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Artist / Maker : Maltwood, Katharine Emma
Title : The Vision
Date (Execution) : 1916
Geographical Origin : England
Cultural Group : British, Canadian
Style / Period : Western Modern 1900-1950
Medium / Material  : Alabaster
Support / Technique : carved
Object Type : sculpture (visual works)
Visual Description : A large, vertically rectangular block. All sides are smooth except the front, which is carved in bas-relief. At the bottem right of the alabaster block is carved "KE. Maltwood". Above this signature are the carved words "I am the resurrection and the life."
Accession # : M964.1.360
Width (cm) : 52.00
Height (cm) : 101.20
Depth (cm) : 14.00
Mandatory Credit : Bequest of John and Katharine Maltwood
Artist Statement : Sir Claude Philips wrote about the plaster version of this sculpture in the Daily Telegraph : "The central panel of this piece is occupied by a relief sculpture symbolizing the release of the spirit from the trammels of Sin and Death and its absorption into the Eternal Harmony. On the one wing is embossed, in gold on a ground of blue, a quotation from St. Paul, on the other a quotation from Tagoreā€¦ She is equally at home in the difficult arts of high and low relief; the aspiring rhythm of her composition starting from a basis of static and changing as it moves upwards into one of dynamic intensity is novel and expressive. Even the Italian Gothic of the triptych, studiously simple as it is, proves close and sympathetic study of style and accuracy in detail." (Brown 24). Rosemary Brown notes the inclusion of the quotation from Rabindranath Tagore reflects her growing interest in Eastern philosophy (24).