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Artist / Maker : Otto, Rudi
Title : Untitled (Four Men at a Table)
Date (Execution) : 1930s-40s
Geographical Origin : Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cultural Group :
Style / Period : Western Modern 1900-1950
Medium / Material  : ink
Support / Technique : paper
Object Type : lithographs
Visual Description : Four men sit at a long rectangular table, drinking tea and discussing what is surely a highly important matter. Two men sit along the far long side, one man sits at the head, and the last man sits near the foot on the close long side of the table. The man on the far right has a top hat placed upside down on the floor beside his chair, and he holds a teacup to his lips. The man just to the left of him wears a monacle and has a cup half-raised in the air. The second man in from the left looks intently at the man on the far left, who appears to be leading the discussion. On the table are a large urn, on the right, and what looks to be some kind of candelabra, on the left.
Accession # : U007.51.2
Width (cm) : 28.50
Height (cm) : 22.00
Depth (cm) :
Mandatory Credit :
Artist Statement :