spring Woods At Dawn   M964.1.9 Pigments 
Gathering of Scholars in a W...   M964.1.8 Ink 
Ursus Dancing on Hot Rocks   U997.26.3 pen and ink 
Gathering Of Taoist Immortal...   M964.1.7 Ink; pigment 
Mountain Shadows   M964.1.64 Watercolour 
Untitled (Hanging Scroll)   M964.1.6 Ink; paint 
Untitled (Ancestral Portrait...   M964.1.568 Ink; colours 
Portrait Of Kóbó-daishi   M964.1.524 Pigment; Ink 
Foliage And Rocks   M964.1.523 Ink; Pigment 
Gathering Of Scholars In A G...   M964.1.522 Ink; Pigment 
Figures Amidst Pines And Wil...   M964.1.520 Pigment 
Portrait Of A Chinese Person   M964.1.521 Ink; Pigment 
Untitled (Landscape)   M964.1.513 Oil 
Untitled (Mushrooms and Lady...   M964.1.510 Twine; fabric 
Beach Scene   M964.1.505 Watercolour 
Kakemono From A Pagoda In Sh...   M964.1.5 Pigment 
Untitled (Watercolour, bird)   M964.1.473-9 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, bird)   M964.1.473-7 Watercolour 
Idle No More   U018.9.1 Mixed Media on Paper
Untitled (Watercolour, Bird)   M964.1.473-8 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, Bird)   M964.1.473-4 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, Bird)   M964.1.473-5 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, Bird)   M964.1.473-6 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, Bird)   M964.1.473-15 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, Bird)   M964.1.473-2 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, Bird ...   M964.1.473-3 Watercolour 
Untitled (Artist Book)   M964.1.473-12 Watercolour 
Untitled (Artist Book)   M964.1.473-13 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, Branc...   M964.1.473-14 Watercolour 
Untitled (Artist Book)   M964.1.473-10 Watercolour 
Untitled (Artist Book)   M964.1.473-11 Watercolour 
Untitled (Artist Book, Irises)   M964.1.472 watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour, Bird ...   M964.1.473-1 Watercolour 
Untitled (wall calendars, gr...   M964.1.471 Watercolour
Tree Berries   M964.1.470 Watercolour 
Lily   M964.1.469 Watercolour; ink 
Tudor Building   M964.1.461 Watercolour 
Untitled (Man on Horseback)   M964.1.460 Watercolour
Untitled (Rosehips)   M964.1.459-9 Watercolour 
Untitled (Peony with Gold Ba...   M964.1.459-7 Watercolour 
Garry Oak Leaves and Snow Be...   M964.1.459-8 Watercolour 
Snowberries and Red Berries   M964.1.459-5 Watercolour 
Untitled (Orchid)   M964.1.459-6 Watercolour 
Untitled (White Flowers with...   M964.1.459-3 Watercolour 
Untitled (Orchids)   M964.1.459-4 Watercolour 
Untitled (Two Large Pink Orc...   M964.1.459-15 Watercolour 
Flowers   M964.1.459-2 Watercolour
Untitled (Rosehips, Snow Ber...   M964.1.459-13 Watercolour 
Untitled (Red Berries and Fl...   M964.1.459-14 Watercolour 
Untitled (Four Pink Orchids)   M964.1.459-10 Watercolour 
Untitled (Purple and Green G...   M964.1.459-11 Watercolour 
Untitled (Pink and White Ber...   M964.1.459-12 Watercolour 
Sparrow on Cherry Blossom Br...   M964.1.458-9 Watercolour 
Untitled (Orchid and Violet)   M964.1.459-1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Small Bird with Re...   M964.1.458-7 Watercolour 
Fruit   M964.1.458-8 Watercolour 
Untitled (Exotic Yellow Flow...   M964.1.458-5 Watercolour 
Fruit   M964.1.458-6 Watercolour 
Untitled (White Orchid, Oran...   M964.1.458-2 Watercolour 
Untitled (Morning Glory and ...   M964.1.458-3 Watercolour 
Untitled (Dark Pink Flower a...   M964.1.458-4 Watercolour 
Waterfall   M964.1.458-13 Watercolour 
Untitled (Persimmons)   M964.1.458-11 Watercolour 
Untitled (Bamboo Water Pile ...   M964.1.458-12 Watercolour 
California Poppy (Eschscholt...   M964.1.457 Watercolour 
Untitled (Bird with Long Tail)   M964.1.458-1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Lobster and Shell)   M964.1.458-10 Watercolour 
Ox Eye Daisy, (Chrysanthemum...   M964.1.455 Watercolour 
Travellers Joy (Clematis Lig...   M964.1.456 Watercolour 
Red Clover, (Trifolum Praten...   M964.1.453 Watercolour 
Untitled (Golden Rod and Thi...   M964.1.454 Watercolour 
Glastonbury   M964.1.43 Oil 
Riding A Donkey Over Frosty ...   M964.1.42 Ink 
The Daoist Immortal Magu wit...   M964.1.4 Ink; Colours 
Italian Lake   M964.1.347 Watercolour 
Moorish Bridge   M964.1.348 Paint 
Cape Breton   M964.1.346 Watercolour 
Boating By A Cliff   M964.1.3 Ink 
Untitled (Camelia in Basket)   M964.1.271 Watercolour
Untitled (Three Pink Orchids)   M964.1.272 Watercolour 
Untitled (Grapes and Vine)   M964.1.273 Watercolour 
Datura Solanaceae (eggplant,...   M964.1.270 Watercolour 
Untitled (Pink Orchid Close ...   M964.1.269 Watercolour 
Untitled (Flowers)   M964.1.267 Watercolour 
Untitled (Pink Rhododendron)   M964.1.268 Watercolours 
Untitled (Two Pink Orchids)   M964.1.264 Watercolour 
Untitled (Purple Flowers)   M964.1.265 Watercolour 
Untitled (Madrona, Arbutus T...   M964.1.266 Watercolour 
Wild Sunflower, (Balsamorhiz...   M964.1.262 Watercolour 
Untitled (Orchid and Violet)   M964.1.263 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour)   M964.1.260 Watercolour
Untitled, (Dogwood)   M964.1.261 Watercolour 
Untitled (White and Purple O...   M964.1.258 Watercolour 
Untitled (Five Pink Orchids)   M964.1.259 Watercolour 
Untitled (Tree Peony, Rhodod...   M964.1.255 Watercolour 
Indian Pipe, Ghost Flower, (...   M964.1.256 Watercolour 
Untitled (Hibiscus Flower)   M964.1.257 Watercolour 
Scarlet Paint Brush, (Castil...   M964.1.253 Watercolour 
Yellow Sand Verbena, (Abroni...   M964.1.254 Watercolour 
Common Thistle, Carum   M964.1.251 Watercolour 
Some Wild Flowers of Chilton...   M964.1.252 Watercolour 
Harebell, (Campanula Rotundi...   M964.1.250 Watercolour 
Catalpa bignonioides   M964.1.247 Watercolour 
Tansy, Catchfly   M964.1.248 Watercolour and gouache 
Douglas' Aster, Wild Honeysu...   M964.1.249 Watercolour 
Common Burdock, Purplish Gre...   M964.1.246 Watercolour 
Goldenrod, Canada Thistle   M964.1.243 Watercolour 
Chinese Houses, Baby Blue Ey...   M964.1.244 Watercolour 
Wintergreen, Oregon Grape   M964.1.245 Watercolour 
Princes Pine, Bugleweed, Sel...   M964.1.241 Watercolour 
Fireweed and Ragwort   M964.1.242 Watercolour 
Goats Beard. Aruncus Sylvest...   M964.1.240 Watercolour 
Ocean Spray, Tiger Lily   M964.1.238 Watercolour and gouache 
Untitled (Chicory, Yellow Lu...   M964.1.239 Watercolour 
Mock Orange, (Philadelphus S...   M964.1.236 Watercolour 
Hardhack, Mooseweed, (Spirae...   M964.1.237 Watercolour 
Thimble Berry, (Rubus parvif...   M964.1.234 Watercolour 
Salal, Rosa gymnocarpa   M964.1.235 Watercolour 
Gum Weed, (Grindelia Oregana...   M964.1.232 Watercolour 
Tall White Bog Orchis, Huckl...   M964.1.233 Watercolour 
Bird Cherry, Vegetable Oyste...   M964.1.230 Watercolour 
Wild Onion, (Allium Acuminat...   M964.1.231 Watercolour 
Columbine and False Bugbane   M964.1.229 Watercolour 
Rosa Nutkana   M964.1.227 Watercolour 
Honey Suckle, (Lonicera Cili...   M964.1.228 Watercolour 
Bleeding Heart, (Dicentra Fo...   M964.1.224 watercolour 
Trillium oratum   M964.1.225 Watercolour 
Rubus Macrofetalus, Triental...   M964.1.226 Watercolour 
Yarrow, Camas   M964.1.222 Watercolour 
Ground Ivy, (Nepeta Hederace...   M964.1.223 Watercolour 
Yellow Paint Brush and Purpl...   M964.1.220 Watercolour 
Untitled (Violets)   M964.1.221 Watercolour 
False Solomon's Seal Smilac...   M964.1.219 Watercolour 
Sorrel, (Rumex Acetosella), ...   M964.1.217 Watercolour 
Flowering Dogwood, (Cornus N...   M964.1.218 Watercolour 
Kamass Camassia quamash; Camas   M964.1.215 Watercolour 
Star of Bethlehem, (Cerastiu...   M964.1.216 Watercolour 
Broom Rape, Sedum Stone Crop...   M964.1.212 Watercolour 
Arbutus Menziesii Madrona   M964.1.213 Watercolour 
Monkey Flower, (Mimulus Nasu...   M964.1.214 Watercolour 
Maple (Acer macrophyllum)   M964.1.210 Watercolour 
Johnny Jumping-up-, Salmon-b...   M964.1.211 Watercolour 
Blue Lupin, (Lupinus micrant...   M964.1.208 Watercolour 
Peacock or Shooting Star, (D...   M964.1.209 Watercolour 
Saton Flower, (Sisyrinchium ...   M964.1.206 Watercolour 
Milkmaid or Toothwort, Orego...   M964.1.207 Watercolour 
Dogtooth Violet, (Erythronau...   M964.1.205 Watercolour 
Bird Cherry, Oso Berry, Red ...   M964.1.202 Watercolour 
Red-flowering Currant   M964.1.203 watercolour 
Skunk Cabbage   M964.1.204 Watercolour 
Snowberry, Bramble and Wild ...   M964.1.201 Watercolour 
Oregon Grape, (Berberis Aqui...   M964.1.200 Watercolour 
Lotus   M964.1.2 Sumi Ink; Watercolour 
A Single Figure   M964.1.139 Watercolour 
Untitled (Indian Miniature, ...   M964.1.138 Watercolour 
Eleven Headed Kannon   M964.1.137 Paint; Ink; Gold 
Amida Buddha Attended By Wis...   M964.1.136 Paint; Ink; Gold hanging scroll 
Fiesole, Blue Nun Convent   M964.1.134 Watercolour 
Amida Buddha Attended by Wis...   M964.1.135 hanging scroll with colours and gold on Indigo silk 
Untitled (Mountain Over Water)   M964.1.131 Oil
Mountain Covered By Snow   M964.1.130 Oil 
The Roofs Of Tunis   M964.1.128 Oil 
Sheep   M964.1.126 Oil 
Glastonbury Tor   M964.1.125 Oil 
Portrait Of A Man   M964.1.124 Oil 
St. Bartholomeo Praying for ...   M964.1.121 Watercolour 
Head Of Shakespeare   M964.1.123 oil or oleograph? 
Mount Temple   M964.1.118 Oil 
Wareham Market   M964.1.116 Oil
Mother And Child   M964.1.117 Oil 
Nearing the Glacier   M964.1.115 Watercolour 
A Mountain Stream in Winter   M964.1.114 Watercolour 
Acropolis, Athens   M964.1.113 Watercolour 
Amalfi   M964.1.112 Watercolour 
A Chill Day in June   M964.1.111-1 Oil 
Windswept Trees   M964.1.110 Oil
Dordrecht   M964.1.108 Watercolour 
Groom And Eight Horses   M964.1.11 Ink; Paint 
Magnolia   M964.1.102 Watercolour 
Cactus   M964.1.103 Watercolour 
Katharine Maltwood   M964.1.105 Watercolour and gouache on paper 
The Garden Of Pan   M964.1.106 Oil 
Vision Of Cathedral   M964.1.107 Watercolour 
Arbutus Shedding Bark   M964.1.100 Oil 
Slocan Lake   M964.1.101 Oil 
Dwelling Of The Immortals   M964.1.10 ink; pigment 
Untitled (Abstract Portrait)   U007.11.2 watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract Portrait)   U007.11.3 watercolour on card 
White Diamond #1   U007.16.1 oil 
Black Diamond #3   U007.16.2 oil 
Trailing Window Landscape   U007.16.3 acrylic
First Snow   U998.15.14 Watercolour 
Cocktail Lounge For Douglas ...   U000.34.1 Watercolour 
Chevron Box   L990.5.62 Acrylic 
Parabox   L990.5.49 Acrylic
Silken Laumann   E998.1.1 Oil 
Dorothy Tan Lam   E996.2.1 Oil 
Untitled (Landscape)   E996.1.9 Oil 
Untitled (St. Catherine's, P...   E996.1.8 Oil 
Untitled (Garden Scene)   E996.1.7 Oil 
In the Rockies   E996.1.6 Oil 
Untitled (St. Basil's, Moscow)   E996.1.5 Oil 
Untitled (St. Xavier, Lening...   E996.1.4 Paint 
Untitled (Roses)   E996.1.21-2 Oil 
Untitled (Head of Athena)   E996.1.22 Oil 
Untitled (White Flowers in V...   E996.1.21-1 Oil 
Cottage at Roke near Walling...   E996.1.18 Watercolour 
Loch-Na-Carraidh   E996.1.15 Oil 
Untitled (Landscape)   E996.1.10 Oil 
Untitled (Abstract)   E994.3.15 Watercolour 
Untitled (Farmland Landscape)   U001.18.1 acrylic
Untitled (Village Scene)   E987.4.1 Watercolour
Gold Dust   U996.11.1-1 Acrylic 
Gold Dust   U996.11.1-2 Acrylic 
Maddie (Margaret Mathews)   U996.1.4 Oil 
Quiet Nude   U996.1.3 Oil 
Seascape   U996.1.2 Oil 
Ina   U996.1.1 Acrylic 
In The Spring - Tra La!   U995.9.1 Watercolour
Morning Flight   U995.6.1 Acrylic 
Walk In VI   U004.7.2 oil and wax
From Eastdown #2   U004.8.1 tempera 
Reclining Nude   U995.23.1 Tempera; Gouache 
Man At Bath   U995.21.2 Acrylic
Gardiner   U995.21.1 Paint
Tryptych   U995.20.1 Acrylic 
Uvic Totem Poles II   U995.19.2 Acrylic 
Uvic Totem Poles I   U995.19.1 Acrylic 
Combat Naval De Fou-Tcheou   U995.16.8 Oil 
The Nuremburg Raid   U995.16.4 Oil 
Spitfire   U995.16.3 Oil 
Lancaster Bomber   U995.16.2 Oil 
Requiem   U995.16.1 Oil 
Untitled (Painted Ivory)   U995.15.19 Paint
Untitled (Persian Miniature;...   U995.15.18 Paint
Ripple   U007.16.4 acrylic
Untitled (Abstract Larva Sha...   U994.6.5 Tempera; Ink
Seclusion Of Astar   U994.6.1 Tempera
Morning On The Harbour, Vict...   U990.14.1108 Serigraph; Watercolour 
Untitled (Inukshuk)   U989.9.4 Oil 
Untitled (Abstract Landscape)   U989.9.3 Oil
Untitled (Channel)   U989.9.2 Oil 
Untitled (Landscape)   U989.9.1 Oil 
Portrait of Howard Petch   U989.7.1 Acrylic 
Fieldscape   U989.6.4 Oil; Pastel 
Untitled (Two Figures)   U989.4.3 Watercolour
Havoc   U989.4.1 Acrylic 
Swamp Theme   U989.4.2 Acrylic 
Margin   U989.3.1 oil and lucite 
Untitled (Goldfinch)   U989.17.1 Watercolour 
Sun On The Peninsula   U989.14.1 Oil 
Untitled (Navigating the Coa...   U988.4.22 Watercolour
Untitled (Salmon)   U988.33.1-19 Ink 
Untitled (Green Abstract)   U988.33.1-18 Ink
Untitled (Dead Salmon)   U988.33.1-17 Watercolour ?
Adams River   U988.33.1-15 Watercolour 
Untitled (Salmon)   U988.33.1-14 Watercolour; Charcoal 
Gillain Manor   U988.3.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Landscape)   U988.26.5 Watercolour 
Untitled (Landscape with Wat...   U988.26.4 Watercolour
Assaulting The Castle   U988.26.3 Watercolour
Blue Cove   U988.19.1 Oil
Eidolaa   U988.15.1 Mixed media oil; paper; collage 
Untitled (Landscape)   U988.10.76 Ink; Watercolour 
Untitled (Boy)   U988.10.28 Acrylic paint 
Loquat Fruit Blossom   U987.6.4 Acrylic 
Morning Glory Blossom   U987.6.3 Watercolour 
Prune Blossom   U987.6.2 Acrylic 
Peach Blossom   U987.6.1 Acrylic 
Untitled (Flowers)   U987.5.4 Acrylic 
Untitled (Pears)   U987.5.3 Watercolour 
Untitled (Blossoms)   U987.5.2 Watercolour 
Untitled (Floral Abstraction)   U987.5.1 Ink and watercolour 
Vancouver Post Office, 1886   U009.13.4 Graphite; Watercolour
Coast Salish Canoes   U009.13.5 Watercolour on paper
Cliff   U005.21.2 oil 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-21 Acrylic 
Untitled (Abstract Nude)   U994.25.1 Acrylic
Untitled (Pond Scene)   U994.24.4 Watercolour
Untitled (Linear Abstract)   U994.24.13 Ink 
Douglas Lake, BC   U994.24.12 Watercolour
Untitled (Figures)   U994.21.1 Ink and watercolour 
Untitled (Farm House)   U994.19.3 Watercolour 
Untitled (Architectural Beau...   U994.19.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Beached Sailboats)   U994.16.9 Watercolour 
Untitled (City Harbour)   U994.16.8 Watercolour 
Untitled (Moored Brig Flying...   U994.16.7 Watercolour 
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jub...   U994.16.6 Watercolour 
Tower Of London From Tower B...   U994.16.5 Watercolour 
Untitled (Bayside with Boats)   U994.16.4 Watercolour; Graphite 
River View - Cosham   U994.16.3 Watercolour 
Untitled (Seascape)   U994.16.23 Watercolour 
Untitled (Seascape)   U994.16.22 Watercolour 
Self Protrait - 1947   U994.16.21 Oil 
River Scene (Wales)   U994.16.20 Watercolour 
Road To The Beeches, Near Ho...   U994.16.2 Watercolour 
Chelsea Pensioner   U994.16.19 Watercolour 
'Cushat Law' Balcombe, Sussex   U994.16.17 Watercolour
Brecon, Wales   U994.16.18 Watercolour
Shanklin, Isle Of Wight   U994.16.16 Watercolour 
Untitled (Seascape)   U994.16.14 Watercolour 
Untitled (Pink Flower)   U994.16.13 Watercolour
North Wales   U994.16.12 Watercolour 
Untitled (Stone Bridge)   U994.16.11 Watercolour
Untitled (Fishing Family and...   U994.16.10 Watercolour 
Bob De Castro   U994.1.5 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin   U994.1.4 Watercolour 
Untitled (Max Bates)   U994.1.37 Watercolour and ink 
Untitled (Maxwell Bates in h...   U994.1.36 Watercolour and ink 
Untitled (Max Bates)   U994.1.34 Acrylic 
Untitled (Maxwell Bates)   U994.1.32 Acrylic Paint 
Niki - Head Beret   U994.1.3 oil 
Self in Studio   U994.1.2 Oil 
Untitled (Man and Woman)   U994.1.19 Acrylic 
Mood (Self)   U994.1.1 Oil 
Sunshine's Everywhere   U993.7.99 Acrylic; tissue paper; sand 
Autumn Dream (Variation On a...   U993.7.96 Acrylic 
Watching Others Dream   U993.7.95 Acrylic 
Silent and Far Away   U993.7.94 Acrylic 
Cityscape   U993.7.93 Acrylic 
N. Y. Down and Across   U993.7.91 Acrylic 
Myfanwy And Niki (Relationsh...   U993.7.9 Acrylic 
Blue, Black and Orange   U993.7.87 Oil pastel; acrylic 
Hephzibah (Sketch)   U993.7.83 Acrylic 
Ravi Shankar   U993.7.81 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin - Colourful   U993.7.80 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin   U993.7.79 Oil 
Yehudi Menuhin Playing #8   U993.7.71 Watercolour 
Yehudi Menuhin (Brown Wash)   U993.7.63 Acrylic 
Green Room - Yehudi Menuhin ...   U993.7.62 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin   U993.7.61 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin - Standing Wi...   U993.7.60 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin - Standing (B...   U993.7.59 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin (9)   U993.7.58 Oil 
Yehudi Menuhin (10)   U993.7.57 Acrylic 
Dream   U993.7.56 Watercolour 
Yehudi Menuhin - At Rehearsal   U993.7.55 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin - Green Horizon   U993.7.54 Oil 
Niki - Raincoat   U993.7.53 Oil 
Glenn Gould   U993.7.5 Acrylic 
Niki And Tessa (Relationship...   U993.7.49 Acrylic 
Nita Forrest and Leigh (Rela...   U993.7.48 Acrylic 
Exercise With Head (Self-Por...   U993.7.46 acrylic 
Exercise With Head #2 (Blue ...   U993.7.44 Acrylic 
Exercise With Head #5 (Self-...   U993.7.45 Acrylic 
Exercise With Head #6 (glass...   U993.7.42 Acrylic 
Raincoat (Self-Portrait)   U993.7.4 oil 
Tessa Thirteen   U007.9.3 oil 
Jack Kidder and George Forbe...   U993.7.40 Ink; Wash 
Pat Martin Bates and Jocelyn...   U993.7.35 acrylic 
Jack Kidder and George Forbe...   U993.7.34 Acrylic 
Jan Grove And George (Relati...   U993.7.33 Acrylic 
Rona Murray And Walter Dexter   U993.7.32 Acrylic 
Jan Grove and George (Relati...   U993.7.31 Acrylic 
Michael Morris and Rita   U993.7.27 Watercolour; Acrylic 
Helga and George (Relationsh...   U993.7.26 Acrylic; Charcoal 
Michael and Rita Morris (Rel...   U993.7.23 Acrylic 
Myfanwy And Tessa   U994.1.41 Acrylic 
Flemming Jorgensen And Selina   U994.1.40 Acrylic 
Blossoms   U993.7.193 Oil 
Indian Girl   U993.7.190 Oil 
Hindu Boy   U993.7.189 Oil 
Daddy   U993.7.188 Oil 
Pammy   U993.7.186 Oil 
Mother - Red Dress   U993.7.187 Oil 
Red Book   U993.7.184 oil 
Jan Cherniavsky (pianist)   U993.7.183 Oil 
Last Night (28)   U993.7.182 Oil 
Mischel Cherniavsky (33)   U993.7.181 Oil 
Nude - Pale Green Background   U993.7.180 Oil 
Helga and George Grove (Rela...   U993.7.18 Acrylic 
Jan and Mischel Cherniavsky ...   U993.7.179 Oil 
Jan Cherniavsky   U993.7.178 Oil 
Jan - Head   U993.7.177 Oil 
"Otto" - Chef Of Algonquin H...   U993.7.176 oil 
Pammy - (Turquoise Sweater) ...   U993.7.175 Oil 
Mother   U993.7.173 Oil 
"1205", Algonquin Hotel, N.Y.   U993.7.172 oil 
Self-Portrait - White Blouse   U993.7.171 Oil 
Niki (12) - Dark Shirt   U993.7.170 Oil 
Dick Morris And Darryl   U993.7.17 Acrylic 
Self-Portrait (Profile)   U993.7.169 Oil 
Rosemary (21) - Full Face   U993.7.167 Oil 
Tessa Writing   U993.7.165 Oil 
Tessa - Yellow Flowers   U993.7.163 Oil 
Tessa: Head   U993.7.162 oil 
Tessa Ballerina   U993.7.161 Oil 
N.Y. Street   U993.7.160 Oil 
Along The Way   U993.7.16 Acrylic 
Self-Portrait (Line Painting)   U993.7.159 oil 
Figure - Peter   U993.7.156 Oil 
Tessa And Nana   U993.7.154 Oil 
Maddie (Line Painting)   U993.7.150 Oil 
Karl Spreitz (Relationships ...   U993.7.15 acrylic 
Three Pots   U993.7.146 Oil 
Mother   U993.7.147 Oil 
Nude Back - Rita   U993.7.144 Oil 
Red Shirt (Self)   U993.7.145 oil 
Jeb - Grey Brown And Black   U993.7.143 Oil 
Bob And Jeb   U993.7.142 Oil 
Don - Shawn And David (Relat...   U993.7.14 Acrylic 
First Avenue, New York (1968)   U993.7.138 Oil 
First Limners (dark)   U993.7.123 Acrylic 
Limner Meeting (Funny)   U993.7.122 Acrylic 
Robin Skelton And Alison (Re...   U993.7.12 Acrylic 
Yehudi Menuhin   U993.7.118 Paint; coloured Tissue paper; kleenex 
The Maestro (Lazlo Gati)   U993.7.119 Acrylic 
Tessa Blue (144)   U993.7.116 Acrylic 
Max in Hat   U993.7.113 Watercolour 
Elza And Anne (Relationships...   U993.7.11 Acrylic 
Niki by Window   U993.7.109 Acrylic; Tissue paper 
Sketch of Pat Martin Bates   U993.7.101 Acrylic; Charcoal 
Flower Show   U993.7.102 Paint; tissue paper 
The Flute (Paul Horn)   U993.7.100 Acrylic; Tissue paper 
Untitled (English Landscape ...   U993.6.9 Watercolour 
Luis Merino with Christopher...   U993.7.10 Acrylic 
Sketch No.2   U982.21.2 Oil 
West Coast Mask   U015.7.14 Watercolour 
Max in his Studio   U982.11.6 acrylic; oil 
Deucalion and Pyrrha   U982.12.1 Acrylic
Max Remembered   U982.11.3 Mixed media; watercolour; charcoal 
Pat Martin Bates   U982.11.4 Mixed media; oil; collage 
The Grand Canal, Venice, Ita...   U999.26.1 Watercolour; graphite 
Scope Of The University   U982.1.1 Acrylic 
Demo sketch   U015.4.2 Watercolour
Snake Woman   U008.31.147 Acrylic 
Untitled (White 3D Canvas)   U980.8.2-1 Acrylic
Untitled (Polychromatic)   U980.8.1-1 Acrylic
Untitled (Polychromatic)   U980.8.1-2 Acrylic
Eagle Dancer   U980.5.6 Watercolour
Merlins   U980.4.1 Watercolour 
Green Dawn   U980.19.1 Masonite board 
Untitled (Abstract)   U980.13.1 Acrylic
Near UVic   U980.12.1 Tempera 
Untitled (Purple and White)   U980.11.1 Acrylic 
Giantess Catching Flying Men   U979.9.1 Acrylic 
From The Mcdowell Dam   U979.7.1 Oil 
Untitled (Geometric Abstract...   U979.3.1 Oil
Untitled (Cityscape in Winter)   U979.1.2 Watercolour 
Untitled (Figures in Town Sc...   U978.7.1 Oil
View From the Old Coal Dump,...   U978.3.1 Oil 
West Road - Mountain Road   U978.14.1 Watercolour 
On Campus From My Windows   U978.10.1 Acrylic
Bleeding, Boarded Landscape   U977.9.1 Watercolour 
Horses II   U977.7.1 Watercolour; Charcoal; Graphite 
Untitled (Artist and Nude in...   U977.4.2 Ink; Watercolour 
Foothill Slough   U977.5.1 Oil 
The Rosy Crucifixion   U977.1.78 Watercolour
Untitled (watercolour seasca...   U977.1.74 Watercolour 
Suburbia   U977.1.73 Mixed media 
Great Blue Heron   U005.17.1 watercolour 
Untitled (Group of Musicians...   U977.1.56 Pen & Ink; watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract Weave)   U977.1.45 Mixed Media 
Untitled (Watercolour)   U977.1.41 Watercolour 
Untitled (Watercolour)   U977.1.40 Watercolour 
Three Heads   U977.1.36 Graphite; Watercolour 
Child and Store   U977.1.35 Ink; Watercolour 
Forest Scene   U977.1.34 Oil 
Wax Work #1 (Hidden Structure)   U019.4.1 nails; paper; graphite; wood; paint
Wax Work #2 (Silent Bell)   U019.4.2 wax; lead; aluminum rivets; wood
Still Life   U977.1.24 Oil 
Study   U977.1.23 Oil 
Woods in Winter   U977.1.21 Oil 
Nocturne   U977.1.19 Oil 
Markers - Spanish Banks   U977.1.20 Oil 
Under Mt. Canigou   U977.1.18 Oil 
Orange Rock and Wading Birds   U977.1.17 Ink; Watercolour 
Snow on the Flats   U977.1.16 Oil 
Untitled (Dinghy Dock)   U977.1.15 Oil 
Chancellor J.B. Clearihue   U977.1.14 Oil 
Dark Flowers   U977.1.12 Oil 
Dr. J. Ewing   U977.1.13 Oil 
Classical Seascape   U977.1.11 Oil 
Good Way to Make Heads Meet   U976.5.1 Ink; Watercolour; Conte 
Portrait of Sheri   U976.4.1 Oil 
Rain Forest #2   U976.4.2 Acrylic 
June Song   U976.2.1 Watercolour 
Six Owls   U972.3.1 Watercolour 
Circus People   U969.1.3 Oil 
May 22nd Monday   U008.38.1 Oil 
Rider   U968.1.2 Oil 
Flip Top   U967.1.2 Acrylic 
Untitled (#4)   U967.1.20 Oil 
Tempt   U967.1.16 Acrylic 
Painting #17   U967.1.13 Acrylic 
Untitled (Hard-Edge Abstract)   U966.1.14 Gouache 
Still Life Watercolour No. 1   U966.1.15 Watercolour 
Hard Centre   U966.1.13 Acrylic 
Double Interior   U966.1.1 Acrylic 
Sphynx   U966.1.10 Watercolour; Ink 
Pot Boiler   U965.1.7 Oil 
Self Portrait   U965.1.5 Acrylic; Mixed Media 
Parade in the Graveyard   U965.1.4 Oil 
Sandscape   U965.1.2 Plaster; Sand; Cement; Paint 
Morning Mist: Fisherman's Cove   U965.1.18 Oil 
The Curtains   U965.1.15 Oil 
Eclipse (or...All Black)   U965.1.16 Paint; Burlap 
Figure   U965.1.14 Oil; Acrylic 
Blue Interior II   U965.1.13 Polymer 
Dryborough Abbey   U993.6.10 Watercolour 
Untitled (Two Women in Rocky...   U993.6.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Woman with Flute)   U993.3.6 Watercolour; Pastel 
Untitled (Thatched Houses an...   U993.3.5 Watercolour 
Untitled (Still Life with Fr...   U002.38.1 oil
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-8 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-6 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-5 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-4 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-31 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-3 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-28 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-27 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-26 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-25 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-24 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-23 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-22 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-20 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-2 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-18 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-17 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-15 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-14 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-13 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-11 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-12 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-10 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-1 Acrylic 
Laszlo Gati   U993.23.1 acrylic; paper; mixed 
Pat in Hat   U993.20.1 Watercolour 
View of Indore India   U993.19.6 Watercolour 
Early Morning   U993.19.3 Watercolour
The Cam Near Granchester   U993.19.2 Oil 
Watercolour in the Chinese S...   U993.19.1 Watercolour
Mashomack V   U993.16.1 Acrylic 
Coastal Landscape #4   U993.13.4 Acrylic
Coastal Landscape #3   U993.13.3 Acrylic
Coastal Landscape #2   U993.13.2 Acrylic
Coastal Landscape #1   U993.13.1 Acrylic
Chew Out The ...   U993.12.1 Acrylic 
Barge   U993.1.1 Watercolour
Distant Mountain, Zion Series   U992.4.1 Acrylic 
Untitled (Women under Paraso...   U992.23.53 Watercolour 
A Hut in the Bush   U992.23.50 Oil 
Untitled (Moored Boats)   U992.23.51 Watercolour 
Untitled (Malaysian Village ...   U992.23.49 Watercolour 
Untitled (Landscape of a Roc...   U992.21.10 Watercolour 
Untitled (Artist in Studio)   U992.20.9 Oil 
Untitled (Egyptian Desert Sc...   U992.20.8 Watercolour 
The Harmony   U992.20.7 Oil 
Untitled (Cottage)   U992.20.6 Watercolour 
Untitled (Scene in Venice)   U992.20.5 Watercolour 
Untitled (Portrait)   U992.20.4 Oil 
Skelton Writing A Poem   U992.16.2 Paint 
Sun Goddess   U992.16.1 Sgraffito; Paint 
Birthday Of The Infanta   U987.20.1 Oil 
Abraham Rogatnik and Alvin B...   U987.15.1 Oil 
Untitled (Two pebbles)   U986.11.1 Oil 
Untitled (locket)   U985.8.1 Watercolour; ivory; leather; glass; fabric 
On Georgian Bay   U985.7.1 Watercolour 
Seated Woman   U985.19.3 Print; Watercolour 
Untitled (Persian Miniature)   U992.10.1 Oil 
Golden Eagle   U991.9.1 Ink 
House At Godalming   U991.6.20 Watercolour 
On The Beach   U991.4.1 Oil
Audacity   U991.16.1 Acrylic 
Dark Occurrence   L990.5.45 Lucite
The Flower Carrier   U013.10.2 Oil
Festival Fantasy   U991.13.5 Acrylic; Ink 
Portrait Of A Prophet   U991.13.6 Oil 
Head   U991.13.3 Ink 
Desert Bloom #4   U991.13.4 Tempera 
The Conjurer   U991.13.1 Oil 
Balinese Kamesan Painting   U991.11.38 Oil
Arjunals Meditation   U991.11.37
Fury, Heavenly Fury   U001.11.865 oil 
Kelowna   U985.1.7 Oil 
Untitled (Pines and Rainbow)   U985.1.4 Oil 
From My Window   U985.1.3 Oil 
Boats In Oak Bay   U985.1.2 Oil 
Centaur   U984.76.9 Acrylic; Crayon 
Man Playing With Sun   U984.76.8 Acrylic 
Two Centaurs   U984.76.6 Acrylic 
City Collage   U984.76.4 Oil; Newspaper 
Lavrion   U984.76.20 Watercolour 
On The Baltic Sea   U984.76.21 Mixed Media; Oil 
Afternoon In Paris   U984.76.3 Watercolour 
Siros   U984.76.19 Watercolour 
Berlin, Wilmersdorf   U984.76.2 Watercolour
Mykonos   U984.76.17 Watercolour; Ink; Graphite 
Untitled (Poppies)   U007.18.105 acrylic 
Siros   U984.76.18 Watercolour 
Losing A Shirt In Bethlehem   U984.76.15 Watercolour 
Mykonos   U984.76.16 Watercolour 
Polish Piano Player Catering...   U984.76.14 Acrylic 
The Big Step   U984.76.10 Acrylic 
Torsos   U984.76.11 Ink 
Morning Riding in Berlin   U984.76.1 Oil 
Untitled (Preliminary Drawing)   U984.74.2 Ink; Watercolour; tempera? 
Untitled (Preliminary Drawin...   U984.75.1 Watercolour; Ink 
Owl   U984.73.2 Watercolour 
Hawk and Victim   U984.73.1 Watercolour 
Ishtar   U984.7.1 Tempera, ink
Untitled (Still Life with Bi...   U984.58.9 Oil 
Igmon   U984.58.8 Oil 
Untitled (Portrait Of Young ...   U984.58.7 Oil 
Fleurs Et Bijoux   U984.58.5 Oil 
Meditation   U984.58.4 Oil 
Untitled (Portrait)   U984.58.3 Oil 
Untitled (Portrait of a Lady)   U984.58.11 Oil 
Oignons   U984.58.2 Oil 
Nature Morte   U984.58.1 Oil 
Untitled (landscape with app...   U984.58.10 Oil 
Katharine Maltwood   U984.47.1 Watercolour 
Queen Victoria   U984.29.1 Oil 
Robin Skelton   U984.27.1 Acrylic 
Lege Relege Oralaboraget   U984.24.1 Paint, perforated paper, thread, grommets 
Katharine Hepburn   U984.23.1 Acrylic 
Islamic Garden Memory   U984.22.1 Acrylic 
Portrait of S.W. Jackman   U984.20.1 Oil 
Figure With White Flowers   U984.21.1 Acrylic 
Westcoast   U984.15.1 Oil 
Urban Structures   U984.12.1 Gouache and watercolour 
The River   U983.6.4 Watercolour 
Untitled (architectural rend...   U012.2.1 Watercolour
Untitled (scroll painting)   U983.23.1 Watercolour 
Fall Day On Campus   U983.19.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Scroll)   U983.18.1 Ink
Castle Rock   U982.47.1 Watercolour 
Tapa Bark Painting   U982.35.1 Dye, Vegetable 
Woman in Black   U982.31.1 Oil 
Nude   U982.3.1-2 Watercolour; Graphite; Pastel 
Daydreams Of A Coffee Table   U982.28.1 Gouache 
Untitled (Mountains)   U002.40.1 watercolour 
Untitled (Courtyard)   U002.40.2 watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract)   U990.26.55 Ink; Wash 
Untitled (Figures)   U990.26.52 Watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract)   U990.26.51 Watercolour; Graphite 
Untitled (Chinese Landscape)   U990.26.48 Ink 
Beilstein a.d. Mosel   U990.26.14 Watercolour and ink wash 
The Lost City Of Atlantis   U990.21.3 Oil 
Happiness   U990.17.1 Oil 
Boathouses   U990.15.1 Oil 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-9 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-7 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-30 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-29 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-19 Acrylic 
The Carmanah Valley Experience   U993.29.1-16 Acrylic 
Through and Beyond   U007.10.1 mixed media; watercolour; graphite; charcoal; oil pastel 
#4   L990.5.44 Acrylic 
Untitled (Tibetan Tanka, Whi...   U998.32.4 Paint 
Untitled (Landscape)   U998.15.4 Watercolour
Rose Charlie   E998.2.1 Oil 
Untitled (Man Playing a Saxo...   U998.28.3 Acrylic 
Untitled (Woman in Sunglasses)   U998.28.18 Acrylic 
Untitled (Still Life, Waterc...   U998.17.1 Watercolour
Autumn At Mill Bay   U000.23.1 Oil
Roses   U003.25.1 watercolour
Untitled (Docked Sailboat)   U998.37.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Sail Boat)   U998.37.2 Watercolour 
Untitled (Water Bathing)   U998.6.2 Paint 
Untitled (Mythological Scene)   U998.6.3 Oil 
Memory and Commitment   U000.1.1 Oil 
Blue Sky (Pierre Trudeau)   U000.31.9 acrylic 
Cosmic Zone Interface   U999.23.1 Acrylic 
Mandala Tangh-Ka   M964.1.12 Coloured ink 
Untitled (Fresco Piece)   M964.1.104 Watercolour 
Gaia #11   U999.19.1 Acrylic
Gaia #24   U999.19.2 Acrylic 
Untitled (Portrait Of A Youn...   U000.3.1 Oil 
Fred And Ginger   U999.12.3 Acrylic; Pastel 
Prairie Image (#784)   U000.6.1 Acrylic 
Qualicum Day Break   U998.15.15 Pastel
Luxor Temple with Abu el Hag...   U996.8.1 Watercolour
Boudica   U999.20.10 Gouache 
Portrait Of Dr. David Strong   U000.10.1 Oil
At The Gates Of The City   U999.9.1 Oil 
Eileen Learoyd and Grania; R...   U999.14.1 Acrylic 
Raccoon   U998.15.43 Acrylic
Cortes Island, B.C.   U999.21.8 Watercolour
Untitled (Nudes on Beach)   U999.21.7 Watercolour 
Untitled (Batik Depicting Th...   U999.24.4 Ink; pigment; dyes
Nelly Auersperg   E000.1.1 Oil 
Entelechy #34   U999.19.3 Acrylic
Beach Forms   U952.2.1 Oil 
Journey No. 51   U001.3.1 acrylic 
Little Cove   U000.30.2 Watercolour 
Stone Bridge, Beacon Hill, S...   U000.30.1 Oil
Conception (God of Marriage)   U007.17.1 acrylic 
Aka   U001.5.1 Spray Paint
Approaching The Shore   U000.22.4 Watercolour
Winter Encounter   U000.22.5 Watercolour
Bird   U000.22.6 Watercolour
Untitled (Collaged Abstract ...   U000.22.10 Watercolour; collage 
Untitled (Landscape)   U000.22.11 Watercolour 
Wind and Cloud Over Mountain...   U000.23.2 Oil
Totem Spirit   U000.23.3 Oil
Saltspring (gulf) Island   U000.27.1 Watercolour
Victoria (BC) At Night   U000.27.2 Acrylic; Carand'ashe
Crow   U000.27.3 Acrylic; Carand'ashe
Salmon Fisherman   U000.27.4 Acrylic; Carand'ashe
Salt Spring Islander   U000.27.5 Acrylic; Carand'ashe
Mayne Island   U000.27.6 Acrylic; Carand'ashe
Untitled (Flower Still Life)   U000.34.2 Oil
Untitled (Yellow/Pink Abstra...   U000.34.3 Acrylic; Canvas
Untitled (Two Ovoids)   U000.34.4 Acrylic; collage
mr and mrs j average on thei...   U000.34.5 Watercolour 
Untitled (Arab On A Prayer M...   U000.32.2 Watercolour
Untitled (Still Life)   U000.32.5 India Ink; Watercolour
Autumn Trees   U000.32.11 Paint 
Owl and Leaf   U000.32.12 Ink 
Ricefield Landscape   U000.38.12 Tempera 
Mt. Merapi   U000.38.11 Tempera 
Untitled (waterfall and fish...   U000.38.7 Paint 
Untitled (hunting scene)   U000.38.8 Paint 
Untitled (women and buffalo ...   U000.38.6 Paint 
Untitled (Market Scene)   U000.38.5 Gouache 
Untitled (Peasant Returning ...   U000.38.4 Paint 
Untitled (watercarriers and ...   U000.38.3  
Untitled (funeral scene)   U000.38.1  
View Of Port Mevion From Hot...   U000.47.7 Watercolour
Little Owl   U000.47.5 Watercolour
Domestic Landscape   U000.47.4 Watercolour
View Of Elstree, Hampshire   U000.47.3 Oil
Faces   U000.20.1 Ink 
Marks of a Saint   U001.11.864 mixed media 
Untitled (Wind-Blown Tree)   U000.46.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (hanging scroll)   U001.9.1 ink
Nautilus Off Plymouth   U999.30.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Chinese Scroll)   U001.8.1 ink 
The Queen of the Tang Dynast...   U000.40.1 Ink
Untitled (Scroll)   U000.41.1 Ink
Untitled (Scroll)   U000.41.2 Ink
Untitled (Abstract Head)   U000.42.3 Tempera
Untitled (Female Figure)   U000.42.2 Tempera
Reflections in Blue   U001.1.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract)   U000.31.10 Acrylic 
Winter in the Wyle Valley   U000.37.1 Watercolour
The Waterloo Passing Whitby   U000.37.2 Oil
Thermopylae   U000.37.3 Oil
The Wreck of the Royal Charter   U000.37.4-1 Oil 
Untitled (Boats on the Hard)   U000.43.1 Watercolour 
Duckling   U000.45.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Batik Depicting Tw...   U999.24.3 Inks; pigment; dyes
Untitled (Batik depicting fo...   U999.24.2 Unknown inks; pigment; dyes
Untitled (Batik Depicting Si...   U999.24.1 Ink; pigment; dye
Neptune's Gemstones   U001.2.1 watercolour
Hope Mountains   L001.2.1 Watercolour
Portrait of Mrs. Wendy McDon...   E997.1.1 Oil 
Art Street   U010.21.1 Acrylic
Another Rain Forest   U006.46.1 Acrylic
Spring   U006.46.2 oil
Rotation   U009.1.118 Acrylic
After the Swiftsure Races   U008.15.1 watercolour; graphite
Jet Trail - Alaska Coast   U003.18.1 mixed media 
Walk In V   U004.7.1 oil; wax
Portrait of S.W. Jackman   U000.15.1 Watercolour
Untitled (Chinese Scroll Pai...   U001.26.2 ink
Untitled (Chinese Scroll Pai...   U001.26.3 ink
Untitled (Black Dot over Gre...   U007.7.2 Spray paint; acrylic 
Ovo   U001.12.4 oil on paper 
Mir ist Dein Leid so nahe ge...   U001.12.5 oil 
Untitled (Figure)   U005.38.32 Paint; Coloured Pencils
#8   L990.5.42 Acrylic 
Silenzo   U000.16.1 Oil
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