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Dtv, Wertvolle Geschenke Mü...   E998.5.10 Ink 
Sail Bremerhaven '86   E998.5.7 Ink
Art: A Celebration Of Canadi...   E998.5.8 Ink 
Dtv, Wertvolle Geschenke Mus...   E998.5.9 Ink 
Germanica   E998.5.5 Ink 
Sail Bremerhaven '86   E998.5.6 Ink
International Festival And C...   E998.5.4 Ink 
Ubc Women's Centre Presents ...   E998.5.2 Serigraph 
Obere Galerie, Herbert Siebner   E998.5.3 Ink 
Flohmarkt Franfurt   E998.5.1 Poster
Reproduction of the original...   U998.24.20 Reproduction of Coloured Engraving 
Elliott Erwitt (Personal Exp...   E990.2.5
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figu...   E003.1.1-5 paper
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figure   E003.1.1-4 paper
Untitled (Architectural imag...   E986.1.9 Photographic Print; Ink 
Untitled (Sculptor Advertise...   E986.1.21 Photographic Print 
Untitled (House and Text)   E986.1.13 Photographic Print; Ink 
Untitled (Photo)   E985.8.3 Silver Print
Untitled (House and Text)   E986.1.1 Photographic Print; Ink 
Untitled (Poster for Leroy J...   E985.6.1
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figu...   E003.1.1-3 paper
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figu...   E003.1.1-1 Print
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figu...   E003.1.1-2 paper
Deaf Mute in the Pear Tree   U007.15.1 print 
Stettin am Oder   U996.26.13 Watercolour lithograph
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