Records where Geographical Origin is "Southeast, London England"

Untitled (Flute)   Unknown maker  
Untitled (Oboe)   Milhouse, William
Untitled (clarinet)   Shepherd & Sutton  
Untitled (Stroh Violin; Case)   Stroh, Augustus
Untitled (Clarinet)   Goulding and Company  
Untitled (Double Flageolet)   Unknown Artist
Untitled (Bassoon)   Astor, George  
Untitled (Bassoon)   Key, Thomas
Untitled (Clarinet and Case)   Metzler, Vlaentine
Untitled (Flute and Case)   Unknown  
Untitled (Mandolin)   Winder, J.G.
Untitled (Flute and Case)   Monzani, Tebaldo