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Artist / Maker : Hunt, Calvin
Title : Dunukwa and Sisuitl Canoe
Date (Execution) : 1996
Geographical Origin : Tsaxis (Fort Rupert); British Columbia; Canada
Cultural Group : Kwakwaka'wakw
Style / Period : Contemporary 1950 -
Medium / Material  : Serigraph
Support / Technique : Paper
Object Type : screen prints
Visual Description : Black, grey and red colour scheme. Canoe with two paddlers facing to the right and one, central figure facing frontwards.
Accession # : U014.3.247
Width (cm) : 55.50
Height (cm) : 34.50
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit : Gift from the Collection of George and Christiane Smyth
Artist Statement : "A young man decided that he needed help in his quest to become a great warrior. He knew that Dzunuk'wa' could help as she had fabulous wealth in her supernatural treasure box. Dzunuk'wa' might be vain, stupid and clumsy, but she was also very spontaneous in her gift giving. The young warrior knew that her baby ogress never cried, much to the chagrin of the giantess. He thought that she might present him with a gift if he could make her child cry. So she proceeded to taunt the baby, pinching and teasing her. Finally with great excitement he heard the baby ogress cry out. The finatess was so overwhelmed she presented him with a gift - a supernatural canoe. Not only did this canoe carry him in his journeys across the seas and rivers, but it was a supernatural canoe that could transform into whatever he wished. He thought that the Sisiutl would be his perfect ally. The double-headed serpent was a dreaded force to be dealt with - his glance could turn an enemy into stone, its flesh was impervious to any spear. His scales, spines, blood and eyes were formidable weapons. So this is how the young man earned his Great Warrior status." -- C.H.