Records where Geographical Origin is "New York, United States"

Roman Portrait of a Man   Aller, Robert  
Untitled (Art Nouveau Pictur...   Unknown  
Untitled (copper bowl)   Roycroft Workshops
Untitled (American Craftsman...   Stickley, Gustav ; American Craftsman (Manufacturer)  
Untitled (American Craftsma...   Stickley, Gustav ; American Craftsman (Manufacturer)  
Untitled (Original Tiffany L...   Tiffany, Louis Comfort ; Tiffany Studios  
Untitled (Victorian House Re...   Unknown  
Untitled (Bass Clarinet Case)   Müller, G.L. Renzell and
Popeye   Unknown  
Whimpy: The Hamburger Eater   Unknown  
Untitled (Flute)   Unknown maker  
Untitled (Clarinet)   Ball, W.H.
Untitled (Fife)   Unknown  
Haystack   Lichtenstein, Roy  
Rouen Cathedral #2   Lichtenstein, Roy
Alphabet   Johns, Jasper
An Aesthete   Vagts, Dorothy  
Untitled (Flute)   Riley, E.
Untitled (Mug)   Crawford, John  
Shiojiri Pass Overlooking La...   Eisen, Ikeda  
The Moon Is Hiding In Her Hair   Spingard, Alexandra  
Health And Wealth, The Roycr...   Hubbard, Elbert Founder of Roycroft Workshops  
Untitled (Geranium Woodblock)   Foster, Judith
Untitled (Bass Clarinet Oele...   Unknown
Early Spring   Foster, Judith  
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