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Untitled (Exhibition Poster)   E994.3.18 Ink 
Untitled (Beryl Cook Exhibit...   E994.3.17 Ink 
Untitled (Leaves)   E994.3.16 Ink 
Our Canadian Mosaic   U007.8.6 ink, paper 
Objects of Reverie   E990.2.4 Poster 
Pyramid Mountain and Clouds   E985.8.1 Silver Print 
Vancouver, B.C. (From Spanis...   E985.10.3 poster reproduction 
Native Sea Otter; Vancouver ...   E985.10.2 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Heritage (Vancouver 100th An...   E985.10.1 Ink
Form And Freedom Indian Art ...   U990.14.1150 Photomechanical Copy 
Duane Pasco New Works; Eagle...   U990.14.1149 Serigraph 
Bill Reid Retrospective 1980...   U988.4.5  
The Legacy (poster for 1982 ...   U988.4.4 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Untitled (West Coast Box des...   U988.4.20  
Painting For Sound Heritage ...   U988.4.21 Serigraph 
The Ceremony Of The First Sa...   U988.33.1-30 Ink
The Salmon   U988.33.1-3 Ink
Untitled (Fish)   U988.33.1-25 Reproduction 
China Days   U988.18.1 Paper; tissue; silk 
The Mutt And Jeff Cartoons   U988.17.5 Ink 
Popeye   U988.17.4 Ink 
Whimpy: The Hamburger Eater   U988.17.3 Ink; Paper 
Survivor's Island, Georgian ...   U988.10.31 Reproduction print 
Untitled (Embossed Christmas...   U987.9.4 Embossed 
Untitled (card)   U987.4.5 Ink
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