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Artist / Maker : Kamakura, Kakemono
Title : Amida Buddha Attended By Wisdom And Mercy
Date (Execution) : 1300-1400
Geographical Origin : Japan
Cultural Group :
Style / Period : Japan Kamakura 1185-1333
Medium / Material  : Paint; Ink; Gold hanging scroll
Support / Technique : silk on paper
Object Type : hanging scrolls
Visual Description : Vertical hanging scroll, gold (kirikane) and colours-white, indigo, red and green- on indigo silk. This painting depicts the descent of the amida trinity, Buddha, Kannon and Seishi. Amida Buddha is the largest central figure; he is flanked by Seishi (Mahasthamprapta) on the left and Kannon (Avalokitesvara) on the right, offering the lotus vehicle to the soul of the devotee. The standing pose of the trio and the rays emanating from the Buddha' shall date this painting well into the late Kamakura period.
Accession # : M964.1.136
Width (cm) : 42.00
Height (cm) : 102.20
Depth (cm) : 0.00
Mandatory Credit : Bequest of John and Katharine Maltwood
Artist Statement :