Field Museum of Natural History

Works (36):

Abyssinian Girl, Africa   E003.1.3-2 card stock
Ancestral Figures   E003.1.1-7 paper
Batwa Boy with Filed Teeth   E003.1.3-7 card stock
Berber   E003.1.3-11 card stock
Chauncey Keep Memorial Hall   E003.1.3-12 card stock
Hamite, Abyssinia, Africa   E003.1.3-3 card stock
Negro, Dahomey, Africa   E003.1.3-6 card stock
Nubian, Northeast Africa   E003.1.3-8 card stock
Races of Mankind   E003.1.3-13 card stock
Semang Pygmy, Malay Peninsula   E003.1.3-5 card stock
Shilluk Warrior, Sudan, Africa   E003.1.3-4 card stock
Somali, Abyssinia, Africa   E003.1.3-9 card stock
Zulu Woman, Southeast Africa   E003.1.3-10 card stock