Liberty and Company

Works (16):

Untitled (Cymric Vase)   M968.6.1 Silver 
Untitled (Liberty stool and ...   U984.62.2 wood, fibre 
Untitled (Tea Caddy)   M974.1.19 Pewter 
Untitled (Tea Caddy)   M983.3.5 Pewter 
Untitled (Tudric clock)   M972.10.1 Pewter; enamel inlay; glass 
Untitled (Tudric Cocoa Pot)   M974.1.8 Pewter; raffia 
Untitled (Tudric Compote)   M972.11.1 Pewter 
Untitled (Tudric ink Stand)   M974.1.17 Pewter; Enamel 
Untitled (Tudric Napkin Rings)   M974.1.7 Pewter; Enamel 
Untitled (Tudric salver)   M974.1.18 Pewter 
Untitled (Tudric Stamp Box)   M969.13.98 Pewter; enamel; wood 
Untitled (Tudric Tea Service...   M970.8.1 Pewter; rattan; unknown lacquer