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Artist / Maker : Unknown
Title : Untitled (Figure)
Date (Execution) : 500BC-1550AD
Geographical Origin : Diquis Delta, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Cultural Group : Diquis
Style / Period : Pre-Columbian
Medium / Material  : Stone, Tuff
Support / Technique : Carved; Ground
Object Type : carvings (visual works)
Visual Description : Flattish statue crudely carved in low relief representing a seated male figure with vestigial legs. The flexed arms are bent at the elbows and appear to be crossed on the chest, the upper part of the arms and the shoulder region being powerful. Male sex organ is indicated by a raised section. The back is flat; the spine is vaguely indicated by a groove, and the buttocks, in low relief, are squared to convey the impression that the person is seated. The short legs are flexed; the thighs are horizontal, the shins vertical and separated by a groove which becomes a notch at the feet. The head is circular and measures about one third of the length of the statue. The facial features are in very low relief and, due to ground water erosion, difficult to distinguish. The eyes are depicted as knobs and the ears as crescents. A horizontal ridge marks the eyebrows. The nose and mouth are indicated. A semi-circular groove across the forehead which continues as a vertical groove behind the the ears to the neck, marks a raised section on the top and three raised sections on the back of the head. These may indicate a headdress, hair or mane.
Accession # : U991.15.33
Width (cm) : 4.00
Height (cm) : 10.10
Depth (cm) : 3.50
Mandatory Credit : Gift of William and Henrietta Schmidt
Artist Statement :