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Limner Found at Atlantis 25 ...   U998.33.20 Stone; paint 
Coil   U997.35.1-1 Earthenware/glaze
The Drop   U998.8.1 Clay
Untitled (Papua New Guinean ...   U998.1.3 Wood, pigment
Salmon Blanket   L012.1.3 Cedar 
Spirit Guardians   U013.1.1 Patinated Bronze Polymer, Wood, Glass 
Untitled (Figurine)   U997.14.1 Stone 
Untitled (Goat Horn Spoon)   U996.9.60 Goat Horn 
Untitled (Spoon)   U996.9.49 Hardwood 
Untitled (Spoon)   U996.9.48 Hardwood 
Untitled (Spoon)   U996.9.47 Hardwood 
Untitled (Bowl)   U996.9.46 Alderwood 
Untitled (Boat and Paddle)   U996.9.41 Yellow Cedar
Untitled (Potlatch Whistle)   U996.9.28 Yellow Cedar 
Untitled (Ivory Wrist Rest)   M964.1.77 carved Ivory 
Untitled (Carved Wooden Brac...   M964.1.565 Wood 
Untitled (Seals)   M964.1.422 Stone; metal 
Untitled (Relief Sculpture)   M964.1.421 Wood 
Untitled (Egyptian Scarab)   M964.1.405-8 Stone 
Untitled (Ivory Brush Holder)   M964.1.386 Ivory 
Bull's Head   M964.1.375 Alabaster 
Portrait of King George VI (...   M964.1.368 Alabaster 
Somerset Zodiac   M964.1.369 Wood 
Fox Dance   M964.1.367 Slate 
Magna Mater   M964.1.365 Copper 
The Vision   M964.1.360 Alabaster 
Aspiration (Plucking Feather...   M964.1.358 Bronze 
Frog and Grasshopper   M964.1.330 Wood 
Untitled (Beaver Head)   U989.1.81 Ivory; Shell, Abalone
Untitled (Vertibrae)   U989.1.39 Whale bone 
Untitled (Sled Scene)   U989.1.29 Stone 
Untitled (Stone Sculpture)   U989.1.24 Stone 
Untitled (Hunter and Seal)   U989.1.19 Stone 
Kwakiutl Plaque   U988.4.24 Wood
House Post; Frogs Emerging A...   U009.3.3-1 Red Cedar; Acrylic paint 
Paddle   U981.3.1 Wood 
Untitled (Carved Eagle)   U981.2.11 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U977.1.5 Wood 
Untitled (Scrafitto Tile of ...   U006.11.1 scrafitto 
Untitled (Wall Sculpture)   U970.1.9 Plexiglass, graphite, and paper 
Untitled (Vertical Sculpture)   U969.1.7 Wood 
Ceremonial Furniture; Armrests   U993.30.1-2 Cedar; acyrlic
Untitled (Head)   U993.24.1 Stone; wood 
Untitled (Stone Mask)   U992.24.1 Stone 
Palm Alarm   U986.1.6 Molded Plastic 
#6   U991.12.8 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.7 Wood; Painted 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.59 Wood; Paint 
#30   U991.12.56 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.44 Wood 
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.41 Wood; polish 
Untitled (Figure Relief)   U991.12.36 Wood 
Untitled (Rough-hewn abstrac...   U991.12.37 Wood 
#2   U991.12.35 Wood
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.3 Wood; Polish
#29   U991.12.14 Wood 
Salish Moon Mask   U985.14.1 carved and painted alder with inlaid copper and abalone shell 
A Meeting of the Animals   U984.74.1 Wood, Red Cedar 
Untitled (Miniature Mask)   U984.70.50-2 Wood, paint, fur 
Untitled (tray)   U983.2.65 Wood, cedar 
Battle of Ravenna   U983.13.1 Wood, plaster, paint 
St. John (with St. Peter an...   U990.6.1 Stone, Alabaster; Paint; Gold 
Untitled (Anthropomorphic Ce...   U993.3.34 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Balinese Figure in...   U998.6.9 Wood 
Plaque #8   U000.7.2 Aluminum; Enamel; Wood 
Plaque #3   U000.7.1 Aluminum; Enamel 
Untitled (scene from the Ram...   U000.38.15 Wood 
Untitled (wood panel carving)   U000.38.14 Wood 
Untitled (Batma Figure)   U000.50.5 Wood 
Untitled (Haida argillite pl...   U000.31.7 Argillite 
Untitled (Story board)   U996.23.11 Wood
Moon Mask   U002.1.1 yellow cedar; acrylic paint 
Shark Woman   U001.11.118 maple wood, abalone, paint 
Untitled (abstract)   U001.11.417 Bronze
Untitled (abstract)   U001.11.418 Bronze
Untitled (Tlingit style Brow...   U001.11.442 Abalone; paint; operculum; yellow cedar 
Shark (Dogfish)   U001.11.112 red cedar; acrylic paint 
Conception   U001.11.806 Bronze 
Dididaht Legend of Swans and...   U001.11.810 Red cedar; copper; alabone; operculum; cedar bark; paint 
Frieze of Life   U001.11.811 Unknown sand/stone material; pigment 
Mask Scraffito   U001.11.747 Mixed media; unknown sand/plaster material; pigment 
Untitled (Kwagiulth split ki...   U001.11.447 Red cedar; yellow cedar; adzed; paint; oil; wax 
Untitled (yellow cedar lamin...   U001.11.450 Yellow cedar; oil; wax 
Untitled (Nootka Light woodb...   U002.32.15 Wood
Untitled (Nootka Light woodb...   U002.32.14 Wood
Untitled (Nootka Light woodb...   U002.32.13 Wood; Graphite; Paint
Untitled (Wedgwood Plaque)   U003.5.10 Stoneware (Jasper Ware) 
Untitled (Wedgwood Portrait ...   U003.5.7 Stoneware (jasperware)
Untitled (Russian Ivory Carv...   U003.36.1 Ivory, wood, and metal 
Clay Hanging   U002.41.13 clay, stone 
Spiral Cutaway No. 6   U008.19.2 Paper 
House Beam Design for Ceremo...   U009.3.5 red cedar, acrylic paint 
House Post; Frogs Emerging A...   U009.3.3-2 Red cedar; Acrylic paint 
Ceremonial Door (exterior - ...   U009.3.4-1 red cedar with two colour blue-green and pearl blue stain 
Ceremonial Door (interior pa...   U009.3.4-2 red cedar with two colour stain, blue-green and pearl blue 
House Beam Design for Ceremo...   U009.3.6 red Cedar, acrylic paint 
House Beam Design for Ceremo...   U009.3.7 red cedar, acrylic paint 
House Beam Design for Ceremo...   U009.3.8 red cedar, acrylic paint 
House Beam Design for Ceremo...   U009.3.9 red cedar, acrylic paint 
House Beam Design for Ceremo...   U009.3.10 red cedar, acrylic paint 
House Beam Design for Ceremo...   U009.3.11 red cedar, acrylic paint 
House Beam Design for Ceremo...   U009.3.12 red cedar, acrylic paint 
Matriarch Totem   L010.1.1 etched glass with cedar support frame 
The Grizzly Bear and Cub   U009.17.156 Red cedar, paint
Silhouette Portrait of Man   U009.16.432 Marble 
Storyboard   U009.17.197 Wood; paint
House Post   U002.45.8 Wood; natural pigments 
Untitled (Ancestor Figure Ma...   U002.45.9 Kwila wood; bear tusk; cassowary feathers 
Crocodile Ancestor Mask   U006.44.9 Kwila wood, cowry shells, ochre 
Untitled (Cedar Carving)   U001.15.1 Yellow cedar
Untitled (Centaur)   M964.1.577 Plaster painted black 
Finding Balance   U011.3.1 Glass 
Sepik mask   U011.90.1 wood, shells
Moon Journey   L015.1.3 Cedar and acrylic paint