Records where Geographical Origin is "unknown"

Untitled (Brass Pail with Co...   unknown
Untitled (Farmland Landscape)   Long, Yu
Untitled (Brass Holder, Thre...   unknown
Quiet Hour, 1845   Read, David Charles  
Untitled (Letter to Michael ...   Silverstone, Franklin R.
Jurek   Jung, Krzysztof
Untitled; (Figures)   Jensen, Leroy
Christ and the Way of the Cr...   Unknown  
Untitled (Brass Pot with Han...   unknown
Untitled (Three Horses)   Unknown
Untitled (Three Figures with...   Unknown
Untitled (Copper Pot)   unknown
Untitled (Brass and Copper S...   Unknown
Untitled (Two Dancers)   Unknown
Untitled (Primal Village)   Cook, Lisa
Portrait of Koralee   Unknown; T.G.
Untitled (man on camel)   Holme, Frank
Ivy Highlights II   Baylis, Jean
Untitled (Landscape with Flo...   Trinidad, Jose
Untitled (Sunflower)   Hembroff-Schleicher, Edythe
The Swan   Brookman, Charles
Gueridon (Academie Andre L'h...   Hembroff-Schleicher, Edythe
Untitled (Cubist Still Life)   Hembroff-Schleicher, Edythe
Beal-Nam-bo, The Highlands   Peck, Merrill
Untitled (Small Wood Chest o...   unknown
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