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Untitled (Buffalo or Cow)   M964.1.406 Ivory 
Untitled (Astrological Globe...   M964.1.399 Wood; metal; paper; ink
Untitled (Travelling Shrine)   M964.1.388 Wood; Lacquer 
Untitled (Carved Soapstone H...   M964.1.373 Soapstone 
Untitled (Soapstone Relief)   M964.1.374 Soapstone 
Indian Head   M964.1.370 Alabaster, gold paint 
The Sun of Righteousness   M964.1.371 Plaster; paint 
Mirage   M964.1.364 Copper electrotype on plaster 
Hand of God   M964.1.366 Alabaster 
Head of Canada   M964.1.362 Sandstone 
Buddha's Path Of Enlightenment   M964.1.363 Bronze, marble
Boy Tickling Trout   M964.1.361 bronze 
Infinity (Isis, Horus, Osiris)   M964.1.359 Alabaster 
The Holy Grail   M964.1.356 Alabaster 
The Mills of God   M964.1.357 Bronze 
Untitled (Lion's Head Reprod...   M964.1.327 Silver 
Untitled (Female Figure)   M964.1.328 Sandstone 
Untitled (Carving of Sage an...   M964.1.300 Soapstone 
One of the Seven Immortals (...   M964.1.292 Wood 
Untitled (Rooster with outst...   M964.1.293 Buffalo Horn 
Chinese Zoomorphic Figure: Rat   M964.1.15-1 Paint 
Untitled (Italian Ivory Chest)   U995.5.1 Bone; Wood 
Cityscape   U995.18.1 Aluminum; Plastic 
Untitled (Sculpture)   U995.15.12 Bone, Fossilized 
Untitled (Sculpture)   U995.15.11 Bone, Fossilized; Twine 
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