Records where Geographical Origin is "United Kingdom"

Three Horses   Aldridge, Denis
Untitled (Man with Paper and...   Arrobus, Sidney
Sporting Drawing   Alsop, John
Silver Invalid Cup   Unknown Artist  
Untitled (Teapot and Stand)   Unknown  
Untitled (Ewer)   Unknown  
Lightly Bright Bay   Thomson, J. Clifton  
Brown Horse   Thomson, J. Clifton
Horse   Unknown
Eighth Duke of Hamilton and ...   Garrard, George
Six Horses and a Donkey   Cooper, Edwin
Drawing of Donkey   Frost, George
Brown Horse Facing Left   Thomson, J. Clifton
Horse   Cooper, Thomas S.
The Death   Fores, S.W.
Racehorse   Wheeler, James
Bend Or   Clark, A.
Horse and Gentleman   Unknown
Field with Work Horse   Goodwin, W.S. ; Sydney
Mill Reef   Crawford, S.L.
Dog   Satorius, J.F.
A Fox Chase   Chase, A. Fox ; Fores, S.W.
Field with Work Horse   Goodwin, W.S. ; Sydney
Horse with Saddle   Unknown
Horse Facing Left   Unknown
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