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Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.41 Wood; polish 
Untitled (Figure Relief)   U991.12.36 Wood 
Untitled (Rough-hewn abstrac...   U991.12.37 Wood 
#2   U991.12.35 Wood
Untitled (Abstract Sculpture)   U991.12.3 Wood; Polish
#29   U991.12.14 Wood 
Salish Moon Mask   U985.14.1 carved and painted alder with inlaid copper and abalone shell 
A Meeting of the Animals   U984.74.1 Wood, Red Cedar 
Untitled (Miniature Mask)   U984.70.50-2 Wood, paint, fur 
Untitled (tray)   U983.2.65 Wood, cedar 
Battle of Ravenna   U983.13.1 Wood, plaster, paint 
St. John (with St. Peter an...   U990.6.1 Stone, Alabaster; Paint; Gold 
Untitled (Anthropomorphic Ce...   U993.3.34 Wood; Paint 
Untitled (Balinese Figure in...   U998.6.9 Wood 
Plaque #8   U000.7.2 Aluminum; Enamel; Wood 
Plaque #3   U000.7.1 Aluminum; Enamel 
Untitled (scene from the Ram...   U000.38.15 Wood 
Untitled (wood panel carving)   U000.38.14 Wood 
Untitled (Batma Figure)   U000.50.5 Wood 
Untitled (Haida argillite pl...   U000.31.7 Argillite 
Untitled (Story board)   U996.23.11 Wood
Moon Mask   U002.1.1 yellow cedar; acrylic paint 
Shark Woman   U001.11.118 maple wood, abalone, paint 
Untitled (abstract)   U001.11.417 Bronze
Untitled (abstract)   U001.11.418 Bronze
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