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Untitled (Vertical Abstract)   U996.25.44 Wood; Polish 
Untitled (Abstract Whale-For...   U996.25.30 Wood; Polish; Shell, Abalone
Untitled (Vertical Abstract)   U996.25.29 Wood; Polish
Fish Leaping   U996.25.26 Plaster; paint
Maiden of Knossos   U996.25.66 Bronze 
Narwhale   U996.24.13 Argillite; Ivory 
Untitled (Sculpture)   U996.24.12 Stone 
Soldier with Spear   U964.1.8 Bronze
Haida Argillite Totem   U961.1.1 Argillite 
Untitled (Egyptian Pharoah F...   M964.1.98 Metal, Bronze; Wood 
Untitled (Shrine)   M964.1.87 Wood; Lacquer 
Untitled (Buddhist Figure Ri...   M964.1.78 Wood 
Untitled (Canary Sculpture)   M964.1.79 painted balsawood 
Untitled (Head of Jisu or Ji...   M964.1.73 Wood; Lacquer 
Untitled (Figure and Bears)   M964.1.71 Argillite 
Untitled (Thai Sculpted Head)   M964.1.58 Bronze; Lacquer 
Untitled (Figure)   M964.1.558 Bronze 
Untitled (Satyr Bust)   M964.1.557 Bronze 
Head Of A Raven   M964.1.49 Wood 
Untitled (Argillite Totem Po...   M964.1.445 Argillite 
Untitled (Stone Figure)   M964.1.432  
Untitled (Wooden Sculpture)   M964.1.434 Wood 
Untitled (Small Metal Figure)   M964.1.425 Metal 
Untitled (Cat Figurine)   M964.1.407 carved and painted wood 
Untitled (Wolfhound)   M964.1.408 Wood 
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