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Dtv, Wertvolle Geschenke Mü...   E998.5.10 Ink 
Sail Bremerhaven '86   E998.5.7 Ink
Art: A Celebration Of Canadi...   E998.5.8 Ink 
Dtv, Wertvolle Geschenke Mus...   E998.5.9 Ink 
Germanica   E998.5.5 Ink 
Sail Bremerhaven '86   E998.5.6 Ink
International Festival And C...   E998.5.4 Ink 
Ubc Women's Centre Presents ...   E998.5.2 Serigraph 
Obere Galerie, Herbert Siebner   E998.5.3 Ink 
Flohmarkt Franfurt   E998.5.1 Poster
Reproduction of the original...   U998.24.20 Reproduction of Coloured Engraving 
Elliott Erwitt (Personal Exp...   E990.2.5
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figu...   E003.1.1-5 paper
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figure   E003.1.1-4 paper
Untitled (Architectural imag...   E986.1.9 Photographic Print; Ink 
Untitled (Sculptor Advertise...   E986.1.21 Photographic Print 
Untitled (House and Text)   E986.1.13 Photographic Print; Ink 
Untitled (Photo)   E985.8.3 Silver Print
Untitled (House and Text)   E986.1.1 Photographic Print; Ink 
Untitled (Poster for Leroy J...   E985.6.1
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figu...   E003.1.1-3 paper
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figu...   E003.1.1-1 Print
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figu...   E003.1.1-2 paper
Deaf Mute in the Pear Tree   U007.15.1 print 
Stettin am Oder   U996.26.13 Watercolour lithograph
Shaman's Dream Journey   U990.14.882 Serigraph
Kwakiutl Raven   U990.14.1598 Serigraph 
Kwakiutl Thunderbird   U990.14.1597 Serigraph 
Kwakiutl Eagle   U990.14.1596 Serigraph 
Kwakiutl Thunderbird   U990.14.1595 Serigraph 
Black Drum Design   U990.14.1594 Serigraph 
Untitled (Drum Design with F...   U990.14.1593 Serigraph
Untitled (Greeting Card)   U990.14.1591 Serigraph
Frog   U990.14.1590 Serigraph
Killer Whale Drum   U990.14.1589 Serigraph 
Untitled (Raven and Thunderb...   U990.14.1587 Serigraph 
Untitled (Greeting Card, Thu...   U990.14.1586 Serigraph 
Seal Bowl Design   U990.14.1585 Serigraph 
Untitled (Memorial Canoe)   U990.14.1584 Serigraph 
Untitled (Roy Thomas Recent ...   U990.14.1579 Serigraph
Untitled (Kiista Design)   U990.14.1577 Serigraph 
Untitled (Embossed Card)   U990.14.1576 Embossed print 
Untitled (Eagle Carving a Fr...   U990.14.1572 Serigraph 
Killerwhale And Sea Lion   U990.14.1571 Serigraph
Eagle Crests   U990.14.1570 Serigraph
Suncrest With Human Face   U990.14.1569 Serigraph
The Creation Of Eve   U990.14.1568 Serigraph
Eagle   U990.14.1567 Serigraph 
Untitled (Invitation to Nort...   U990.14.1566 Serigraph
Untitled (Owl Spindle Whorl)   U990.14.1530 serigraph
Untitled (Dancer Greeting Ca...   U990.14.509 Serigraph 
Untitled (Birth Announcement)   U990.14.1430 Serigraph 
Untitled (Map of Africa)   U001.11.1053 Print
Untitled (Colour Swatch)   U990.14.1403 Serigraph
Dance Screen; Exhibition Pos...   U990.14.341 Serigraph
Kwakiutl Raven and Sun; Poster   U990.14.33 Photo mechanical print 
Untitled (Six Uncut Prints)   U990.14.1325 Serigraph
Annie ('ma'mxu'yogwa)   U990.14.1320 Serigraph
The Beaver And The Mink II; ...   U990.14.1319 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
La Bonza Unchained   U990.14.1280 Serigraph
Exhibition Poster; Landscape...   U990.14.1276
Eagle Aerie Studio Gallery; ...   U990.14.1246 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Killer Whale; The Downtown G...   U990.14.237  
Maiden Singers; Poster   U990.14.1230 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
Roy Henry Vickers; Exhibitio...   U990.14.1224 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
B.C. Native Arts and Values ...   U990.14.1222 Serigraph
Images For A Canadian Herita...   U990.14.204 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Ha'Mats'A Raven; Poster   U990.14.1196 Serigraph 
Untitled (Native Indian Educ...   U990.14.1195 Serigraph 
The Hunt Family Tree; Poster   U990.14.1170 Serigraph 
Sonne Rabe Mensch (exhibitio...   U990.14.1169 Serigraph 
John Goodwin Nytom; Wi'wikop...   U990.14.1167 Serigraph 
Le-la-la Dancers (poster)   U990.14.1168 Serigraph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.53 Lithograph
Vine Wallpaper   U996.15.1  
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.8 photolithograph 
Arte Italiana (panel design)   M970.10.9 Lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.7 photolithograph 
Untitled (design for the bac...   M970.10.66 Serigraph 
Untitled ("Arte Italiana" Jo...   M970.10.64 Lithograph 
Vegetale, Modello per Carta ...   M970.10.62 Lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" Jo...   M970.10.6 Lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.58 photolithograph 
Untitled (firescreen execute...   M970.10.54 Serigraph 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.5 photolithograph 
Untitled (wallpaper design w...   M970.10.52 Serigraph 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.48 photolithograph 
Untitled (design for firescr...   M970.10.46 Serigraph 
Volterra: The Etruscan Museum   U006.20.2 Catalogue Publications 
Untitled ("Arte Italiana" Jo...   M970.10.45 Serigraph 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.42 Photo-Lithograph 
Untitled (design for a fires...   M970.10.41 Serigraph 
Untitled (Textile print desi...   M970.10.4 Serigraph 
Untitled (window design for ...   M970.10.37 Serigraph 
Untitled (sketch for a fires...   M970.10.31 photolithograph 
Arte Italiana   M970.10.30 Lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.3 photolithograph 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.25 photolithograph 
Untitled (Scuola D'Arte Appl...   M970.10.23 Photo-lithograph 
Untitled (Parte Superiore di...   M970.10.22 Photo-lithograph 
Grandezza Dell'Originale (de...   M970.10.20 Lithograph 
Untitled (design for the upp...   M970.10.21 Lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.2 Lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte Italiana" Jo...   M970.10.18 Serigraph; photolithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.19 Photo-lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.17 Lithograph 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.16 Photo-Lithograph 
Dell'Originale, Grandezza   M970.10.15 Lithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.14 Lithograph 
Untitled (Stoffa da Parato p...   M970.10.11 Photo-Lithograph 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.12 photolithograph 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.13 photolithograph 
Untitled (Print from Journal...   M970.10.1 photolithograph 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.10 Lithograph 
Untitled (Prayer Book)   M964.1.89 Leather; Ivory; Paper 
The Wild Flowers Around Vict...   M964.1.475 foil covered paper, cardboard, assembled booklet 
Untitled (Celestial Map)   M964.1.341 Copper 
Tintagel   M964.1.332 Ink 
Untitled (Barred Owl, Reprod...   U007.67.8 Ink 
Popeye comics   U011.30.1 ink
Untitled (Byzantine poster)   E996.1.23-2 Poster 
Untitled (Byzantine Poster)   E996.1.23-1 Poster 
Exhibition Poster; "Edward G...   E994.3.20 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Untitled (Bookplate)   E994.3.2 Ink 
Untitled (Blue and White Chi...   E994.3.19 Ink 
Untitled (Exhibition Poster)   E994.3.18 Ink 
Untitled (Beryl Cook Exhibit...   E994.3.17 Ink 
Untitled (Leaves)   E994.3.16 Ink 
Our Canadian Mosaic   U007.8.6 ink, paper 
Objects of Reverie   E990.2.4 Poster 
Pyramid Mountain and Clouds   E985.8.1 Silver Print 
Vancouver, B.C. (From Spanis...   E985.10.3 poster reproduction 
Native Sea Otter; Vancouver ...   E985.10.2 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Heritage (Vancouver 100th An...   E985.10.1 Ink
Form And Freedom Indian Art ...   U990.14.1150 Photomechanical Copy 
Duane Pasco New Works; Eagle...   U990.14.1149 Serigraph 
Bill Reid Retrospective 1980...   U988.4.5  
The Legacy (poster for 1982 ...   U988.4.4 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Untitled (West Coast Box des...   U988.4.20  
Painting For Sound Heritage ...   U988.4.21 Serigraph 
The Ceremony Of The First Sa...   U988.33.1-30 Ink
The Salmon   U988.33.1-3 Ink
Untitled (Fish)   U988.33.1-25 Reproduction 
China Days   U988.18.1 Paper; tissue; silk 
The Mutt And Jeff Cartoons   U988.17.5 Ink 
Popeye   U988.17.4 Ink 
Whimpy: The Hamburger Eater   U988.17.3 Ink; Paper 
Survivor's Island, Georgian ...   U988.10.31 Reproduction print 
Untitled (Embossed Christmas...   U987.9.4 Embossed 
Untitled (card)   U987.4.5 Ink
Untitled (letterhead)   U987.4.3 Ink
Untitled (promo cards)   U987.4.2 Ink
Poster Eagle's Moon   E005.2.1 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
Untitled (Exhibition Poster,...   U005.21.6 Photomechanic print and stickers 
Poster for Limner's at Horiz...   U005.21.5 Lithograph 
Landscape of Love Poster   U005.21.3 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Untitled (AGGV Poster "Roy H...   U005.21.7 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.28 photolithograph
Untitled (Photograph)   U994.19.9 Photographic Print 
Untitled (Wallpaper)   U994.12.2 Ink 
Untitled (Wallpaper)   U994.12.1 Ink 
Bay Of Fundy (poster)   U982.25.1 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.65 Photo lithograph
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.35 photolithograph
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.5 Reproduction print
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.55 Photo lithograph
Untitled (Explanatory Plate ...   U965.1.3-20 Ink 
Untitled (Explanatory Plate ...   U965.1.3-18 Ink 
Untitled (Explanatory Plate ...   U965.1.3-19 Ink 
Untitled (Explanatory Plate ...   U965.1.3-17 Ink 
Untitled (Map)   U993.6.7 Engraving 
Charles X - King Of France   U993.19.5 Print 
Untitled (Black and White Ab...   U987.3.19 Lithograph 
Wallpaper   E011.28.3 Print
Untitled (Bottle Label)   U987.14.2 Metal, Silver
Untitled ("Dualities" Exhibi...   E987.7.1 Poster
Dracula; Toy Theatre Play Sc...   E011.22.1 Book
British Field Sports Facsimile   E011.23.1 Lithograph Book
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.33 Photo-Lithograph
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.10 Reproduction print
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.6 Reproduction print
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.2 Reproduction print
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.3 Reproduction print
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.8 Reproduction print
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.60 photolithograph
Illustrations For The Hound ...   U985.1.11 Ink; Paper; Cloth 
Illustration For Rime Of The...   U985.1.10 Paper; Leather; Ink 
Aladdin, Or, the Wonderful L...   U984.8.1 Leather, paper
The South-West Prospect of t...   U009.16.464-2 Print
Health And Wealth, The Roycr...   U984.55.1 Paper, suede 
Sunflower Wallpaper, 2 of 2 ...   U984.44.10  
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.40 photolithograph
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.47 photolithograph
Images of Coast Salish Cultu...   U990.14.1162 Photomechanical Copy 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.27 photolithograph
Untitled (Coast Salish Impre...   U990.14.1225 Serigraph 
Potlatch presents Northern C...   U990.14.1160 Photomechanical Copy
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.61 photolithograph
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.36 photolithograph
The South-East Prospect of t...   U009.16.464-1 ink
Untitled (Exhibition Poster)   U982.25.3 photo reproductive print 
Untitled (Exhibition Poster)   U982.25.2 Poster Print 
Envelope for Mortuary Human ...   E003.1.2-11 Paper
Envelope for African Races: ...   E003.1.3-14 Paper
Wall Paper Sample; Daisy   U990.27.3 Ink
Symphonie Symbolique   U990.21.2 Ink
Christ In Hades   U990.21.1 Publication 
Edward B. Paul biography   U984.26.2 Ink
Commemorative Seal   U984.29.2-2 Ink
Letter From Prince Phillip   U984.29.2-1 Ink
Coast Salish Exhibit Poster   U990.14.1206 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Schauspiel Im Herbst   E998.5.30 Ink 
Reindez Theater   E998.5.31 Ink 
20 Deutsches Jazz Festival, ...   E998.5.32  
Untitled (Jugend in Vergange...   E998.5.33 Ink 
Untitled (Die Neuen Vorbilder)   E998.5.34 Ink 
Musik Und Dokumentra   E998.5.35 Ink 
Marchen Der Bruder Grimm   E998.5.36 Ink 
Kultur-Aktuell In Hessen   E998.5.37 Ink 
Schauspiel Frankfurt   E998.5.38 Ink 
Der Schock Der Moderne   E998.5.39 Ink 
Minna Von Barnhelm   E998.5.40 Ink 
Augusburg, Stadtjubilaum 1985   E998.5.41 Ink 
2000 Jahre, Stadt Trier. Rhe...   E998.5.42 Ink 
Reden Muss Man Miteinander   E998.5.43 Ink 
Tag Des Buches   E998.5.44 Ink 
2000 Jahre , Stadt Trier, Rh...   E998.5.45 Ink 
Aus. Ernst Jundl Selbstportr...   E998.5.46 Ink 
Augusburg, Stadtjuibilaum 1985   E998.5.47 Ink 
Untitled (poster)   E998.5.26
Spielzeug Museum Nurnberg   E998.5.28 Ink 
Richard Wagner   E998.5.29 Ink 
Heilige Dreifaltigkeit   E998.5.25 Ink 
Envelope for Human and Anima...   E003.1.1-11 Paper
Spielzeug Museum Nurnberg.   E998.5.27 Ink 
Dtv Wertvolle Geschenke Müs...   E998.5.11 Ink 
Muttergottes Von Vladmir. By...   E998.5.12 Ink 
Neue Perskeptiven. Hannover ...   E998.5.13 Ink 
Junges Im Herbst. Ernst-Deut...   E998.5.14 Ink 
Der Verein: Ernst-Deutsch Th...   E998.5.15 Ink 
Der Aufhaltfame Ufftieg Des ...   E998.5.16 Ink 
Martin Luther Und Die Reform...   E998.5.17 Ink 
Mariae Verkündigung Byzanti...   E998.5.18 Ink 
Ubc Women's Centre Presents ...   E998.5.19 Ink 
Bibliothekstage, 1987 Burger...   E998.5.20 Ink 
Hochschulenkurse Deutsch Tir...   E998.5.21 Ink 
Stadtköln   E998.5.22 Ink 
Art: A Celebration Of Canadi...   E998.5.23 Ink 
Exhibition Poster; Landscape...   U997.19.36 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
The Publisher's Path   E998.5.24 Ink 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.50 Lithograph
Wallpaper Sample "Bower" (p...   U990.27.4 Ink 
People of the Cedar   U990.14.1318 Serigraph
"Eagle Aerie Gallery: Roy He...   U000.14.9 Print; Serigraph 
Untitled (Roy Henry Vickers ...   U000.14.10 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
Arte Italiana   M970.10.26 Lithograph 
Homenaje A Siqueiros   U000.19.11 Poster 
Decca Dance Event Poster   U000.32.8 Commercial Lithograph (photo) 
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.7 Reproduction print
Untitled (Poster, The Rickar...   E999.4.1 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
Untitled (Letter to Michael ...   U000.31.11-1 Ink
Untitled (Poster)   U990.14.157-1 Serigraph 
Untitled (Poster)   U990.14.206-1 Serigraph 
Untitled (Omelette Surprise)   E998.5.48 Ink
Untitled (Schauspiel Frankfu...   E998.5.49 Ink
Untitled (Tag des Buches)   E998.5.50 Ink
Untitled (Reklame Reklame)   E998.5.51 Lithograph
Untitled (Der Gast von Franc...   E998.5.52 Ink
Untitled (Ein seltsames Paar)   E998.5.53 Ink
Untitled (Schweyk)   E998.5.54 Ink
Untitled (Der Erbe seiner se...   E998.5.55 Ink
Untitled (Clavigo)   E998.5.56 Ink
Untitled (Antigone)   E998.5.57 Ink
Untitled (Night and Day)   E998.5.58 Ink
Untitled (Geschichte Eines P...   E998.5.59 Ink
Untitled (Arztinnen)   E998.5.60 Ink
Untitled (Germanica)   E998.5.61 Ink
Untitled (Mogliche Begegnung)   E998.5.62 Ink
Untitled (Unsere Kleine Stadt)   E998.5.63 Ink
Untitled (Der Mustergatte)   E998.5.64 Ink
Untitled (Teures Gluck)   E998.5.65 Ink
Untitled (Der gute mensch vo...   E998.5.66 Ink
Untitled (Judith)   E998.5.67 Ink
Untitled (Montserrat)   E998.5.68 Ink
Untitled (Wlassow)   E998.5.69 Ink
Untitled (Die Letzte Selekti...   E998.5.70 Ink
Untitled (Der Besuch der alt...   E998.5.71 Ink
Untitled (Komodie im Dunklein)   E998.5.72 Ink
Untitled (Plaza Suite)   E998.5.73 Ink
Untitled (Jeder ist sich Sel...   E998.5.74 Ink
Untitled (Eurydike)   E998.5.75 Ink
Untitled (Die Respektvolle D...   E998.5.76 Ink
Untitled (Scampolo)   E998.5.77 Ink
Untitled (Die Weber)   E998.5.78 Ink
Untitled (Von Mausen und Men...   E998.5.79 Ink
Untitled (Don Camillo und Pe...   E998.5.80 Ink
Untitled (Der arme Ronrad)   E998.5.81 Ink
Untitled (Totenfloss)   E998.5.82 Ink
Untitled (Der fronliche Wein...   E998.5.83 Ink
Untitled (Der Sarkophag)   E998.5.84 Ink
Untitled (Maria Magdalena)   E998.5.85 Ink
Untitled (Bernada albas Haus)   E998.5.86 Ink
Untitled (Revanche)   E998.5.87 Ink
Untitled (Minna von Barnhelm)   E998.5.88 Ink
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.34 photolithograph
Untitled (Island Illustrator...   U001.11.570 Poster
Untitled (Fenwick Lansdowne ...   U001.11.23 Ink
Northwest Coast form and des...   U001.11.103 photo-mechaic print
They said we'd never run out...   U001.11.1060-2 photo-mechanic print
David Blackwood Exhibition P...   U001.11.702 woodblock print (monoprint)
Untitled (Research Material)   U997.37.1 paper, photo, misc
Framed newspaper clipping: "...   U001.11.1038 Ink
Untitled (The Harcourt Trial...   U001.11.479 Print
I liked it so much, I bought...   U001.11.1060-3 Photomechanic print
Join the movement to save Cl...   U001.11.1060-1 photo-mechaic print
Some get 45 days. Some get l...   U001.11.1060-4 Photomechanic print
Hiroshi Sugimoto (Sea of Jap...   E990.2.2
Amsterdam Prints (Map, secti...   U001.22.10 ink
Amsterdam Prints (Map, secti...   U001.22.11 ink
Amsterdam prints (Map, secti...   U001.22.12 ink
Amsterdam print (Map, sectio...   U001.22.13 ink
Amsterdam Print (Map, sectio...   U001.22.14 ink
Amsterdam Print (Map, sectio...   U001.22.15 ink
Amsterdam Print (Map, sectio...   U001.22.16 ink
Amsterdam Print (Map, sectio...   U001.22.17 ink
Amsterdam Print (Map, sectio...   U001.22.18 ink
Untitled (Fan Tan Alley hall...   E007.1.1 Mixed media
Mortuary Clay Figure of Yout...   E003.1.2-1 paper
Carved Wooden Ancestral Figure   E003.1.1-6 paper
Ancestral Figures   E003.1.1-7 paper
Carved and Painted Wooden Bo...   E003.1.1-8 paper
Wooden Canoe Prows, Sepik Ri...   E003.1.1-9 paper
Wooden Canoe Prows (Sepik Ri...   E003.1.1-10 paper
Mortuary Clay Statuette of a...   E003.1.2-2 paper
Mortuary Clay Figures of Wom...   E003.1.2-3 paper
Mortuary Clay Figure of Woma...   E003.1.2-4 paper
Mortuary Clay Figure of Woma...   E003.1.2-5 paper
Mortuary Clay Figure of Hors...   E003.1.2-6 paper
Glazed Statuette of an Actor...   E003.1.2-7 paper
Mortuary Clay Figures of Act...   E003.1.2-8 paper
Mortuary Clay Statuette of a...   E003.1.2-9 paper
Mortuary Clay Statuette of a...   E003.1.2-10 paper
Wallpaper   E011.28.1 Print
National Geographic Magazine   U999.39.3 paper ink 
Andriolli - Polish Folio   U006.32.2 Reproduction publication 
Dziecko W Malarstwie Polskim...   U006.32.1 Reprodution publication 
Leon Wyczolkewski - Polish F...   U006.32.3 Reproduction publication
Eternity   U007.8.26 paper, ink 
Germangoodgirls   U007.8.24 paper, down, ink, watercolour 
Convergence   U007.8.25 ink, paper 
Let us praise the Garry Oak   U007.8.21 handmade paper, leather, glass 
Breathe   U007.8.22 paper, pigment 
Earth, Air, Water, Fire   U007.8.23 wood, paper, ink, ribbon 
Feasts   U007.8.18 printed 
Natural Transformations   U007.8.19 paper, ink 
Space Station II   U007.8.15 paper, ink 
Buddha Love   U007.8.16 mixed media
Kewpi Kawaii   U007.8.17 resin, textile, paper, ink 
Canadian Canvas   U007.8.12 paper, canvas 
Poems and Drawings   U007.8.13 paper, ink
Burning: il cuore aperto   U007.8.14 paper, ink 
West to East   U007.8.9 ink, paper 
Drift   U007.8.10 paper collage 
Four Seasons in a Dry Year   U007.8.11 paper, ink 
Nouveaux contes de fees   U007.8.7 ink, paper 
The Deer's Cry   U007.8.3 handmade paper, leather, glass 
A Turn for the Magpie   U007.8.5 paper, ink 
One   U007.8.1 canvas, ink 
Luna: Myths About the Moon   U007.8.2 plastic, transparency, paper, ink 
Western Home Magazine   E011.20.1 Ink
Wit Stosz, "Gothic Sculpture...   U004.25.1
Limner 1972 Exhibition Poster   U001.12.21 Lithograph 
Untitled (Poster for Victor ...   U990.14.1286 Serigraph
Echachishtaht; (Whalers and ...   U990.14.1223 Serigraph 
Reproduction of Old Squaw Du...   U005.17.41 Reproduction Print 
Morris wallpaper reprint   U007.36.1 Blockprint
Herbert Siebner: 30 Years in...   U001.12.22 Woodcut
Williams Legacy Poster (larg...   E007.40.1-1 ink
Williams Legacy Poster (smal...   E007.40.1-2 ink
Williams Legacy Poster (smal...   E007.40.1-3 ink
Esterhazy Indian   U007.41.1-2 Photocopy ink
Maltwood Memorial Museum of ...   U008.4.1 ink 
The Dance of Krishna   E002.3.1-2 Reproduction Print 
Rescuing the Elephant   E002.3.1-3 Reproduction Print 
Sakhi Addressing the love-lo...   E002.3.1-4 Reproduction Print 
Krishna Lifting the Mount Go...   E002.3.1-5 Reproduction Print 
Meeting of Rama and Parasurama   E002.3.1-6 Reproduction Print 
The White Elephant   E002.3.2-1 Reproduction Print 
An Encampment Scene   E002.3.2-2 Reproduction Print 
Babar Falls from his Horse   E002.3.2-3 Reproduction Print 
Camel Fight   E002.3.2-4 Reproduction Print 
An Imaginary Meeting between...   E002.3.2-5 Reproduction Print 
A Mughal Beauty   E002.3.2-6 Reproduction Print 
Raja Singh of Chamba with hi...   E002.3.3-1 Reproduction Print 
Humiliation of Rukmana   E002.3.3-2 Reproduction Print 
Sudama Takes Leave of Krishna   E002.3.3-3 Reproduction Print 
The Radiant Damsel   E002.3.3-4 Reproduction Print 
Balarama Diverting the Cours...   E002.3.3-5 Reproduction Print 
Ragaputra Mistanga of Malkos...   E002.3.4-1 Reproduction Print 
Ragini Sindhuri of Hindol Raga   E002.3.4-2 Reproduction Print 
Ragputra Kusum of Raga Dipak   E002.3.4-3 Reproduction Print 
Ragaputra Hemala of Raga Dipak   E002.3.4-4 Reproduction Print 
Ragaputra Sandhava of Sri Raga   E002.3.4-5 Reproduction Print 
Ragaputra Goda-Mallara of Sr...   E002.3.4-6 Reproduction Print 
Ragini Sorathi of Megha-Mall...   E002.3.4-7 Reproduction Print 
The Invocation   E002.3.5-1 Reproduction Print 
Krishna's Regret   E002.3.5-2 Reproduction Print 
Radha in search of her lover.   E002.3.5-3 Reproduction Print 
The Union   E002.3.5-4 Reproduction Print 
Radha commanding Krishna to ...   E002.3.5-5 Reproduction Print 
Arranging the Earring   E002.3.5-6 Reproduction Print 
Just Thoughts   U007.46.1 Ink; fabric; paper 
The Cedar Box   U007.50.1 ink 
My Heart Soars   U007.50.3 ink 
Limners Exhibition Poster   U007.52.1 ink 
Exhibition Posters - Flemmin...   E007.2.1 ink
Flemming Jorgensen Exhibitio...   E001.1.1 ink on paper
Northwest Coast Renaissance;...   U990.14.42 Serigraph
Map of Western Hemisphere   U008.32.2 Ink
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.29 photolithograph
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.39 photolithograph
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.49 photolithograph
Untitled (Lithograph)   U001.19.5 Offset Colour Lithographic Reproduction
Wallpaper   E011.28.4 Print
Terry Fox   U009.1.78 Perforated offset print
(Artist's book) 50 lines for...   L008.1.42 Printed on paper with mylar sleeve jacket
Wise, Jack Estate - ephemera...   U008.24.546 Various - colour copies, calendars, paintbrushed
Letter to Mrs. Cowie from Ro...   U008.32.1-1
Untitled (Welcome Figure, Fo...   U010.1.8 Lino
Abyssinian Girl, Africa   E003.1.3-2 card stock
Shilluk Warrior, Sudan, Africa   E003.1.3-4 card stock
Group Symbolizing the Unity ...   E003.1.3-1 card stock
Hamite, Abyssinia, Africa   E003.1.3-3 card stock
Semang Pygmy, Malay Peninsula   E003.1.3-5 card stock
Negro, Dahomey, Africa   E003.1.3-6 card stock
Batwa Boy with Filed Teeth   E003.1.3-7 card stock
Nubian, Northeast Africa   E003.1.3-8 card stock
Somali, Abyssinia, Africa   E003.1.3-9 card stock
Zulu Woman, Southeast Africa   E003.1.3-10 card stock
Berber   E003.1.3-11 card stock
Chauncey Keep Memorial Hall   E003.1.3-12 card stock
Races of Mankind   E003.1.3-13 card stock
Public School Brigade Hospit...   M964.1.575 Scroll
The Pottery of Marajo Island...   U008.33.1 Publication
The Archaeology of the Lower...   U008.33.2 Publication
Book pages from Vielles chos...   U006.36.19 Ink
Le Passe Vivant de Montreal/...   U006.36.22 Ink
Original Storyboard for 1984...   U008.29.17 ink
George the Third   U009.16.400 ink 
Princess Charlotte of Wales ...   U009.16.398 Engraving 
They Have Done What They Could   U009.16.402 Engraving 
Their Excellencies   U009.16.403 Tinted engraving 
Napoleon Bonaparte   U009.16.405 Tinted engraving 
Poster of "Downtown Calgary...   U009.17.38 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
Collection of books, newspap...   U006.44.12 ink 
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.24 photolithograph
Exhibit Poster: Landscapes 1...   E001.1.2 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
Verdaguer Engraver Graveur; ...   U001.12.58 Serigraph; Linocut
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.4 Reproduction print
Untitled (Reproduction of Ar...   E011.1.9 Reproduction print
Untitled (Hawk, Reproduction)   U007.67.7 Ink 
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.38 photolithograph
Untitled ("Arte italiana" jo...   M970.10.56 photolithograph
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.44 photolithograph
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.63 photolithograph
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.57 photolithograph
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.32 photolithograph
Untitled (Arte Italiana Jour...   M970.10.43 photolithograph
Somerset Zodiac / King Arthu...   M964.1.591 Print 
Untitled (Postcards)   U005.39.2 Printed
Untitled (Christ Church Clap...   U011.4.1 Ink
"Victoria: Queen and Ruler"   U011.28.1 Ink
Hundert Meister der Gegenwar...   U011.34.1 Lithograph
Anacapa Island map   U011.34.2 ink
Selected Compositions and Ar...   U011.34.3 ink
Book Illustration (West faca...   U011.38.1 Lithograph
The Urban Idiom   U011.37.1 photographic print
First Nations Boat-Folding C...   U011.33.8 Print; Serigraph
Uvic Wine bottle labels, Mor...   U997.2.1 ink
The North-West Prospect of t...   U009.16.463 Print
Arte Italiana Decorativa Ind...   M970.10.69 ink
Wine bottle labels   U997.2.3 ink 
Documents on Chinese Charact...   U011.46.9 Ink
The Glastonbury Giants or Zo...   U011.47.1 Lithograph
Journal of a March from Dehl...   U011.58.1 ink
Monograph on the Genus Camel...   U011.82.1
Centennial Suite folder   U982.24.15 cloth/canvas
Maharishi Award   U008.24.573 Print
Kamakura to Edo poster   U011.96.1 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
Canterbury Cathedral poster   U011.96.2 Lithograph; Poster
A Guide to Glastonbury's Tem...   M011.1.1 publication 
Air View Supplement to A Gui...   M011.1.2  
Vancouver Island Postcards   E011.27.1
Haida Myth Graphic, exhibiti...   U012.8.1 Poster Print
Wallpaper   E011.28.2 Print
Vancouver International Film...   U013.4.44 Inkjet print 
Metcalfe/Lewis: IKONS Poster   U013.4.45 Inkjet 
Wallpaper   E011.28.5 Print
Wallpaper   E011.28.6 Print
Sunflower Wallpaper (roll 1 ...   U984.44.9 Hand-block printed paper 
Exhibition Poster "Donnervog...   U990.14.245 Photomechanical reproduction; poster
An Analogy   E012.4.1 Serigraph prints in bound book 
Vincent Rickard Collection E...   E990.7.1
Vincent Rickard Collection E...   E990.6.1