Records where Geographical Origin is "Tsaxis (Fort Rupert); British Columbia; Canada"

Hawk Drum Design   Hunt, George Jr.  
Salmon   Hunt, Henry  
Kwakiutl Thunderbird   Hunt, Henry  
Eagle and Wild Woman   Hunt, Henry  
Cannibal Woman   Hunt, Henry  
Eagle and Salmon   Hunt, Henry  
Man from the Sea #2   Hunt, Henry  
Pugwis: Man from the Sea   Hunt, Henry  
Killer Whale & Hawk   Hunt, Henry  
Raven House Front   Hunt, Calvin  
Kwa-Gulth Moon   Hunt, Stan
Filomi Days   Hunt, George Jr.
Kwa-Guilth Swimming Loon   Hunt, Stan  
Moon   Hunt, Stan  
Kwa-Gulth Salmon   Hunt, Stan  
T-Bird And Whale   Hunt, Calvin  
False Whale Pole   Hunt, Calvin  
Kwakiutl Thunderbird Drum   Hunt, Calvin  
Southern Kwa-Giulth Sculpin   Hunt, Calvin  
Sea Monster   Hunt, Calvin  
Southern Kwa-Giulth Sculpin ...   Hunt, Calvin  
Southern Kwagiulth Sea Eagle   Hunt, Calvin  
Kwakiutl Sea Eagle   Hunt, Calvin  
Kwa-Giulth Thunderbird And K...   Hunt, Calvin  
Transformations: Killer Whal...   Hunt, Ross Jr.  
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