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Untitled (Abstract Skull)   U011.115.8 Lithograph
Guilt Germ   U998.24.49 Etching/ Drypoint; Embroidery
Guilt Germ   U998.24.48 Etching/ Drypoint; Fabric paint; Glitter glue
Courtesan   U998.24.47 Etching
Solo # 1   U998.24.46 Etching
The Lonely Land   U998.24.43 Etching
Untitled (Abstract fish skel...   U998.24.42 Print; Etching; Drypoint
Kwakiutl Thunderbird   U013.6.1 Serigraph 
Untitled (Grey Abstract Forms)   U998.24.41 Etching
Untitled (Black on White Abs...   U998.24.39 Etching
Colour Forms   U998.24.40 Etching
Storm at Sea   U998.24.38 Etching
Bella Belle   U998.33.17 Woodcut 
Stetliner Schloss   U998.33.12 Lithograph 
Two Brothers Seeing A Star   U998.33.11 Serigraph 
Untitled (Three Abstract Fig...   U998.33.19 Lithograph 
From A Limner To A Limner   U998.33.18 Linocut 
Untitled (Woman)   U998.33.9 Linocut And Ink 
Joker With Egg   U998.33.8 Ink and watercolour 
A Limner Special For Robin   U998.33.4 Lithograph 
Frau Munch Going For A Dip   U998.33.3 Woodcut 
Three Nudes   U998.31.6 Ink And Wash 
Hoppa, Hoppa Reiter   U998.31.4 Linocut 
Fairytale   U998.31.3 Woodcut 
Between Baltic And North Sea   U998.31.2 Lithograph 
Four Serpents   U010.14.13 Serigraph 
Prime Evil   U011.109.3 Serigraph
Five Sleeping   U998.24.35
Untitled (Abstract)   U998.24.34
Faces   U998.24.32 Mezzotint and Drypoint
Synthesis   U998.24.33  
Brindio   U998.24.31
Harris Lake   U998.24.30 Wood engraving
Untitled (Abstract Nudes)   U998.24.29 Lithograph
Untitled (Lithograph of Girl...   U998.24.28 Lithograph
Owl   U998.24.26
Orca   U998.24.25
Kwagulth Seal   U998.24.24 Serigraph
Coast Salish Ceremonial Mask...   U998.24.23 Lithograph; Etching
Untitled (Thames River c. 17...   U998.24.22 Etching
Carte Du Pays De Tendre   U998.24.19  
Nightbloom   U998.24.15 Etching 
Alden Nowlan   U998.24.16
Leisurely Ladies   U998.24.14 Etching 
Untitled (Print; Woman)   U998.24.12 Etching 
Bill Bissett Poem   U011.103.11 Lithograph
The Value Of Age   U998.24.13 Etching 
Dancing Figures   U998.24.11 Etching 
Eternal Clowns   U998.24.10
Childhood Memories   U998.24.9 Etching and Aquatint
The Blues   U998.24.8
Unknown   U998.24.7  
Unknown   U998.24.6  
London Horse Guards (whiteha...   U998.24.5 photolithograph
London Whitehall And Centaph   U998.24.4 Lithograph
Untitled (Mayan Temple and L...   U998.24.2 Etching
Unknown   U998.24.3
The Clock Tower, Brighton   U998.24.1 Etching
Untitled (Earle Birney's 'A ...   E992.3.1 Etching
Untitled (Print)   L004.2.1
Fisherman's Fantasy   U006.1.1 Woodblock
Under the Umbrella   U006.1.3 woodblock
Law library   U003.21.2 Etching
The Race   E983.1.1 Serigraph 
Salmon   U014.3.59 Serigraph
Milrepa and Tibetan Saints   U999.17.1 Woodcut 
Positive Inspiration   U998.7.99 Serigraph
Summer Feast   U998.7.98 Serigraph
Kwa-Giulth Thunderbird Desig...   U997.16.4 Serigraph
Untitled (Eagle and Rainbow)   U998.7.97 Serigraph 
Kwagulth Hok Hok   U998.7.96 Serigraph 
Kwagulth Sea Eagle and Salmon   U998.7.95 Serigraph 
An Eagle [and golf course]   U998.7.94 Serigraph 
Thunderbird   U998.7.92 Serigraph 
Kwa-Gulth Moon   U998.7.91 Serigraph 
Medicine Man And Hawk   U998.7.9 Serigraph 
Kwa-Gulth Owl   U998.7.90 Serigraph 
Moon   U998.7.89 Serigraph 
Voyagers   U998.7.88 Print; Serigraph 
Kwagiulth Eagle and Salmon   U998.7.86 Serigraph 
Sea Eagle and Cod   U998.7.85 Serigraph 
Thunderbird In Moon   U998.7.84 Serigraph 
Killer Whales   U998.7.83 Serigraph 
Kwagiulth Lingcod   U998.7.82 Print; Serigraph 
Otter And Sea Urchin   U998.7.81 Print; Serigraph 
Sea Bear And Killerwhale   U998.7.80 Serigraph 
Twin Ruby Throat   U998.7.8 Serigraph 
Copper Making Frog   U998.7.79 Serigraph 
Dance Screen   U998.7.78 Serigraph 
Kulus and Gwayam   U998.7.77 Serigraph 
Tree Of Life   U998.7.76 Serigraph 
Turn and Face the Change   U998.7.75 Serigraph 
Knight Spirit   U998.7.74 Serigraph
Place Of Thunder   U998.7.73 Serigraph 
Eagles Wing   U998.7.72 Serigraph 
Raven   U998.7.71 Serigraph 
Kolus   U998.7.70 Serigraph 
One Horned Goat   U998.7.7 Serigraph 
Sisiutl Holding Copper   U998.7.69 Serigraph
Tsonoqua   U998.7.68 Serigraph 
Bookwus   U998.7.67 Serigraph 
Eagle   U998.7.66 Serigraph 
Thunderbird   U998.7.65 Serigraph 
Frog   U998.7.64 Serigraph 
Killer Whale   U998.7.62 Serigraph 
Wolf   U998.7.63 Serigraph 
Thunderbird And Sisiutl   U998.7.61 Serigraph
Raven Dancer   U998.7.6 Serigraph
Honoring Malida   U998.7.60 Serigraph 
Kawakelekala's House   U998.7.59 Serigraph 
Untitled (Neon Orange Circul...   U011.114.7 Serigraph
Walking Thru My Fires   U998.7.58 Print; Serigraph
Makwala   U998.7.57 Print; Serigraph 
Maya Xa La   U998.7.56 Serigraph 
Canoe   U998.7.54 Serigraph 
Nahanagilas   U998.7.55 Serigraph
Spahath   U998.7.52 Serigraph
Salish Welcoming   U998.7.53 Serigraph
Eagle-Sun   U998.7.50 Serigraph
Orca   U998.7.51 serigraph
Tii-Bin; (Seal)   U998.7.5 Serigraph
Seals   U998.7.48 Serigraph
Eagle   U998.7.49 serigraph
Salmon   U998.7.47 Serigraph
The Salish Mother   U998.7.45 Serigraph
Copper Island Eagle   U998.7.46 Serigraph
Raven the Trickster   U998.7.44 Serigraph
Change Of Season   U998.7.43 Serigraph
Masters of the Sky   U998.7.42 Serigraph
Troller   U998.7.40 Serigraph
Killer Whale Female   U998.7.4 Ink; Graphite
Raven And The Sun   U998.7.39 Serigraph
Eagle And Ditidaht Salmon   U998.7.38 Serigraph 
Our Beginnings   U998.7.36 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Serpents   U998.7.35 Serigraph 
Untitled   U998.7.34 Serigraph 
Untitled (Drum Design)   U998.7.33 Serigraph 
Twin Humans   U998.7.32 Serigraph 
Twin Eagles   U998.7.31 Serigraph 
Twin Wolves   U998.7.30 Serigraph 
Raven Princess   U998.7.3 Serigraph
Twin Killer Whales   U998.7.29 Serigraph 
Ma-Nulth   U998.7.28 Print; Serigraph 
Cihsik   U998.7.27 Ink; Graphite 
Hu-Pa-Kwin-Im   U998.7.26 Serigraph 
Crane Releasing The Fog   U998.7.25 Serigraph 
Lahal - Bone Game   U998.7.23 Serigraph
Thunderbird Dancer   U998.7.22 Serigraph
Thunderbird Dancer   U998.7.21 Serigraph; Graphite
Thunderbird and Greywhale   U998.7.20 Serigraph
Tsimshian Eagle   U998.7.2 Print; Serigraph
Bear and Wolf   U998.7.19 Serigraph
Swan And Moon   U998.7.18 Serigraph
Trickster   U998.7.17 Serigraph
Turtle And Sun   U998.7.16 Serigraph
Evening Ducklings   U998.7.15 Serigraph
Eagle Spirit Drum   U998.7.13 Serigraph 
Loon Family   U998.7.12 Serigraph 
Frog and Raven Totem   U998.7.11 Serigraph 
New Moon   U998.7.104 Serigraph 
Untitled (Female Thunderbird...   U998.7.103 Serigraph 
Haida Thunderbird   U998.7.102 Serigraph
Water Spirit   U998.7.101 Serigraph
The Water Clan   U998.7.100 Serigraph
Loons Gathering   U998.7.10 Serigraph 
Tsimshian Wolf   U998.7.1 Serigraph
Suneagle Transformation   U998.4.4 Serigraph 
Salmon People   U998.4.3 Serigraph 
Swakwel   U998.4.2 Serigraph 
Wolf Dancing With Moon   U998.4.1 Serigraph 
Quebec City   U998.2.19 Ink 
Untitled (Thunderbirds)   U014.3.625 Serigraph 
Kwaht-Yaht is Born   U014.3.633 Serigraph 
Killer Whale   U014.3.89 Serigraph
Ert Sich In Die Nahe Des Blo...   U998.19.3 Lithograph
Portrait Of East Indiaman Co...   U998.15.36 Engraving; coloured 
Wellington and Blucher, meet...   U001.11.1059 Etching
Fire Woman   U998.13.3 Silkscreen
Terzetto   U998.13.1 Serigraph
Heiligenstaedten   U997.7.1 Lithograph
Pasture   U997.6.1 Ink
Fragment   U997.34.9 Etching
Storm   U997.34.8 Etching
Roses And Cucumber   U997.34.7 Linoprint
On The Banks Of The Bella Co...   U997.34.6 Etching
Toodallumma Twins   U997.34.5 Lithograph; ink; graphite; perforations 
Broken Image   U997.34.4 Serigraph 
Strata   U997.34.3 Lithograph 
Planet Landscape   U997.34.2 Lithograph 
Berlin (Brandenburg Gate)   U997.34.16 Ink 
From Italy Via Berlin Before...   U997.34.15 Print; Serigraph 
Untitled (Ram and Toaster Go...   U997.34.14 Lithograph
P.B.B.   U997.34.13 Etching
Y.S.   U997.34.12 Lithograph
Untitled (Enclosed Figure)   U997.34.11 Lithograph
Diagram Delta II   U997.34.10 Lithograph 
Magma   U997.34.1 Etching; Relief 
Eagle   U990.14.958 Serigraph
Eagle   U990.14.959 Serigraph
Raven Releasing the Sun   U990.14.96 Serigraph 
Sentinel   U990.14.1096 Serigraph
Untitled (Birth Announcement...   U990.14.956 Serigraph 
Raven with Broken Beak   U990.14.957 Serigraph
Canoe   U990.14.952 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.953
Cycles   U990.14.955 Serigraph 
Soul Catcher   U990.14.950 Serigraph
Raven Finned Killer Whale   U990.14.951 Serigraph
Daystar Shadows   U990.14.1095 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.949 Serigraph
Salmon II   U990.14.95 Serigraph 
Dawn Of The Salmon People   U990.14.947 Serigraph
Egg   U990.14.948 Serigraph
Reflection of Destiny   U990.14.945 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.946 Serigraph
Raven and Sun   U990.14.942
Eagle Catching Spring Salmon   U990.14.943
Flight To Heaven   U990.14.944 serigraph
Heron   U990.14.940 Serigraph
Raven   U990.14.941
Night Gathering   U990.14.1094 Serigraph
Hok-Hok and Killer Whale   U990.14.94 Serigraph 
Hummingbird   U990.14.936 Serigraph
Clan   U990.14.937 Serigraph
Salmon   U990.14.938 Serigraph
Raven Stealing the Sun   U990.14.939 Serigraph
Eagle Whale and Frog   U990.14.932 Serigraph
Raven Sun   U990.14.933
Raven Moon   U990.14.934 Serigraph
Salmon Run   U990.14.935 Serigraph
The Guardians   U990.14.1093 Serigraph
Family   U990.14.930 Serigraph
Blackfish   U990.14.931 Serigraph
Thunderbird and Killer Whale   U990.14.93 Serigraph 
Frogs   U990.14.926 Serigraph
Eagles   U990.14.927 Serigraph
Eagle and Blackfish   U990.14.928 Serigraph
Bracelet Design   U990.14.929 Serigraph
Pole   U990.14.924 Serigraph
Raven Frog   U990.14.925 Serigraph
Octopus   U990.14.921 Serigraph
Salmon   U990.14.922 Serigraph
Hummingbird   U990.14.920 Serigraph
Bands in the Blue-Eyed Meadow   U990.14.1092 Serigraph 
Eagle Frog   U990.14.919 Serigraph
Returning   U990.14.92 Serigraph 
Spawning Salmon   U990.14.916 Serigraph
Otter and Salmon   U990.14.917 Serigraph
Whale   U990.14.918 Serigraph
Eagle, Whale and Frog   U990.14.915 Serigraph
Raven Stealing the Sun   U990.14.913 Serigraph
Eagle and Raven   U990.14.910 Serigraph
Sea Otter and Salmon   U990.14.911 Serigraph
Eagle   U990.14.912 Serigraph
Marshland Meeting   U990.14.1091 Serigraph
Killer Whale   U990.14.909 Serigraph
Sea Kingdom   U990.14.91 Serigraph 
Spawning Salmon   U990.14.906 Serigraph
Survival II   U990.14.907 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.908 Serigraph
Birth   U990.14.902 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.903 Serigraph
Salmon I   U990.14.904 Serigraph
Salmon II   U990.14.905 Serigraph
Dogfish   U990.14.900 Serigraph
Transformation   U990.14.901 Serigraph
Heron's Dawn   U990.14.1090 Serigraph
Untitled (Whale And Owl)   U990.14.1009 Serigraph
Legend of the Tsonoqua   U990.14.90 Serigraph 
Tsimpshian Eagle   U990.14.899 serigraph
Whale and Raven   U990.14.9 Serigraph 
Two Whales   U990.14.897
Thunderbird   U990.14.898  
25th Anniversary Of Chief Ga...   U990.14.895 Serigraph
Sun   U990.14.896
Dog Salmon   U990.14.893 Serigraph
Origin of the Thunderbird   U990.14.894 Serigraph
Eagle   U990.14.891 Serigraph
Split Beaver   U990.14.892 Serigraph
The Dancer   U990.14.1089 Serigraph
Sea Monster   U990.14.890 Print
Raven Stealing The Sun   U990.14.889 Serigraph
Eagle   U990.14.89 Serigraph 
The Gitksan Warrior, Quest F...   U990.14.887 Ink
The Gitksan Dance Of The Hum...   U990.14.888 serigraph
Dance Of The Raven By The Gi...   U990.14.886 serigraph
Weget Legend - Raven Stealin...   U990.14.884 serigraph
Raven and Sun   U990.14.885 Serigraph
Weget Stealing Water   U990.14.883 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.880 Serigraph
Story Teller   U990.14.881 Serigraph
Small Fish Bones   U990.14.1088 Serigraph
Owl Under Fireweed Crest   U990.14.879 Serigraph
Tlingit Man   U990.14.88 Serigraph 
Raven's Love Song   U990.14.877 Serigraph 
Star Fish   U990.14.878 Serigraph 
Raven Chief   U990.14.876 Serigraph 
The Northern Hawk   U990.14.873 Serigraph 
Moon Mallard   U990.14.874 Serigraph 
Evening Mallard   U990.14.875 Serigraph 
Flying Frog Mask   U990.14.872 Serigraph 
Deer-Run Through The Moon   U990.14.870 Serigraph 
One Horned Goat   U990.14.871 Serigraph 
Flying Turtle   U990.14.1087 Serigraph
Fall Robins   U990.14.868 Serigraph 
Eagle and Mallards   U990.14.869 Serigraph 
Sisiutl and Man   U990.14.87 Serigraph 
The Eagle's Perch   U990.14.866 Serigraph 
Canadian Eagle "free"   U990.14.867 Serigraph 
Steller's Jay and Chickadee   U990.14.863 Serigraph 
The Fisherman -Sprey   U990.14.864 Serigraph 
The Dawn - Canada Goose   U990.14.865 Serigraph 
Full Moon Egret   U990.14.862 Serigraph 
One Braid Spirit   U990.14.1086 Serigraph
Red Winged Black Bird   U990.14.860 Serigraph 
Canadian Silent Egret   U990.14.861 Serigraph 
Kwagiulth Halibut   U990.14.86 Serigraph 
Rocky Mountain Eagle   U990.14.858 Serigraph 
Lone Owl Sequence   U990.14.859 Serigraph 
April Full Moon   U990.14.857 Serigraph 
The Night Hawk   U990.14.855 Serigraph 
April New Moon   U990.14.856 Serigraph 
Oyster Catcher   U990.14.853 Serigraph 
Nesting Geese   U990.14.854 Serigraph 
Spirit of the Otter   U990.14.851 Serigraph 
Island Deer   U990.14.852 Serigraph 
Raven Brings Light To The Ea...   U990.14.850 Serigraph 
Seagulls   U990.14.848 Serigraph 
Fraser Lake Eagle   U990.14.849 Serigraph 
Hawk Drum Design   U990.14.85 Serigraph 
Fire Spirit Dancer   U990.14.1085 Serigraph
Puffin And Seagull   U990.14.847 Serigraph 
Beaver Chief And Suitors   U990.14.845 Serigraph 
Nesting Cormorant and Murres   U990.14.846 Serigraph 
Killer Whale Whirlpool   U990.14.843 Serigraph 
Morning Caribou   U990.14.844 Serigraph 
Three Fishermen (Cormorants)   U990.14.842 Serigraph 
Circle Singers   U990.14.1084 Serigraph
The Herd - Killerwhale   U990.14.840 Serigraph 
Spring Grizzly And Cubs   U990.14.841 Serigraph 
Beaver and Wolf Spirit   U990.14.839 Serigraph 
Salmon   U990.14.84 Serigraph 
Raven Transforms To Man   U990.14.838 Serigraph 
A Friendly Spirit - Hummingb...   U990.14.837 Serigraph 
First Flight-Mallard   U990.14.834 Serigraph 
Halley's Comet   U990.14.835 Serigraph 
Blindman Sees Loon   U990.14.836 Serigraph 
Arctic Tern   U990.14.832 Serigraph 
Killerwhale   U990.14.833 Serigraph 
Drumming Blue Grouse   U990.14.831 Serigraph 
Whisky Indian Country   U990.14.1083 Serigraph
Whirl-pool (Frog and Raven)   U990.14.830 Serigraph 
Mating Call - Elk   U990.14.828 Serigraph 
The Great Blue Heron - Preen...   U990.14.829 Serigraph 
Kwakiutl Thunderbird   U990.14.83 Serigraph 
Cat's Cradle   U011.103.27 Laser print
The Hunt - B.C. Owls   U990.14.826 Serigraph 
Evening Reflection - Deer   U990.14.827 Serigraph 
April - New Moon - Owl   U990.14.825 Serigraph 
Morning Mallard   U990.14.823 Serigraph 
Night - Northern Owl And Mouse   U990.14.824 Serigraph 
West Coast Morning   U990.14.820 Serigraph 
Northern Song - Loons   U990.14.821 Serigraph 
Close Nesting - Gannets   U990.14.822 Serigraph 
Southward Spirit Woman   U990.14.1082 Serigraph
Eagle and Wild Woman   U990.14.82 Serigraph 
Weget the Sperm   U990.14.818 Serigraph 
In the Womb   U990.14.819 Serigraph 
Western Grebus - Mating Dance   U990.14.816 Serigraph 
Special Bid - Caribou   U990.14.817 Serigraph 
Weasel The Hunter   U990.14.810 Serigraph 
Northern Woodpecker   U990.14.811 Serigraph 
Arctic Tern   U990.14.812 Serigraph 
Nesting Loon   U990.14.813 Serigraph 
Old Warrior-Walrus   U990.14.814 Serigraph 
Cannibal Woman   U990.14.81 Serigraph 
Blue Lightning Spirit   U990.14.1081 Serigraph
Morning Deer   U990.14.805 Serigraph 
B.C. Woodpecker   U990.14.806 Serigraph 
Midnight Sun - Baby Seal   U990.14.807 Serigraph 
Western Grebes   U990.14.808 Serigraph 
Whirlpool - Cohoe   U990.14.809 Serigraph 
Beaver Dancer (bear Screen)   U990.14.804 Serigraph 
Warrior And Killerwhale Spirit   U990.14.802 Serigraph 
The Bear Through The Ring Of...   U990.14.803 Serigraph 
Crying Frog Mask   U990.14.801 Serigraph 
Eagle and Salmon   U990.14.80 Serigraph 
Two Medicine Men With Powers   U990.14.1080 Serigraph
She Wolf Adopts Human   U990.14.800 Serigraph 
Cannibal Bird   U990.14.1008 Serigraph
Bear Cub and Moon   U990.14.797 Serigraph 
Man Transformed Into Bear   U990.14.798 Serigraph 
Salmon Fighting Up Stream To...   U990.14.799 Serigraph 
Raven   U990.14.8 Serigraph 
Raven   U990.14.791 Serigraph 
Gitksan Woman   U990.14.792 Serigraph 
Portrait Of Wolf   U990.14.793 Serigraph 
Raven Steals Sun   U990.14.794 Serigraph 
Woman Rides The Back Of Kill...   U990.14.795 Serigraph 
Long Haired Woman Turns Into...   U990.14.796 Serigraph 
Weasel   U990.14.790 Serigraph 
Gathering Of Maple Syrup   U990.14.1079 Serigraph 
Summer Moon   U990.14.786 Serigraph 
Killer Whale Design   U990.14.787 Serigraph 
Wolf   U990.14.788 Serigraph 
Moose   U990.14.789 Serigraph 
Man from the Sea #2   U990.14.79 Serigraph 
Diving Birds   U990.14.1078 Serigraph 
Halibut and Eagle   U990.14.781 Serigraph
Dog Salmon   U990.14.782 Serigraph
Grizzly Bear and Grouse   U990.14.785 Serigraph
Bear Through the Ring of the...   U990.14.771 Serigraph
Passing Through The Hole In ...   U990.14.772 Serigraph
Grizzly Bear with Sun Collar   U990.14.773 Serigraph
Whale With Lizards   U990.14.774 Serigraph
Pugwis: Man from the Sea   U990.14.78 Serigraph 
West Coast Eagle   U990.14.770 Serigraph 
Sea Lions   U990.14.769 Serigraph 
Killer Whale & Hawk   U990.14.77 Serigraph 
Turtle Island   U990.14.1077 Serigraph
Goolka   U990.14.764 Serigraph 
Digging Clams   U990.14.765 Serigraph 
Going to the Potlach   U990.14.766 Serigraph 
Eagle's Rainbow   U990.14.767 Serigraph 
Skidegate Sunset   U990.14.768 Serigraph 
New Year   U990.14.1076 Serigraph
Jonah in the Belly of the Wh...   U990.14.760 Serigraph 
The Incarnation   U990.14.761 Serigraph 
Pentecost   U990.14.762 serigraph 
II Timothy 2:11,12   U990.14.763 serigraph 
Eucharist: Sharing Feeding, ...   U990.14.758 serigraph 
Spiritual Nourishment   U990.14.759 Serigraph 
Eagle, Killer Whale and Beaver   U990.14.76 Serigraph 
Spiritual Calling   U990.14.754 Serigraph 
Epiphany: Unity In Giving At...   U990.14.755 Serigraph 
Raven Woman: Mary, Pregnant ...   U990.14.756 Serigraph 
The Resurrection   U990.14.757 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Man   U990.14.751 Serigraph 
Wolf Spirit   U990.14.752 Serigraph 
Seals   U990.14.753 Serigraph 
Blue Heron   U990.14.750 Serigraph 
Killer Whale   U990.14.749 Serigraph 
Raven and Double Headed Serp...   U990.14.75 Serigraph 
Mind, Body, and Spirit   U990.14.1075 Serigraph
Whale Man   U990.14.742 Serigraph
Spirit of the Spahath   U990.14.743 Serigraph
Shna-Ena   U990.14.744 Serigraph
Grandmother   U990.14.745 Serigraph
The Burning   U990.14.746 Serigraph
The Wind   U990.14.747 Serigraph
Shaman's Trance   U990.14.748 Serigraph 
Eagle And Salmon   U990.14.740 Serigraph 
The Dancer   U990.14.741 Serigraph
Dancer #3   U990.14.736 Serigraph
Spawning Salmon   U990.14.737 Serigraph
Wolf   U990.14.738 Serigraph
Octopus, Bookwus and Sculpin   U990.14.74 Serigraph 
Gathering   U990.14.1074 Serigraph
The Salmon Genesis   U990.14.730 Serigraph
Coast Salish Owl   U990.14.731 Serigraph
Miracle   U990.14.732 Serigraph
Salish Dancer   U990.14.734 Serigraph
Dancer #2   U990.14.735 Serigraph
Spirit Singer   U990.14.729 Serigraph
Cormorant   U990.14.73 Serigraph 
Going Right   U990.14.1073 Serigraph
Untitled (Bat and Eagle)   U990.14.725 Serigraph
Thunderbird Spirits   U990.14.726 Serigraph
Eternal Salmon   U990.14.727 Ink
Blind Devil Fish   U990.14.728 Serigraph
Grizzly   U990.14.722 Serigraph 
The Watcher   U990.14.724 Serigraph
Looking Right   U990.14.1072 Serigraph
Flying Snake   U990.14.720 Serigraph
Killer Whale   U990.14.721 Serigraph 
Natural Spawning Grounds   U990.14.712 Serigraph 
Lacrosse Players   U990.14.713 Print; Serigraph 
Te Qoitcital The Serpent Sla...   U990.14.714 Ink 
Thunderbird   U990.14.715 Serigraph 
Spirit Dancer   U990.14.716 Serigraph 
Qoitcital   U990.14.717 Serigraph 
Thunderbird And Whale   U990.14.718 Serigraph
Dragon Fly   U990.14.719 Serigraph
Eagle   U990.14.72 Serigraph 
Humulticion Capilano Fishing...   U990.14.710 Serigraph 
November Winds   U990.14.711 Serigraph 
Guidance (II)   U990.14.1071 Serigraph
Sculpin   U990.14.71 Serigraph 
Man Made Forest   U990.14.709 Serigraph 
Creation of Salmon   U990.14.708 Serigraph 
Salmon Cycle   U990.14.707 Serigraph 
Untitled (Dale)   U990.14.1707 Serigraph 
Ty-ee Salmon   U990.14.706 Serigraph 
Owl Around the Moon   U990.14.705 Serigraph 
Gac Mac Conference   U990.14.704 Serigraph 
Guardian Spirit Killer Whale   U990.14.703 serigraph 
Power Coast Salish   U990.14.702 Print; Serigraph 
Stawamus   U990.14.701 Serigraph 
Raven Creating The Great Flood   U990.14.700 Serigraph 
Salmon   U990.14.70 Serigraph 
Gathering   U990.14.1070 Serigraph
Raven   U990.14.1007 Serigraph
Large Box Design   U990.14.7 Serigraph 
Coast Salish Dancer   U990.14.699 Serigraph 
Creation Of The Squamish Peo...   U990.14.696 Serigraph 
Untitled (Proof in Blue)   U011.115.9 Lithograph
Journey To The Other World   U990.14.695 serigraph
The Whalers   U990.14.694 Serigraph
Proof State   U011.115.11 Lithograph
Wolf Spirit   U990.14.693 serigraph
Owl Taking Man's Spirit To T...   U990.14.692 serigraph
Eagle and the Salmon   U990.14.691 Serigraph
Double Headed Eagle   U990.14.690 Serigraph
Merman   U990.14.1069 Serigraph
Whale   U990.14.69 Serigraph 
Thukia And The Chipmunk   U990.14.689 Serigraph
We-Gyet and Water   U990.14.688 serigraph
The Skunk and the Crane   U990.14.687 Serigraph 
Lost In The Fraser   U990.14.686 serigraph 
The Double Headed Serpent   U990.14.685 Serigraph 
The Beaver and the Snake Woman   U990.14.684 Serigraph 
The Messenger Owl   U990.14.683 Serigraph 
Shaman Who Went to the Other...   U990.14.682 Serigraph 
We-get and the Tide Woman   U990.14.681 serigraph
The Salmon   U990.14.680 Serigraph 
Guidance   U990.14.1068 Serigraph
Hawkman and Whale   U990.14.68 Serigraph 
The Eagle And The Salmon   U990.14.679 Serigraph
Man with His Spirit   U990.14.678 Serigraph
Man with Wolves and Birds   U990.14.677 Serigraph
Human With Thunderbirds   U990.14.676 Serigraph
Man with Wolves   U990.14.675 Serigraph
Salmon   U990.14.674 Serigraph
We-Gyet In The House Of Seal   U990.14.673 serigraph
Raven Stealing The Sun   U990.14.672 serigraph
Thunderbird and Killer Whale   U990.14.671 Serigraph
Ravens and Frogs   U990.14.670 Print; Serigraph
Learning to Paint   U990.14.1067 Serigraph
Raven and Man N.I.E.D. Logo   U990.14.67 Serigraph 
Salmon Run   U990.14.669 serigraph
Salmon   U990.14.668 Serigraph
Man with Otters   U990.14.667 Serigraph
Humming Bird II   U990.14.666 Serigraph
Blue Heron   U990.14.665 Serigraph
Coast Salish Design   U990.14.664 Serigraph 
Coast Salish Rattle Design: ...   U990.14.662 Serigraph 
Spindle Whorl Twins   U990.14.663 Serigraph 
Sturgeon   U990.14.661 Serigraph 
Killer Whales   U990.14.660 Serigraph 
Paddling To The Hunting Ground   U990.14.1066 Serigraph
Thunderbird Drum   U990.14.66 Serigraph 
Life Cycle Of Salmon   U990.14.659 serigraph 
Coast Salish Rattle Design T...   U990.14.658 Serigraph 
Raven   U990.14.657 Serigraph 
Captive Maiden   U990.14.656 Serigraph 
Coast Salish Spindle Whorl S...   U990.14.653 Serigraph 
Owl   U990.14.652 Serigraph 
Untitled (Designs)   U990.14.1652 Serigraph 
Coast Salish Spindle Whorl T...   U990.14.651 Serigraph 
Drum Design Eagle And Salmon   U990.14.650 Serigraph 
Change of Season   U009.2.2 Serigraph
Rock Paintings   U990.14.1065 Serigraph
Thunderbird and Whale   U990.14.65 Serigraph 
Coast Salish Spindle Whorl T...   U990.14.649 Serigraph 
Guardian Spirit   U990.14.648 Serigraph 
Whale   U990.14.647 Serigraph
Snake Lady   U990.14.646 Serigraph
Flying Snake   U990.14.645 Serigraph
Seamonster   U990.14.642 Serigraph
Double Raven   U990.14.643 Serigraph
Untitled (Haida Beaver Card)   U990.14.1643 Serigraph 
Killerwhale   U990.14.644 Serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.641 Serigraph
Killerwhale   U990.14.640 Serigraph
The Gift   U990.14.1064 Serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.64 Serigraph 
Thunderbird   U990.14.639 Serigraph
Killer Whale Ovoid   U990.14.635 Print; Serigraph
Kwagiulth Cannibal Bird   U990.14.636 serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.637 Serigraph 
Moon   U990.14.634 Serigraph
Kwa-Guilth Eagle   U990.14.633 serigraph
Double Headed Sea Serpent   U990.14.632 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.631 Serigraph
Whale Box Design   U990.14.630 Serigraph
Hinkuts   U990.14.629 Serigraph
Killer Whale   U990.14.63 Serigraph 
Night Flight   U990.14.1063 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.1627 Serigraph
Ihtuup   U990.14.628 Serigraph
Today's Haul   U990.14.627 Serigraph
Qwat Ma   U990.14.625 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Killerwhale   U013.13.7 Serigraph 
Whale   U990.14.626 Serigraph
Hesuiat Sea Serpent Dancer   U990.14.624 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Grey Whale   U990.14.623 Serigraph 
Thunderbird And Double Heade...   U990.14.621 Print; Serigraph 
Eclipse   U990.14.622 Serigraph 
Westcoast Killer Whale Box D...   U990.14.620 Serigraph 
Untitled (Three Loons)   U990.14.1062 Serigraph
Sisiutl Drum   U990.14.62 Serigraph 
West Coast Eagle Design_and ...   U990.14.619 Serigraph 
Raven   U990.14.618 Serigraph 
West Coast Killer Whale   U990.14.617 Serigraph 
Shark and Hesquiat Hunter   U990.14.616 Serigraph 
Atlinyuk, Double Headed Serp...   U990.14.615 Serigraph 
Atlinyuk Double Headed Serpent   U990.14.614 Serigraph 
Bear Transformation   U990.14.613 Serigraph 
Blue Raven   U990.14.612 Serigraph 
Earthquake   U990.14.611 Serigraph 
Living Spirit   U990.14.610 Serigraph 
Feeding The Fire   U990.14.1061 Serigraph
Thunderbird Taking His Human...   U990.14.609 Print; Serigraph 
Untitled (Transformation)   U990.14.61 Serigraph 
Raven Ridiculing The Bear   U990.14.607 Serigraph 
White Killers Transforming I...   U990.14.608 Serigraph 
The Whaler   U990.14.605 Print; Serigraph 
Drum Design Thunderbird Ligh...   U990.14.606 Ink 
Poison Salmon And Man   U990.14.603 Serigraph 
Thunderbird Dancer   U990.14.601 Serigraph 
Christ   U990.14.600 Serigraph 
Untitled (Killer Whale)   U990.14.1600 Serigraph 
Cannibal Bird   U990.14.60 Serigraph 
Muskrat   U990.14.1060 Serigraph
Wolf   U990.14.6 Serigraph 
Killer Whale and Grouse   U990.14.1006 Serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.599 Serigraph 
Eagle   U990.14.598 Serigraph 
Lightning Snake   U990.14.597 Serigraph 
Wild Woman   U990.14.596 Serigraph 
Bear Transformation   U990.14.595 Serigraph 
Wolf   U990.14.594 Serigraph 
Blue Raven   U990.14.593 Serigraph 
Thunderbird And Lightning Sn...   U990.14.592 Serigraph 
Mouse And Man   U990.14.591 Serigraph 
Migration   U990.14.1059 Serigraph
Eagle And Killer Whale   U990.14.590 Serigraph 
Transformation #4   U990.14.59 Serigraph 
Raven Design   U990.14.589 Serigraph 
Moon, December   U990.14.588 Serigraph 
The Bull Head Fish   U990.14.1588 Serigraph 
Gray Whale and Nootka Whalers   U990.14.587 Serigraph 
Sea Serpent Thunderbird And ...   U990.14.586 Serigraph 
Spirit Man Night Scene   U990.14.585 Serigraph 
Untitled (Raven)   U990.14.1583 Serigraph 
Shark and Man   U990.14.584 Serigraph 
Untitled (Haida Design in Fo...   U990.14.1582 Serigraph 
Earthquake Foot   U990.14.583 Serigraph 
Octopus   U990.14.582 Serigraph 
Sisiutl Drum   U990.14.1581 Serigraph 
West Coast Conductor   U990.14.581 Serigraph 
Eagle   U990.14.580 Serigraph 
Raven House Front   U990.14.1580 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Whale   U990.14.58 Serigraph 
Animal Circle   U990.14.1058 Serigraph
Kwa-Guilth Sun Design   U990.14.579 Serigraph 
Sah Sin (humming Bird)   U990.14.577 Serigraph 
Untitled (Duane Pasco Exhibi...   U990.14.1575 Serigraph 
Ko Ishin Raven   U990.14.576 Serigraph 
Topati   U990.14.575 Serigraph 
Oosh-Tuk-Yo   U990.14.574 Serigraph 
Nuu-Chah-Nulth Raven   U990.14.573 Serigraph
Untitled (Blue Canoe Paddle)   U990.14.1573 Serigraph 
West Coast Crane and Octopus   U990.14.572 Serigraph
Ada Jack Memorial   U990.14.570 Serigraph 
Fishe Circle   U990.14.1057 Serigraph
Untitled (Kulus and Whale)   U990.14.57 Serigraph 
Wolf-Killer Whale Transforma...   U990.14.568 Serigraph 
Sea Urchin   U990.14.566 Serigraph 
Thunderbird And Rainbow Design   U990.14.567 Serigraph 
The Fisherman   U990.14.565 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Whale   U990.14.564 Serigraph 
Loon Dance   U990.14.563 Serigraph 
Creation Of Fog "Blue Heron"   U990.14.562 Serigraph 
Eagle and Salmon   U990.14.561 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Wolf   U990.14.560 Serigraph
Transformation #3   U990.14.56 Serigraph 
Bird Circle   U990.14.1056 Serigraph
Hamatsa Dancer   U990.14.559 Serigraph
T-Bird Killer Whale and Wolf   U990.14.558 Serigraph 
Creation Of Fog II   U990.14.557 Serigraph 
Spawning Salmon IV   U990.14.556 Serigraph 
Super Natural White Wolf   U990.14.555 Serigraph 
Spawning Salmon   U990.14.553 Serigraph 
Frog   U990.14.552 Serigraph 
Swan   U990.14.551 Serigraph 
My Great Pine Grandmother   U990.14.1055 Serigraph
Humming Bird   U990.14.550 Serigraph 
Tlingit Box   U990.14.55 Serigraph 
Eagle   U990.14.549 Serigraph 
Killer Whale and Raven   U990.14.548 Serigraph 
Cod Fish   U990.14.547 Serigraph 
West Coast Sea Eagle   U990.14.546 Serigraph 
Creation of Fog: Blue Heron   U990.14.545 Serigraph 
Captured Spirit   U990.14.544 Serigraph 
West Coast Bone Game   U990.14.543 Serigraph 
West Coast Wolf and Whale   U990.14.542 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Whale   U990.14.541 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Lightning Sn...   U990.14.540 Serigraph 
Northwind Bird   U990.14.1054 Serigraph
St. John The Baptist   U990.14.54 Serigraph 
Clam   U990.14.539 Serigraph 
Spawning Salmon II   U990.14.538 Serigraph 
Split Blue Heron   U990.14.536 Serigraph 
Killer Whale   U990.14.535 Serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.533 Serigraph 
Box Design   U990.14.531 Serigraph 
Lightning Snake   U990.14.530 Serigraph 
Waglisla B.C.   U990.14.1053 Serigraph
Transformation #2   U990.14.53 Serigraph 
Dogfish   U990.14.529 Serigraph 
Baby Killer Whale   U990.14.527 Serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.528 Serigraph
Split Thunderbird, Killer Wh...   U990.14.525 Serigraph
Sea Wolf   U990.14.524 Serigraph
Split Moon   U990.14.523 Serigraph 
West Coast Bone Game   U990.14.522 Serigraph 
Beaver In Home   U990.14.521 Serigraph 
Salmon   U990.14.52 Serigraph 
Spawning Salmon   U990.14.519 Serigraph 
Sea Lion   U990.14.516 Serigraph 
Wolf Dancer   U990.14.515 Serigraph 
Thunderbird and Killerwhale   U990.14.514 Serigraph
Eagle and Salmon   U990.14.513 Serigraph
Thunderbird And Sun   U990.14.512 Serigraph
K'a K'a Kwin   U990.14.511 Serigraph 
Long House   U990.14.510 Serigraph 
Copper   U990.14.51 Serigraph 
Split Moon   U990.14.508 Serigraph 
North West Coast Box Design   U990.14.507 Serigraph 
Wild Woman   U990.14.506 Serigraph 
Dancer   U990.14.505 Serigraph 
Split Eagle   U990.14.504 Serigraph 
Untitled (Thunderbird and Ki...   U990.14.502 Serigraph 
Kakawin   U990.14.501 Serigraph 
The Crown of Title   U990.14.500 Serigraph 
Yaxzi Of Geldith   U990.14.1050 Serigraph
Copper   U990.14.50 Serigraph 
Luck For A Hunter   U990.14.1005 Serigraph
Whale   U990.14.5 Serigraph 
The Crown of Title   U990.14.499 Serigraph 
Vision Quest   U990.14.497 Serigraph 
Untitled (Lightning Snake, T...   U990.14.498 Serigraph 
Kwii Kwallta   U990.14.1496 Serigraph
Clayoquat   U990.14.495 Serigraph 
Ke in   U990.14.1495 Serigraph
Life on Meares Island   U990.14.496 Serigraph 
Satsup   U990.14.1494 Serigraph
KakaWin   U990.14.1493 Serigraph
Blue Jay   U990.14.494 Serigraph 
Sea Eagle   U990.14.492 Serigraph 
Tukuk   U990.14.1492 Serigraph
Eagle's Gift   U990.14.493 Serigraph 
Sun (Cloth)   U990.14.1491 Serigraph
Whaler's Drum   U990.14.490 Serigraph 
Untitled (Streakers)   U990.14.1490 Serigraph; Draft
Ka-Ka-Win-Chealth II   U990.14.491 Serigraph 
Sea Eagle   U990.14.49 Serigraph 
Moon Dance   U990.14.489 Serigraph 
Moon Dance (Proof in Green)   U990.14.487 Serigraph 
Moon Dance   U990.14.488 Serigraph 
Gambler Drum   U990.14.485 Serigraph 
Hawk   U990.14.484 Serigraph 
Medicine Drum   U990.14.482 Serigraph 
Hanu-Qwatchu   U990.14.481 Serigraph 
Bella Bella Crest   U990.14.1048 Serigraph
Natural   U990.14.480 Serigraph 
Untitled (Test Serigraph pri...   U990.14.1480 Serigraph
Transformation #1   U990.14.48 Serigraph 
Supernatural   U990.14.479 Serigraph 
Ka-In   U990.14.478 Serigraph 
Spindle Whirl   U990.14.477 Serigraph 
Thunderbird And Killerwhale   U990.14.476 Serigraph 
Kwagulth Eagle, Killer Whale...   U990.14.1476 Serigraph 
Memorial Canoe   U990.14.474 Serigraph 
Hyacinth David Sr. Memorial   U990.14.471 Serigraph 
Memorial Rainbow Drum   U990.14.472 Serigraph 
Eats-Quin   U990.14.470 Serigraph 
Rainbow Maker; Haida Weather...   U990.14.1047 Serigraph
Split Hok'hok'   U990.14.47 Serigraph 
Ka-Ka-Win-Chealth   U990.14.469 Serigraph 
Wolf Dancer   U990.14.468 Serigraph 
Thunderbird Dancer   U990.14.467 Serigraph 
Untitled (Thunderbird and Wh...   U990.14.464 Serigraph 
Welcome Dancer   U990.14.465 Serigraph 
Serpent Dancer   U990.14.466 Serigraph 
Untitled (Swimming)   U990.14.1463 Serigraph 
Thunderbird Strongman Tearin...   U990.14.463 Serigraph 
Untitled (Piggyback)   U990.14.1462 Serigraph
Lightning Snake, Thunderbird...   U990.14.462 Serigraph 
Baby Raven   U990.14.461 Serigraph 
Raven   U990.14.460 Serigraph
The Return To The Quatam   U990.14.1046 Serigraph
Untitled (CNFC)   U990.14.46 Serigraph 
Killer Whale   U990.14.459 Serigraph 
Moon   U990.14.456 Serigraph
Whale, Seal, Salmon   U990.14.457 Serigraph
Seal   U990.14.458 Serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.454 Serigraph
Sun   U990.14.455 Serigraph
Untitled (Wolf)   U990.14.453  
Bull Head   U990.14.452 Serigraph
Lightning Snake   U990.14.451 Serigraph
Hee Multh Ni   U990.14.450
Sleeping Sea Otter and Pup   U990.14.1045 Serigraph
Untitled (Figure in Nature)   U990.14.1449 Serigraph
Sea Otter   U990.14.45 Serigraph 
Hee A Tlik   U990.14.449
Onniss   U990.14.448
Clayoquot Man   U990.14.447
Frog   U990.14.446 Serigraph
Sea Bear   U990.14.445 Serigraph
Cresent Moon   U990.14.444 Serigraph
Teetskim   U990.14.443 Serigraph
Moon   U990.14.442
Untitled (Wolf Killer Whale ...   U990.14.441 Serigraph
Chinook Restoration   U990.14.1044 Serigraph
West Coast Raven Design   U990.14.440 Serigraph
Sisiutl #2   U990.14.44 Serigraph 
Thlop-Kee-Tupp   U990.14.439 Serigraph 
Untitled (Whale)   U990.14.438 Serigraph 
Untitled (Gambler Drum)   U990.14.1437 Serigraph; graphite 
Pookmis Comes Back   U990.14.437 Serigraph 
Kwaht-Yaht Is Born   U990.14.436 Serigraph 
In Memory Only   U990.14.435 Serigraph 
Untitled (Medicine Drum)   U990.14.1433 Serigraph 
Raven Rescues the Sun and El...   U990.14.434 Serigraph 
Conference Of Minds   U990.14.433 Serigraph 
Housefront   U990.14.432 Serigraph 
House of the Wolves   U990.14.431 Serigraph 
Orca Pod   U990.14.1043 Serigraph
The Witness   U990.14.430 Serigraph 
Man Eating Clam   U990.14.43 Serigraph 
Thunderbird Eating A Whale   U990.14.429 Serigraph 
#67 Carmanah   U005.26.5 Woodblock; Waterbased Colourant; Powder Inks 
Killer Whale Transforming in...   U990.14.428 Serigraph 
Spiritual Whaler   U990.14.427 Serigraph 
Gambler   U990.14.425 Serigraph 
Raven Stealing The Sun   U990.14.426 Serigraph 
Serpent Dancer   U990.14.424 Serigraph 
Thunderbirds   U990.14.423 Serigraph 
Thlop-Kee-Tup   U990.14.422 Serigraph 
Untitled (Birth Announcement)   U990.14.421 Serigraph 
Box Design   U990.14.420 Serigraph 
Thunderbird And Wolves   U990.14.419 Serigraph 
Komunikado 69-A U.K.   U990.14.1042 Serigraph
Wolf   U990.14.417 Serigraph 
Killer Whale   U990.14.418 Serigraph 
Bo-Qui-La   U990.14.416 Serigraph 
Killer Whale   U990.14.415 Serigraph 
Black Bear   U990.14.414 Serigraph 
Killer-Whale   U990.14.413 Serigraph 
Qwiss-Toopsh   U990.14.412 Serigraph 
Mosquito   U990.14.411 Serigraph 
My Family   U990.14.410 Serigraph 
Supernatural Salmon   U990.14.1041 Serigraph
Vertical Whale And Snake   U990.14.41 Serigraph 
My Family   U990.14.409 Serigraph 
Crawling Wolves   U990.14.408 Serigraph 
A Tribute To My Grandmother   U990.14.407 Serigraph 
Untitled (Whale)   U990.14.1405 Serigraph 
Untitled (Whale)   U990.14.1406 Serigraph 
Untitled (Celtic Pattern)   U990.14.1404 Serigraph
Crawling Wolf   U990.14.405 Serigraph 
Too-Tooch; Thunderbird   U990.14.404 Serigraph 
Untitled (Curtain Design)   U990.14.1402 Serigraph 
Thunderbird   U990.14.403 Serigraph 
Thunderbird   U990.14.402 Serigraph 
Humpback Whale   U990.14.401 Serigraph 
Untitled (Collaged Images on...   U990.14.1401 Serigraph 
Sea Otter and Pup   U990.14.1040 Serigraph
Family Dance Curtain   U990.14.400 Serigraph 
Untitled (Yellow and Orange ...   U990.14.1400 Serigraph 
Sun #3   U990.14.40 Serigraph 
Box Design   U990.14.4 Serigraph 
Raven And Whale   U990.14.1004 Serigraph
Untitled (Rural Scene)   U990.14.1398 Etching 
Pook-Ubs   U990.14.399 Serigraph 
Untitled (Pointing Finger)   U990.14.1399 Serigraph 
Serpent Dancer   U990.14.398 Serigraph 
Untitled (Art Nouveau Figure)   U990.14.1396 Serigraph
Pogany   U990.14.1397 Serigraph 
Sah-Sin   U990.14.396 Serigraph 
Untitled (Pattern Design)   U990.14.1394 Serigraph
Ka-Ka-Win-Chealth   U990.14.395 Serigraph 
Untitled (Peacock)   U990.14.1395 Serigraph
Clo-Oose Vision   U990.14.394 Serigraph 
Untitled (Decorative Motif)   U990.14.1393 Serigraph 
Halibut Fishing   U990.14.393 Serigraph 
Untitled (Thunderbird and Sn...   U990.14.1392 Serigraph
Welcome Canoe   U990.14.391 Serigraph 
Untitled (Dancer)   U990.14.1391 Serigraph
Seal Hunting   U990.14.392 Serigraph 
Untitled (Three Penguins)   U990.14.1390 Serigraph 
Kingfisher   U990.14.1039 Serigraph
Whaling   U990.14.390 Serigraph 
Untitled (Bear)   U990.14.1389 Serigraph
Thunderbird Design   U990.14.39 Serigraph 
Untitled (Human Bird Figure)   U990.14.1388 Serigraph
Thunderbird and Whale   U990.14.389 Serigraph 
Untitled (Frog)   U990.14.1387 Serigraph
Tee-Thloop   U990.14.387 Serigraph 
Untitled (Frog)   U990.14.1386 Serigraph
Untitled (Bird)   U990.14.1385 Serigraph
Hy-Ish-Tup   U990.14.386 Serigraph 
Halibut   U990.14.385 Serigraph 
Untitled (Whales)   U990.14.1384 Serigraph
Cod Fish   U990.14.384 Serigraph 
Untitled (Box Design)   U990.14.1383 Serigraph
Clam   U990.14.383 Serigraph 
Untitled (Moon)   U990.14.1382 Serigraph
Mussel   U990.14.382 Print; Serigraph 
Untitled (Formline Design)   U990.14.1380 Serigraph 
Crab   U990.14.381 Serigraph 
Geelowlee   U990.14.1381 Serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.38 Serigraph 
Cormorant   U990.14.1038 Serigraph
Hummingbird And Flower   U990.14.380 Serigraph 
Untitled (Box Design)   U990.14.1379 Serigraph
Untitled (Animal)   U990.14.1378 Serigraph
Shark   U990.14.379 Serigraph 
Untitled (Whale-Wolf)   U990.14.378 Serigraph 
Raven Ghost And Moon   U990.14.377 Serigraph 
Untitled (The Beaver and the...   U990.14.1377 Serigraph 
Untitled (Bird Creature)   U990.14.1376 Serigraph 
Spawning Salmon   U990.14.376 Serigraph 
Humpback Salmon   U990.14.375 Serigraph 
Untitled (Sisiutl)   U990.14.1375 Serigraph
Hupacesath Hayupis Kikepin   U990.14.1374 Serigraph 
Seal   U990.14.374 Serigraph 
Dogfish   U990.14.373 Serigraph 
Untitled (Eagle Dancer and S...   U990.14.1373 Serigraph
Untitled (Killer Whale and P...   U990.14.1372 Serigraph
Untitled (Ancient Knowledge)   U990.14.1371 Serigraph 
Ka Ka Whin   U990.14.372 Serigraph 
Kingfisher   U990.14.371 Print; Serigraph 
Rainbow   U990.14.370 Serigraph 
The Crown of Title   U990.14.1370 Serigraph 
Kwa-Giulth Salmon Woman   U990.14.1037 Serigraph
Whale   U990.14.37 Serigraph 
The Dance of Life and Death   U990.14.1369 Serigraph
Moo-Uch-Mit   U990.14.369 Serigraph 
Uthl-Muc-Ko   U990.14.368 Serigraph
The Dance of Life and Death   U990.14.1368 Serigraph
Untitled (Manifest of Inuit ...   U990.14.1367 Serigraph
Koo-Kwath-Pa-Thla   U990.14.367 Serigraph 
The Dance of Life and Death   U990.14.1366 Linocut ?
Untitled (Crashing Waves)   U990.14.1365 Serigraph
Man Changing Into A Wolf   U990.14.366 Serigraph 
Sea Bear (contemporary serig...   U990.14.1364 Serigraph 
Hummingbird   U990.14.365 Serigraph 
Lightning Snake   U990.14.364 Serigraph 
Frog   U990.14.363 Serigraph 
Skipping Lady   U990.14.1363 Serigraph 
Ice Cream Lady   U990.14.1362 Serigraph 
Dr. Brute's Kiss   U990.14.1361 Serigraph 
Thunderbird   U990.14.362 Serigraph 
Octopus   U990.14.361 Serigraph 
Held Over   U990.14.1360 Serigraph 
Osprey and Coho   U990.14.1036 Serigraph
Untitled (Mosquito)   U990.14.360 Serigraph 
Miss Shoe   U990.14.1359 Serigraph 
The Death of Nelson at the B...   U001.11.1057 Etching 
Sculpin #2   U990.14.36 Serigraph 
My Pussy   U990.14.1358 Serigraph 
Whale   U990.14.359 Serigraph 
Hy Ish Tup   U990.14.358 Serigraph 
Octopus   U990.14.357 Serigraph 
Squeeze Me!   U990.14.1357 Serigraph 
Deflatable   U990.14.1356 Serigraph 
Woodpecker   U990.14.356 Serigraph 
Untitled (Deer and Rock)   U990.14.355 Serigraph 
Untitled (Sea Urchin)   U990.14.354 Serigraph 
Untitled (Sea Creatures)   U990.14.1353 Serigraph 
Untitled (Halibut)   U990.14.353 Serigraph 
Untitled (Wolf #1)   U990.14.352 Serigraph 
The Old Swimming Hole   U990.14.1351 Serigraph
Sun   U990.14.351 Serigraph 
Piggy Back   U990.14.1350 Serigraph
Untitled (Beaver)   U990.14.350 Serigraph 
Untitled (Salmon)   U990.14.1035 Serigraph
Thunderbird   U990.14.35 Serigraph 
Untitled (Bath Time)   U990.14.1464 Serigraph
Untitled (Moon)   U990.14.349 Serigraph 
Shark   U990.14.348 Serigraph 
Killer Whale #1   U990.14.347 Serigraph 
Nanua Eah   U990.14.346 Serigraph 
Husking Corn   U990.14.1346 Serigraph
Untitled (Herring Gull)   U990.14.1343 Serigraph
SatlthSaach   U990.14.344 Serigraph 
Untitled (Eagle)   U990.14.1342 Lithograph
Ha-Um   U990.14.343 Serigraph 
Bird   U990.14.1341 Serigraph
Ko-Ishin   U990.14.342 Serigraph
Untitled (Dance Screen)   U990.14.340 Serigraph
Untitled (Killer Whale)   U990.14.1034 Serigraph
Untitled (Whale)   U990.14.34 Serigraph 
Welcome Figure   U990.14.339 Serigraph
Untitled (Princess Mary)   U990.14.1338-2 Serigraph 
Kaka-Win   U990.14.337 Serigraph
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