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Chinese Woman's Pants   U998.26.30 Silk 
Hat (Chinese Child's Silk)   U998.26.20 Silk; felt; glass 
Chinese Formal Dress   U998.26.26 Silk 
Chinese Child's Pants   U998.26.27 Cotton; silk 
Chinese Boy's Garment (Embro...   U998.26.29 Silk 
Chinese Wedding Skirt   U998.26.22 Silk; wool 
Man's Chinese Summer Over-Dr...   U998.26.28 Silk[?] 
Belt   U998.26.34 Silk 
Chinese Gown   U998.26.25-2 Wool 
Chinese Headgear   U998.26.10-1 Fabric; metal 
Chinese Jacket   U998.26.25-1 Wool 
Chinese Woman's Shoe   U998.26.17 Silk; leather; wood 
Shoes (Chinese Woman's)   U998.26.15-1 Silk; leather; glass 
Shoe for Bound Foot   U998.26.36 Silk; cotton; wood 
Shoe (Chinese Woman's, Left ...   U998.26.15-2 Silk;glass;leather 
Single Shoe for Bound Foot   U998.26.16 Silk; cotton; wood 
Chinese Child's Shoe   U998.26.6 Silk;cotton;wood 
Chinese Child's Shoe   U998.26.7 Silk; cotton; wood 
Chinese Child's Shoe   U998.26.3 Cotton; silk; wood 
Chinese Child's Shoe   U998.26.5 Silk;cotton;wood 
Pair Of Chinese Child's Shoes   U998.26.4 Silk;cotton;wood 
Pineapple Fibre Shirt   U998.26.31 Pineapple Fibre 
Chinese Woman's Coat   U998.26.32-1 Silk; cotton 
Chinese Woman's Pants   U998.26.32-2 Silk; cotton 
Chinese Wedding Shirt   U998.26.13 Silk 
Chinese Pleated Panel Skirt   U998.26.14 Silk; cotton 
Chinese Panel Skirt   U998.26.37 Silk; Cotton 
Chinese Coat   U998.26.23 Silk; gold 
Manchu Child's Cape   U998.26.9 Silk; metal; marble 
Manchu Panel Skirt   U998.26.12 Silk; cotton; paper 
Chinese Bride's Coat   U998.26.11 Silk 
Chinese Newborn Boy's Shoe   U998.26.21 Cotton;silk;.Cardboard 
Chinese Church Banner   U998.26.1 Silk; cotton; Velvet 
Chinese Church Banner   U998.26.2 Velvet; silk; ink 
Chinese Child's Hat   U998.26.8 Fabric;paper;.Thread 
Chinese robe   L004.2.2
Untitled (Flag)   E985.3.1 Textile 
Early Scottish needlework   U998.15.50 Needlepoint 
Split Raven Scarf Design   U990.14.1497 serigraph 
Untitled (Nigerian Textile)   U997.10.11 Handwoven cotton 
Untitled (Arm Cuffs)   U996.9.15 Glass beads; deer hide 
Untitled (jacket)   U996.5.6 Moosehide; beads; fabric 
Untitled (Pair of Beaded Gau...   U996.5.5 Moosehide; Glass Beads; Canvas 
Untitled (Beaded Purse)   U996.5.4 Moosehide; Glass Beads; Cotton 
Untitled (Beaded Purse)   U996.5.3 Moosehide; Silk [?]; Glass Beads 
Golden Bough (tablecloth)   U996.2.1 Linen; silk; dye 
Untitled (Pillow Covers)   M980.8.9 Textile (Cotton/Silk[?])
Untitled (Fabric Swatches)   M980.8.8 Fabric 
Untitled (Striped Fabric Swa...   M980.8.6 Silk (?) 
Untitled (Embroidered Squares)   M980.8.7 Linen; Cotton
Untitled (Collar and Band)   M980.8.5 Silk; Satin 
Untitled (Tassle)   M980.8.2 Silk
Untitled (Scarf)   M980.8.3 Woven cotton 
Untitled (Brocade Swatches)   M980.8.4 Woven cotton 
Untitled (Drapery fragments)   M980.8.12 Velvet 
Untitled (Silk Swatch)   M980.8.1 Printed silk 
Untitled (Drape)   M980.8.10 Cotton
Untitled (Hat With Tassle)   M980.8.11 Felt
Untitled (Bag with Monogramm...   M970.9.4 Leather; Pewter clasp; steel handle 
Untitled (Needlework)   M964.1.96 Silk Embroider; Paint 
Untitled (Badge)   M964.1.564 Cotton; silk 
Untitled (Chinese Silk)   M964.1.560 Embroidered and dyed silk 
Untitled (Bags)   M964.1.561 Cotton 
Untitled (Tassel)   M964.1.563 Textile 
Untitled (Embroidered Cotton)   M964.1.559 Embroidered cotton 
Untitled (Chinese Style Coat)   M964.1.553 Embroidered silk; beads; metal 
Untitled (Coat)   M964.1.554 Embroidered cotton; silk 
Untitled (Ohikizuri-style ki...   M964.1.555  
Untitled (Curtains)   M964.1.551 Cotton; metal 
Untitled (Kimono)   M964.1.552 Silk 
Untitled (Lace Runner)   M964.1.550 Fibre; lace 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.546 Fibre;wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.547 Fibre;wool 
Untitled (Shawl)   M964.1.549 Cotton 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.545 Fibre (cotton); fibre (wool) 
Untitled (Prayer rug)   M964.1.544 Fibre, cotton; fibre, wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.541 Woven Fibre; wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.542 Fibre;wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.543 Fibre;wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.540 Fibre;Wool 
Untitled (Blanket)   M964.1.534 Cotton 
Untitled (Kimono)   M964.1.535 Woven and sewn Cloth 
Untitled (Cape)   M964.1.533 Canvas/Linen 
Untitled (Silk Coat)   M964.1.532-2 Silk 
Untitled (Silk Hat)   M964.1.532-3 Silk 
Untitled (Silk Pants)   M964.1.532-1 Silk 
Untitled (Small Vests and Ja...   M964.1.531 Cotton and silk 
Cushion Covers   M964.1.530 Damask; Brocade Silk; Cotton 
Untitled (Chinese Overcoat)   M964.1.528 Silk 
Untitled (Embroidered Cotton)   M964.1.529 Cotton 
Untitled (Apron)   M964.1.526 Silk 
Untitled (Black Mola with An...   U005.38.30 Sewn thread; fabric
Untitled (Somerset Zodiac)   M964.1.507 Wool; Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   M964.1.503 Silk, cotton and pigment 
Untitled (Table Runner)   M964.1.502 Woven Cotton 
Untitled (Fabric Sample)   M964.1.500 Woven cotton [?] 
Untitled (Table Runner)   M964.1.501 Silk 
Untitled (Cover)   M964.1.499 Rug-hooked wool 
Untitled (Valance)   M964.1.496 Embroidered silk 
Untitled (Bedspread)   M964.1.497 Quilted and embroidered silk and cotton 
Untitled (Coverlets)   M964.1.498 Wool 
Untitled (Tablecloth and Nap...   M964.1.494 Linen 
Untitled (Floormat)   M964.1.495 Wool; Burlap 
Untitled (Pillowcover)   M964.1.490 Linen; Silk 
Untitled (Pillowcover)   M964.1.491 Linen 
Untitled (Runner)   M964.1.492 Cotton 
Untitled (Scarf)   M964.1.493 Cotton 
Untitled (Coverlet)   M964.1.489 Wool 
Untitled (Table Runner)   M964.1.487 Embroidered Cotton; Silk 
Untitled (Tablecloth)   M964.1.488 Printed silk 
Untitled (Tablecloth)   M964.1.485 Silk 
Untitled (Tablecloth)   M964.1.486 Embroidered silk 
Untitled (Tablecloth)   M964.1.484 Crocheted and Embroidered silk 
Untitled (Table Runner)   M964.1.481 Silk; Ink 
Untitled (Silk)   M964.1.482 Silk 
Untitled (Embroidered Silk)   M964.1.483 Silk 
Untitled (Table Runner)   M964.1.478 Silk 
Untitled (Woman's Obi)   M964.1.479 Embroidered silk 
Untitled (Table Runner)   M964.1.480 Printed silk 
Untitled (Badge)   M964.1.477 Silk; Gold 
Untitled (Accordion fold alb...   M964.1.476 silk covered cardboard cover with numerous card pages with gold edges 
Untitled (Bellows)   M964.1.449 Wood, leather 
Untitled (Cushion)   M964.1.442 Leather 
Untitled (Pouch)   M964.1.420 Embroidered cotton; silk 
Untitled (Prayer Rug)   M964.1.282 Fibre, wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.281-8 Fibre, Cotton; Fibre, Wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.281-7 Fibre, Cotton; Fibre, Wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.281-6 Fibre, Cotton; Fibre, Wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.281-5 Fibre, Cotton; Fibre, Wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.281-4 Fibre, Cotton; Fibre, Wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.281-3 Fibre (cotton); fibre (wool) 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.281-2 Fibre, Wool; Fibre, Cotton 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.281-1 Fibre, Cotton; Fibre, Wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.280 Fibre, Wool; Fibre, Cotton 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.279 Fibre, Wool; Fibre, Cotton 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.278  
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.276 Fibre (wool); fibre (cotton) 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.277 Cotton; Wool; Silk 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.275 Fibre, wool; fibre, hair 
Bokhara (Turkoman) Carpet   M964.1.274 Vegetable dyed wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.198 Fibre, Cotton; Fibre, Silk 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.197 Fibre, cotton; fibre, wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.196 Wool 
Untitled (Carpet)   M964.1.194 Fibre, Wool; Fibre, Cotton 
Untitled (Two Prayer Rugs)   M964.1.193 Fibre, Wool 
Untitled (Banner)   E987.5.1 Fabric; Dye 
Pan Silkenscape   U004.8.5 Silk
Untitled (Portrait Hanging)   U995.24.1 Fabric; Paint 
Untitled (Rug)   U995.15.9 Fibres; dye/pigment 
Untitled (Rug)   U995.15.8 Wool [?]; Cotton [?] 
Untitled (Sash)   U995.15.7 Silk; Dye 
Untitled (Sash)   U995.15.6 Silk; Dye 
Untitled (Sash)   U995.15.5 Silk; Dye 
Untitled (Dress; Sleeves)   U994.8.9 Cotton; Silk [?] 
Untitled (Fabric)   U994.8.8 Cotton; Silk [?] 
Untitled (Fabric)   U994.8.7 Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Cloth)   U994.8.6 Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Carpet)   U994.8.5 Wool; Dye 
Untitled (carpet)   U994.8.3 Wood; dye 
Untitled (carpet)   U994.8.1 Wool; dye 
Untitled (Socks)   U989.22.2 Knitted wool 
Untitled (cloak)   U989.22.1 Wool, goat; felt 
Untitled (Flag)   U989.19.2 Silk; Plastic 
Untitled (Tapestry)   U989.19.1 Wool 
Untitled (rug)   U989.16.1 Felt; dye 
Arpillera   U989.15.1 Fibre, Cotton; Fibre, Syntheti 
Untitled (rug)   U988.7.2 Fibre, unknown 
Hudson's Bay Co. Blankets   U001.11.1063 Wool
Untitled (Cloth)   U988.5.11 Fibre, Unknown 
Untitled (Multicoloured Mola...   U005.38.31 Sewn thread; fabric
Portrait of Carol Shields   U005.3.1 Cotton cross-stitch
Medals of Honor   U005.21.1 Thread, wool, polyester netting overlay 
Untitled (Tapa Cloth)   U994.14.3 Bark, Tapa; Paint 
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.8 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.9 Fibre, cotton
Salmon Run   U982.17.4 Fibre, Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.5 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.6 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.7 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.38 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.36 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.37 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.34 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.35 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.33 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.31 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.32 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.30 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.29 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.28 Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.27 Fibre, nylon, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.26 Fibre, nylon
Untitled (Banner)   U982.17.24 Fibre, nylon, cotton
Untitled (Banner)   U982.17.25 Fibre, nylon, cotton
Untitled (Banner)   U982.17.22 Fibre, nylon, cotton
Untitled (Banner)   U982.17.23 Fibre, nylon, cotton
Untitled (Banner)   U982.17.20 Fibre, nylon
Untitled (Banner)   U982.17.21 Fibre, nylon, cotton
Untitled (Banner)   U982.17.19 Fibre; nylon; cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.18 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.17 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.16 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.14 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.15 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.11 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.12 Fibre, cotton
Untitled (Textile Banner - P...   U982.17.13 Fibre, cotton
Salmon Run   U982.17.1 Fibre, Nylon
Untitled (Textile Banner)   U982.17.10 Fibre, cotton
Tapa Cloth   U981.3.4 Bark 
Belt   U981.2.19 Fibre, Wool; Fibre, Cotton 
Rawhide Identification Tag   U981.2.18 Leather; Beads 
Moccasins   U981.2.17 Rawhide; Fur, Rabbit; Cotton 
Beaded Moccasins   U981.2.16 Rawhide; Fibre, Cotton; Beads 
Moccasins   U981.2.15 Rawhide; Fibre, Cotton 
Grass and Cotton Woven Shawl   U981.1.44 Fibre, Grass; Fibre, Cotton 
Pouch and Belt   U981.1.37 Hide; Hair; Wood; Shell 
Length of Paid Tartan Fabric   U993.5.3 Wool 
Untitled (Hat)   U993.3.8 Feathers; Fabric; Bamboo 
Untitled (Ikat Pua ceremonia...   U993.3.4  
Untitled (Cloth)   U993.3.3 Fibre 
Untitled (Sarawak Kalimantan...   U993.3.2 Woven fibre; supplementary weft 
Untitled (Sarawak Kalimantan...   U993.3.1 Woven and embroidered fibre 
Untitled (Kain)   U993.25.4 Machine print on cotton 
Untitled (Textile)   U993.25.5 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Selendang)   U993.25.2 Cotton; Silk 
Untitled (Textile)   U993.25.3 Printed cotton 
Untitled (Napkins)   U993.17.1 Silk 
Untitled (Bag)   U992.23.29 Glass; Thread; Rattan 
Untitled (Cushion Cover)   U992.21.9 Wool 
Ikat Textile; Naga-man, Cray...   U016.4.1 Ikat Woven Textile
Untitled (Cardigan)   U987.23.5 Hand-knitted wool; carved stone 
Swedish Tree   U987.22.8 Block print 
Tyrolean Rooster   U987.22.9 Ink; Dye 
Swedish Deer   U987.22.6 Block print 
Rubaiyat Animals   U987.22.5 Blockprint 
Untitled (Foliage Print Text...   U987.22.4 Ink; Dye 
Untitled (Bird Print Textile)   U987.22.3 Ink; Dye 
Fantasy B   U987.22.28 Block print 
Fantasy A   U987.22.27 Block print 
Fantasy B   U987.22.26 Block print 
Jungle Giraffe   U987.22.25 Ink; Dye
Circus Montage B   U987.22.23 Ink; Dye 
Jungle Elephant   U987.22.24 Blockprint 
Circus Montage C   U987.22.22 Ink; Dye 
Untitled (Fish Print Textile)   U987.22.2 Ink; Dye 
Checkered Flower   U987.22.19 Block print 
Dykstra Plaid   U987.22.16 blockprint 
Fruit   U987.22.17 Dye 
Tyrolean   U987.22.18 Painting 
Untitled (Fish Print Textile)   U987.22.15 Ink; Dye 
Untitled (Geometric Print Te...   U987.22.14 Ink; Dye 
Untitled (Bird Print Textile)   U987.22.13 Ink; Dye 
Untitled (Flora and Fauna Pr...   U987.22.12 Ink; Dye 
Untitled (Flora and Fauna Pr...   U987.22.11 Blockprint 
Untitled (Tree Print Textile)   U987.22.10 Block print 
Untitled (Deer Print Textile)   U987.22.1 Ink; Dye 
Untitled (Pair Of Slippers)   U986.9.2 Knitted cotton 
Untitled (Pair of Slippers)   U986.9.1 Knitted cotton 
Untitled (Pair of Beaded Gau...   U985.9.3 Buckskin; beads; fur 
Untitled (belt)   U985.9.2 Canvas; beads; leather 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.9 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.8 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Sarong)   U991.11.6 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Sarong)   U991.11.7 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.5 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Batik Fan)   U991.11.42 Cotton; Tortoise Shell 
Untitled (Fan)   U991.11.43 Wood; Cotton; Copper; Paint 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.4 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Songket Silk and G...   U991.11.39 woven silk and gold thread 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.36 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Headdress)   U991.11.35 Brocaded; Embroidered. Fibre, Silk; Dye; Metal, Gold 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.34 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.33 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Headdress)   U991.11.32 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.31 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.3 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Tablecloth)   U991.11.30 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.29 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (textile)   U991.11.28 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Headdress)   U991.11.27 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.26 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (fabric)   U991.11.25 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Batik Fabric)   U991.11.24 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.23 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.22 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled, Hmong Skirt   U018.11.1 indigo batik on hemp cloth; cross stitching
Untitled (Batik)   U984.61.6 Cotton, ink, wax 
Untitled (Batik)   U984.61.7 Cotton, ink, wax 
Untitled (Batik)   U984.61.4 Cotton, ink, wax 
Untitled (Javanese North Coa...   U984.61.5 Batik on cotton 
Untitled (Batik)   U984.61.2 Cotton, ink, wax 
Untitled (Javanese North Coa...   U984.61.3 Batik on cotton 
Untitled (Batik)   U984.61.1 Cotton, ink, wax 
Untitled (garment)   U984.53.1 Silk 
Woven Jacquard Tapestry Sample   U984.44.7 Wool 
Untitled (Textile)   U984.44.8 Silk
Embroidered Curtain   U984.44.6 Cotton Twill ground, embroidered in Crewel Wools in various stitches 
Jasmine Trail   U984.44.5 Wool 
Drapery (brocatel)   U984.44.4 Silk 
Tulip (printed cotton)   U984.44.3 Cotton ground 
Paired Peacocks and Dragons ...   U984.44.2 Wool 
Drapery (Dove and Rose patte...   U984.44.1 Jacquard woven silk and wool 
2 Opposites Times 2 No. 8   U984.16.1-8 Textile, fishing line, fabric mesh 
2 Opposites Times 2 No. 5   U984.16.1-5 Textile, fishing line, fabric mesh 
2 Opposites Times 2 No. 6   U984.16.1-6 Textile; fishing line; fabric mesh 
2 Opposites Times 2 No. 7   U984.16.1-7 Textile, fishing line, fabric mesh 
2 Opposites Times 2 No. 3   U984.16.1-3 Textile, fishing line, fabric mesh 
2 Opposites Times 2 No. 4   U984.16.1-4 Textile, fishing line, fabric mesh 
2 Opposites Times 2 No. 1   U984.16.1-1 Textile, fishing line, fabric mesh 
2 Opposites Times 2 No. 2   U984.16.1-2 Textile; fishing line; fabric mesh 
Untitled (Shawl)   U983.4.1 Fibre, Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   U983.2.98 Woven Fibre, wool
Untitled (blanket)   U983.2.97 Fibre, wool
Untitled (Belt)   U983.2.95 Wool
Untitled (Scarf)   U983.2.94 Wool
Untitled (Place mats)   U983.2.90 Wood, bamboo; fibre, linen
Untitled (Spectacle Case)   U983.2.86 Fibre 
Untitled (Woven Apron)   U983.2.87 Cotton
Untitled (Batik Scarf)   U983.2.88 Synthetic fibre 
Untitled (Scarf)   U983.2.84 Synthetic fibre
Untitled (Scarf)   U983.2.82 Fibre, wool
Untitled (Hood Scarf)   U983.2.83 Wool, dye
Untitled (runner)   U983.2.80 Cotton, linen 
Untitled (Placemats and Napk...   U983.2.81 Cotton
Untitled (Felt Egg Cosies)   U983.2.79 Felt, silk
Untitled (Wool Blanket)   U983.2.76 Wool
Untitled (Woven Skirt)   U983.2.77 Silk
Untitled (Mocassins)   U983.2.73 Leather; plastic beads; cloth
Untitled (Moccasins)   U983.2.72 Leather; plastic; cloth
Untitled (Pouch)   U983.2.57 Sealskin 
Untitled (Knife and Case)   U983.2.147 Bone; hide; plastic beads 
Untitled (Knife)   U983.2.146 Bone; hide; plastic beads 
Untitled (rug)   U983.2.138 Fibre, cotton rag 
Untitled (Rag Rug)   U983.2.139 Cotton 
Untitled (Pillowcase)   U983.2.136 Cotton 
Untitled (Pillowcase)   U983.2.137 Cotton 
Untitled (rug)   U983.2.135 Fibre, cotton rag; string 
Untitled (rug)   U983.2.133 Fibre, wool 
Untitled (shag rug)   U983.2.130 Fibre, wool 
Untitled (rug)   U983.2.131 Fibre, cotton rag; string 
Untitled (rug)   U983.2.128 Fibre; cotton 
Untitled (rug)   U983.2.129 Fibre, cotton rag; string 
Untitled (Pillowcase)   U983.2.126 Wool
Untitled (runner)   U983.2.124 Fibre; cotton rag 
Untitled (Table Cloth)   U983.2.119 Wool 
Untitled (Afghan Throw)   U983.2.113 Homespun and crocheted wool 
Untitled (Coasters)   U983.2.111 Wool
Untitled (Jewellery Case)   U983.2.110 Rayon; synthetic velvet 
Untitled (Pillowcase)   U983.2.109 Handwoven wool
Untitled (Pillowcase)   U983.2.107 Handwoven Wool
Untitled (Pillowcase)   U983.2.108 Wool
Untitled (Pillowcase)   U983.2.106 Wool
Untitled (Coasters)   U983.2.105 Burlap; fibre, wool 
Untitled (Placemat)   U983.2.103 Wool
Untitled (Placemat)   U983.2.102 Wool
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.20 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.21 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (textile)   U991.11.19 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (fabric)   U991.11.2 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.18 Fibre, Cotton; Dye 
Untitled (textile)   U991.11.17 dyed cotton batik
Untitled (textile)   U991.11.15 batik on cotton
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.16 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.14 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.13 Fibre, cotton; dye
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.12 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.11 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Fabric)   U991.11.10 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Batik)   U991.11.1 Fibre, Cotton; Dye
Untitled (Runner)   U990.16.1-7 Embroidered Linen; Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   U990.16.1-8 Linen; Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   U990.16.1-6 Embroidered Linen; Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   U990.16.1-5 Embroidered Linen; Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   U990.16.1-3 Linen; Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   U990.16.1-4 Embroidered Linen; Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   U990.16.1-2 Embroidered Linen; Silk 
Untitled (Runner)   U990.16.1-1 Embroidered Linen; Silk 
Untitled (wall hanging)   U977.1.37 Cotton fibres; burlap 
Swaqwa'l (blanket)   U998.25.2 Fabric
East Anatolian Kilim   U999.27.1 Wool 
Untitled (Harpoonist on the ...   U999.10.2 Applique stitched felt 
Untitled (Bow Tie)   U996.8.2 Wood + Velvet 
Howe Sound Suite (panel 1 0f...   U000.4.3-1 Variety Of Fabrics, Predominantly Synthetic, Yarn, Cotton Lining Fabric 
Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   U000.4.1-1 Linen Warp: Multi-Coloured And Textured Wool, Possible Synthetic As Well, Yarn Weft
Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   U000.4.1-3 Linen Warp: Multi-Coloured And Textured Wool, Possible Synthetic As Well, Yarn Weft
Untitled (Textile)   U999.10.3 Textile 
Untitled (Batik painting)   U000.38.9 dye 
Untitled (Balinese textile)   U000.38.2 Textile, Buffalo Hide, Metal And Mirror, And Gold Coloured Paint. 
Untitled (Kwagiulth Button B...   U000.31.6 Unknown textile; stoud cloth; alabone shell 
Untitled (Woman's Informal C...   M964.1.527 Silk; dye 
Untitled (pouch with utensils)   M964.1.376 unknown 
Untitled (model or child's t...   U001.11.449 Cotton fabric; lead; cotton thread; pigment
Untitled (Heriz Carpet)   U001.11.247 Dye; cotton; wool; other types of fabric?
Untitled (doll [Crow)   U001.11.396 Animal hide; fabric; wool; beads; shells; leather; metal; human hair
Untitled (doll [Crow])   U001.11.397 Animal hide; fabric (cotton, wool); beads; shells; fur; human hair
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.251 Fabrics
Untitled (Carpet Runner)   U001.11.250 Fabric
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.248 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.249 Fabrics
Untitled (Runner)   U001.11.252 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Crow Wedding Robe ...   U001.11.441 elk hide; assorted beads; thread; pigment
Untitled (Oriental rug, Roya...   U001.11.245 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Persian Mashad Car...   U001.11.246 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.253 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.254 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.255 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.256 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.257 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.258 Fibre; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.259 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.260 Fibre; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.261 Fibres
Untitled (Kirman Carpet for ...   U001.11.269 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Kuba Carpet Runner)   U001.11.270 Assorted unknown textiles (cotton, wool, etc.); dye/pigment
Untitled (Rug)   U001.11.263 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Carpet Runner)   U001.11.264 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Oriental Rug)   U001.11.265 Fibres
Untitled (Rug)   U001.11.266 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Poppies)   U001.11.671 Dyes; inks
Untitled (Rug)   U001.11.267 Fibres; dye/pigment
Untitled (Runner)   U001.11.268 Fibre; dye/pigment
Untitled (Cradleboard)   U001.11.404 Leather; fabric; textile; beads; thread; wood
Mermaids   U001.11.1046 Plastic/Shells/Fabric Paint/Cotton Fabric
Untitled (doll [Crow])   U001.11.398 Animal hide; paint; wool; beads; abalone; metal; human hair
Untitled (doll [Crow])   U001.11.399 Animal hide; fabric; wool; beads; shells; leather; metal; human hair
Untitled (doll [Crow])   U001.11.400 Animal hide; fabric (corduroy, statin, polyester); beads; abalone; brass; human hair
Untitled (Man Riding a Camel)   U001.11.1044 Fibres
Frog-in-the-Hole Chilkat Robe   U001.11.434 mountain goat wool; hemlock bark and copper dye; other organic dyes; inner bark of yellow cedar
Untitled (textile collage)   U001.11.1045 Plastic; vinyl; bird feathers; cotton fabric; glue; paint
Tsawassen Suite   U000.4.2 various fibres, mostly synthetic 
Hood   U004.3.1 wool/velvet 
Chinese Woman's Jacket   U002.39.1 Sewn wool, cotton 
Untitled (Kenya wall tapestry)   U007.13.1 cloth and paint 
Untitled (Banner with Blue P...   U005.16.1 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Toucan)   U005.16.2 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Monkeys)   U005.16.3 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Birds)   U005.16.4 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Flamin...   U005.16.5 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Carp)   U005.16.6 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Red, B...   U005.16.7 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Large ...   U005.16.8 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Iguana)   U005.16.9 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Turtles)   U005.16.10 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Ring-t...   U005.16.11 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Banner with Butter...   U005.16.12 plain, patterned and shiny fabric, thread, netting 
Untitled (Purse, Wedding acc...   U002.36.1 Woven textile
Untitled (Japanese Wedding S...   U002.36.2 Woven Textile
Untitled (Uchikake Wedding R...   U002.36.3 Embroidered silk 
Untitled (Furisode, Japanese...   U002.36.4 Silk 
Purple Silk Robe   U999.39.1 Silk 
Yellow Sash   U999.39.2 Silk 
Untitled (Three Panel Tapest...   U000.4.1-2 Linen Warp: Multi-Coloured And Textured Wool, Possible Synthetic As Well, Yarn Weft
Untitled (Woven Towel)   U000.51.1 Linen
Untitled (Embroidered Textil...   U000.51.2 Silk and linen
Belouch Prayer Rug   U003.3.1 Wool 
Metaphysical Thinking   U007.8.20 cloth, thread, collage, ink 
Bidjar Carpet, with Simurgh   U003.3.2 Wool, Silk, Cotton 
Qum Carpet with Persian Gard...   U003.3.3 Silk 
Qum Carpet, with Arabesque M...   U003.3.4 Silk 
Isfahan Carpet, Palmettes an...   U003.3.5 Wool 
Senneh Carpet, European Rose...   U003.3.6 Woven 
Kerman Lavar Carpet   U003.3.7 Wool 
Kerman Rug   U003.3.8 Wool, Cotton 
Kashan Runner Carpet   U003.3.9 Wool 
Teke Turkman Rug, with Gul M...   U003.3.10 Wool 
Bucharesti Carpet   U003.3.11 Wool 
Original Upholstery from Fre...   U003.5.19-2 Fabric 
Bilum Bag   U002.41.8 Knotless netting and thread 
Small Bilum Bag   U002.41.9 Knotless netting and thread 
Woven Shoulder Bag   U002.41.10 Coated fibrous thread 
Manchu style embroidered robe   U007.42.1 Embroidered silk with animal fur 
Pennant Victoria College   U006.40.1 Wool
Pennant Calgary Alta.   U006.40.2 Wool
Pennant University   U006.40.3 Wool
Untitled (Hooked Rug)   U004.26.8 Scrap Rug 
Take Off: Point of Departure...   U008.18.1 Fabric assemblage 
Untitled (Mola orange, red, ...   U005.38.13 Fabric
Untitled (Fabric Collage)   U009.1.77 Collage wtih sponged burlap stitched, slashed fabric
Carpet   U998.15.59
Untitled (Mola, orange with ...   U005.38.19 Fabric
Untitled (Black Mola, four f...   U005.38.1 Fabric
Untitled (Bird with Three Fl...   U005.38.2 Fabric
Untitled (Bird with Blue Out...   U005.38.3 Fabric
Untitled (Two Animals on a R...   U005.38.4 Fabric
Untitled (Man with text and ...   U005.38.5 Fabric
Untitled (Two Squirrels a Nu...   U005.38.6 Fabric
Mola: Creature with Tail   U005.38.7 Fabric
Mola: salamander design   U005.38.8 Fabric
Untitled (Mola with orange b...   U005.38.14 Fabric
Untitled (Mola with orange b...   U005.38.15 Fabric
Untitled (Mola, red with 2 b...   U005.38.16 Fabric
Untitled (Mola, red with 4 f...   U005.38.17 Fabric
Untitled (Mola, orange with ...   U005.38.18 Fabric
Mola; bird design   U005.38.9 Fabric
Untitled (Two Birds)   U005.38.10 Fabric
Untitled (Mola, red with cen...   U005.38.20 Fabric
Untitled (Animal with Eyelas...   U005.38.11 Fabric
Untitled (Mola)   U005.38.21 Fabric
Untitled (Figure with Wings)   U005.38.12 Fabric
Small Blouse with Hand-stitc...   U005.38.22 Hand-stitched Fabric
Yellow floral blouse with ha...   U005.38.23 Hand-sewn Fabric
Red Mola with 2 Headed Creat...   U005.38.24 Fabric
Gray Mola   U005.38.25 Fabric
Red and Black Mola   U005.38.26 Fabric
Red Mola with Cayman   U005.38.27 Fabric
Red Mola with Repeating Patt...   U005.38.28 Fabric
Applique Panel with Star   U008.31.106 Fabric; thread; porcupine quills
Beaded Leather Applique Bands   U008.31.109 glass beads, leather, thread, fabric
Orange Beaded Fabric Appliqu...   U008.31.110 glass beads, thread, fabric
Navy-blue Beaded Applique Pa...   U008.31.111 glass beads, thread, fabric
Round Beaded Leather   U008.31.115 glass beads, leather, thread
Beaded Applique Bands   U008.31.113 glass beads, leather, thread
U-shaped Beaded Applique Pat...   U008.31.108 glasss beads, leather, thread
Beaded Belt   U008.31.98 glass beads, fabric, thread
Beaded Leather Belt   U008.31.99 glass beads, leather, thread
Circular Beaded Applique   U008.31.100 glass beads, leather, thread
Circular Multi Colour Beaded...   U008.31.101 glass beads, leather, thread
Pigeon Tag Bracelet with Key   U008.31.102 glass beads, metal rings, key, thread
Floral Beaded Applique   U008.31.103 glass beads, leather, thread
Black Velvet Beaded Applique   U008.31.105 Glass beads; fabric; thread
Leather Beaded Applique Patc...   U008.31.107 glass beads, leather, thread, cloth
White Flower Applique Patches   U008.31.112 glass beads, leather, thread
Bark and Porcupine Quill Med...   U008.31.118 bark, porcupine quills, staples
Bark and Porcupine Quill Med...   U008.31.120 bark, porcupine quills, staples
Bark and Porcupine Quill Med...   U008.31.117 bark, porcupine quills, thread
Bark and Porcupine Quill Med...   U008.31.121 bark, porcupine quills, thread
Beaded Leather Bands   U008.31.116 glass beads, leather, thread
Bark and Porcupine Quill Med...   U008.31.119 bark, porcupine quills, thread
Bark and Porcupine Quill Med...   U008.31.122 bark, porcupine quills, thread
Leather Floral Beaded Applique   U008.31.114 leather, glass beads, thread
Russian Embroidery   U009.16.413 Needlepoint 
Untitled (Building)   U009.16.414 Needlepoint
French Needlepoint Flower em...   U009.16.362 thread 
Untitled (Embroidered Flowers)   U009.16.383 Silk embrodery
Man's Vest   U006.44.14 Wool 
Man's Tapa Cloth Bag   U006.44.16 Tapa cloth, zipper 
Tapa Cloth   U006.44.5 Tapa fibres; indigenous ochre dyes 
Untitled (Handmade Paper)   U005.38.29 Ink
Untitled (Patch)   E985.2.2 Thread
Untitled (Batik process prog...   E011.7.1 Wax and fabric
Untitled (Blouse Collar)   U011.8.1 fabric; cotton
Untitled (Navy and Gold Thre...   U011.10.1 Embroidered thread on velvet
Untitled (Chancellor's Robe)   U011.11.1 velvet, gold edging, polyester?
Untitled (Red and Brown Rug)   U011.13.1 Wool
Raw Silkenscape   U004.3.5 Raw silk 
Untitled (blue, brown, and w...   U011.25.3 Ink
Untitled (Blue slippers with...   U011.46.2 Silk, fabric
Baby Blue Chinese Slipper; w...   U011.46.3 Silk; cotton
Brown Leather Shoes   U011.46.1 Leather; thread; metal
Untitled (Red Wedding Chines...   U011.46.12 Silk, fabric
Untitled (Beige handkerchief...   U011.46.13 Fabric
Untitled (Chinese Church Ban...   U011.46.14 Fabric
Untitled (Embroidered napkin...   U011.46.15 fabric
Untitled (Floral Curtain)   U011.48.1 Fabric
Untitled (cream wool blazer ...   U011.49.1 wool
Untitled (Oxford black cerem...   U011.49.2 Cotton
Groupings of colourful tassels   E000.4.16 fabric
Patterned pillow   U011.83.1 Cloth; thread
Eger   E011.24.1 Linen
Dragon tablecloth   U011.94.1 silkscreen Print
Untitled (Ikat Textile; Man ...   U016.4.2 Ikat Woven Textile
Hand Puppet; D'sonaqua   U016.7.1 Carved cedar; acrylic paint; thread; acrylic buttons; woven cedar bark headdress; felt 
Hand Puppet; Cedar Man (Tsek...   U016.7.2 Cedar; acrylic; felt; melton cloth; acrylic buttons 
Hand Puppet; Sun Man (Tlisala)   U016.7.3 Cedar; acrylic paint; felt; string; acrylic buttons 
Hand Puppet; Old Man/Elder F...   U016.7.4 Cedar; acrylic paint; felt; thread; acrylic buttons 
Untitled, Hmong Belt   U018.11.2
Untitled, Yao Belt   U018.11.3 Indigo dyed hemp
Untitled, Hmong Collar   U018.11.4 indigo dyed hemp
Untitled, Hmong Collar   U018.11.5 appliqued and embroidered indigo dyed hemp
Untitled, Yao Skirt Back- Pa...   U018.11.6 indigo dyed hemp