Records where Geographical Origin is "Arctic; Canada"

Untitled (Figure with Snowsh...   Unknown  
Untitled (Figure with Seal)   unknown  
Untitled (Vertibrae)   Unknown  
Untitled (Bird)   Shatlook,
Untitled (Walrus)   Rushrak, Wayne
Untitled (Bear)   Unknown  
Untitled (Narwhale and Spiri...   Unknown  
Spirit Figure   Unknown Artist
Elder Duck   Angnakok, Loasie
Face in Hand   ᐸᐅᓗᓯ ᓇᐸᑐ (Napartuk, Paulasie) ; Paulusi Napatu
Untitled (Bear Stone Carving)   Unknown  
Bear Attacking Man   Unknown  
Untitled (Hunter and Seal)   Unknown  
Untitled (Arctic Char)   Unknown  
Untitled (Figure in a Parka)   Saumik, Davidee
Untitled (Bird)   Unknown  
Sedna   Qaqasilq, Davidee
Walrus   Iguptark, Bernadette
Untitled (Seal)   Unknown  
Dog Team   ᐃᓕᓴᐱᐃᓱᓗᑕ, possibly
Fishing   ᐃᓕᓴᐱᐃᓱᓗᑕ, possibly  
Walrus Hunt   ᐃᓕᓴᐱᐃᓱᓗᑕ, possibly  
Keeveook's Journey   Pitsiulak, Lipa
Untitled (Loon)   Unknown  
Untitled (Owl)   Unknown  
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