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Artist / Maker : Evans, Hannelore
Title : Untitled (Textile Banner - Painted)
Date (Execution) : ca. 1970s
Geographical Origin : Canada
Cultural Group :
Style / Period : Contemporary 1950 -
Medium / Material  : Fibre, cotton
Support / Technique : painted; batik
Object Type : wall hangings
Visual Description : Batik cotton banner. Large white standing figure holding bird beside brown head in eyes on blue background. Purple and green plant shapes.
Accession # : U982.17.16
Width (cm) : 320.00
Height (cm) : 320.00
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : Gift of Public Works Canada
Artist Statement : Artist Statement: The task given was to cover 18 windows in Hangar No. 5, with Batik-Hangings and thus create an impression of stained glass. The window size was 12' by 12' each. The batiks were constructed from four six-foot squares that had been batiked individually and sewn together. I chose cool colours; blues and greens, for the East wall and the morning sun - oranges, reds and yellows for the Western exposure which at that particular time of the year (early summer) caught the afternoon and setting sun. The design ideas for the batiks developed with the construction of the site. They were as closely linked to the location, the people who worked there, as they were to the expectations I had from the conference itself. I started with a story idea that was to bring a human being from living in harmony with the environment to eventual estrangement from nature due to urbanization and technology. Looking at the pictures now, three years later, I see the harmony rather than the estrangement as the main feeling of the project. I think that the cause for this is the very harmonious working environment that existed at the Jericho site during the eight months it took to complete the stage set for the conference. I was also very influenced by the physical beauty of the Jericho Beach Location. I worked the project with John Moore who had studied the technique of Batik Painting in Indonesia and who had a very complete knowledge of the medium. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Hannelore Evans] has used the batik technique and the banners relate to each other in their colour scheme. The theme and mood of the pieces is one of celebration and joy. The collection was placed on permanent loan with the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery by Public Works Canada. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The theme of the series is to depict the harmony of human beings with the environment and the transition to their eventual estrangement from nature due to urbanization and technology.