Bates, Patricia Martin; Bates, Pat Martin

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Works (44):

Arctic Night for a Moon Catc...   U001.11.978 Mixed media; Japanese silver paper and French black paper collage 
Arctic Silent Signal #10; Wa...   U999.20.13 Mixed Media; print; perforations 
Cut Up into Stars was the Ol...   U001.11.980 Mixed media (paint, ink, perforations) 
Cymbols in Small Flight   U996.25.15 Etching 
Daisy Fresh Daddy with St. P...   U001.12.66 Lithograph; emboss; mixed media 
Emily: A Steppin'-footed Lady   U979.5.2 Serigraph 
Emily: A Steppin'-footed Lady   U979.5.3 Serigraph 
Emily: A Steppin'-footed Lady   U979.5.4 Serigraph 
Emily: A Steppin'-footed Lady   U979.5.5 Serigraph 
Emily: A Steppin'-footed Lady   U979.5.6 Serigraph 
Emily: A Steppin'-footed Lady   U979.5.7 Serigraph 
Emily: A Steppin'-footed Lady   U004.6.6 Paint, cellophane
Fanfare-Tra La   U990.1.3 Etching 
Fanfare-Tra La   U990.2.2 Etching 
Fanfare-Tra La   E990.4.1 Etching; Gold leaf 
Inscape/ Escape Of The Golde...   U988.12.6 Etching with Gold Leaf; Foil 
Lege Relege Oralaboraget   U984.24.1 Paint, perforated paper, thread, grommets 
Mandala for Rumi in the Firs...   U970.1.1 Paper; Ink; Graphite 
Open Windows And Life's Ladder   U989.8.2 Mixed Media, estampille 
Return of the Sea-starved   U965.1.6 Lithograph; gold leaf on paper 
Silent Pillar of Peace   U970.1.2 Relief 
Song of the Midnight Sun   U999.31.1 Mezzotint; gold leaf and ink 
Song of the Seven Moons   U982.4.2 Lithograph 
The Country Of Hearts   U984.36.1 Serigraph 
The Dance Of The Bharata   U000.32.21 Etching 
The Green Eye   U982.4.1 Lithograph 
The Peartree Of Illusion   U984.36.2 mixed media 
The Peartree of Illusion   U994.27.1 Mixed Media 
The Peartree of Illusion   U006.2.1 Lithograph 
The Toodalumna Twins   U984.36.3 Lithograph 
Toodallumma Twins   U997.34.5 Lithograph; ink; graphite; perforations 
Two Opposite Times Two...   U984.17.1 Ink, thread, mixed media, ink, thread, collage 
Two Opposite Times Two...   U984.17.2 Embossed paper, silver thread, perforations
Untitled (Exhibition Poster,...   U005.21.6 Photomechanic print and stickers 
Wheel of Love   U007.71.2 Emboss and Ink 
White Window Signal #17   U999.20.14 Serigraph 
Woman with Words in Her Head   U977.1.25 Ink; Watercolour; Paper