Records where Geographical Origin is "New Delhi, India"

A Heroine   Unknown,  
The Dance of Krishna   Unknown,  
Rescuing the Elephant   Unknown,  
Sakhi Addressing the love-lo...   Unknown,  
Krishna Lifting the Mount Go...   Unknown,  
Meeting of Rama and Parasurama   Unknown,  
The White Elephant   Unknown,  
An Encampment Scene   Unknown,  
Babar Falls from his Horse   Unknown,  
Camel Fight   Unknown,  
An Imaginary Meeting between...   Unknown,  
A Mughal Beauty   Unknown,  
Raja Singh of Chamba with hi...   Unknown,  
Humiliation of Rukmana   Unknown,  
Sudama Takes Leave of Krishna   Unknown,  
The Radiant Damsel   Unknown,  
Balarama Diverting the Cours...   Unknown,  
Ragaputra Mistanga of Malkos...   Unknown,  
Ragini Sindhuri of Hindol Raga   Unknown,  
Ragputra Kusum of Raga Dipak   Unknown,  
Ragaputra Hemala of Raga Dipak   Unknown,  
Ragaputra Sandhava of Sri Raga   Unknown,  
Ragaputra Goda-Mallara of Sr...   Unknown,  
Ragini Sorathi of Megha-Mall...   Unknown,  
The Invocation   Unknown,  
Krishna's Regret   Unknown,  
Radha in search of her lover.   Unknown,  
The Union   Unknown,  
Radha commanding Krishna to ...   Unknown,  
Arranging the Earring   Unknown,