Records where Geographical Origin is "Tsaxis (Fort Rupert); British Columbia; Canada"

Kwakiutl Thunderbird   Hunt, Henry  
Untitled (Eagle and Rainbow)   Hunt, Tom ; WaƂawidi  
Kwagulth Hok Hok   Hunt, Ross Sr.  
Kwagulth Sea Eagle and Salmon   Hunt, Ross Sr.  
Moon   Hunt, Eugene  
Voyagers   Hunt, Eugene  
Kwagiulth Eagle and Salmon   Hunt, Eugene  
Sea Eagle and Cod   Hunt, Eugene  
Thunderbird In Moon   Hunt, Eugene  
Killer Whales   Hunt, Eugene  
Kwagiulth Lingcod   Hunt, Eugene  
Otter And Sea Urchin   Hunt, Eugene  
Sea Bear And Killerwhale   Hunt, Calvin  
Copper Making Frog   Hunt, Calvin  
Turn and Face the Change   Newman, Victor  
Raven Releasing the Sun   Hunt, George Jr.  
Salmon II   Hunt, George Jr.  
Hok-Hok and Killer Whale   Hunt, George Jr.  
Thunderbird and Killer Whale   Hunt, George Jr.  
Returning   Hunt, George Jr.  
Sea Kingdom   Hunt, George Jr.  
Legend of the Tsonoqua   Hunt, George Jr.  
Eagle   Hunt, George Jr.  
Tlingit Man   Hunt, George Jr.  
Kwagiulth Halibut   Hunt, George Jr.  
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