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Untitled (Abstract Skull)   U011.115.8 Lithograph
Guilt Germ   U998.24.49 Etching/ Drypoint; Embroidery
Guilt Germ   U998.24.48 Etching/ Drypoint; Fabric paint; Glitter glue
Courtesan   U998.24.47 Etching
Solo # 1   U998.24.46 Etching
The Lonely Land   U998.24.43 Etching
Untitled (Abstract fish skel...   U998.24.42 Print; Etching; Drypoint
Kwakiutl Thunderbird   U013.6.1 Serigraph 
Untitled (Grey Abstract Forms)   U998.24.41 Etching
Untitled (Black on White Abs...   U998.24.39 Etching
Colour Forms   U998.24.40 Etching
Storm at Sea   U998.24.38 Etching
Bella Belle   U998.33.17 Woodcut 
Stetliner Schloss   U998.33.12 Lithograph 
Two Brothers Seeing A Star   U998.33.11 Serigraph 
Untitled (Three Abstract Fig...   U998.33.19 Lithograph 
From A Limner To A Limner   U998.33.18 Linocut 
Untitled (Woman)   U998.33.9 Linocut And Ink 
Joker With Egg   U998.33.8 Ink and watercolour 
A Limner Special For Robin   U998.33.4 Lithograph 
Frau Munch Going For A Dip   U998.33.3 Woodcut 
Three Nudes   U998.31.6 Ink And Wash 
Hoppa, Hoppa Reiter   U998.31.4 Linocut 
Fairytale   U998.31.3 Woodcut 
Between Baltic And North Sea   U998.31.2 Lithograph 
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