Records where Geographical Origin is "Canada"

Untitled (Mother and Child)   Jensen, LeRoy  
The Four Gated City (neg.)   Irwin, P.K. ; Page, P.K. ; Irwin, Patricia Kathleen  
Morning In The Studio   Wilkinson, Jack ; John Craig Seaton Wilksinson
Four Masks   Urquhart, Tony
Three Geese   Bell, Alistair M.  
Dangerous Passage   Fisher, Brian Richard RCA  
Nude Landscape   Tanabe, Takao  
In Harbour   Privett, Molly ; (Dowler)  
Saskatchewan Power Plant   Wickenden, H.W.  
Washerwomen   Bates, Maxwell  
Algoma   Harris, Lawren  
Blue Hydrangeas   Lamb Bobak, Molly RCA  
The Red House   Shadbolt, Jack  
Untitled (Country Lane)   Woodward, Barbara
Untitled (Canary Sculpture)   Sweeney, L.  
Baluster Shaped Vase   Unknown
Untitled (Carved Soapstone H...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
Portrait of King George VI (...   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
The Holy Grail   Maltwood, Katharine Emma  
Frog and Grasshopper   Neilson, Kay  
Untitled (Fire Back)   Unknown  
Untitled (architectural abst...   Langdale, Stella  
Mount Temple   Uhthoff, Ina D.D.  
Nearing the Glacier   Collings, Charles J.  
White Diamond #1   Harvey, Donald  
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