Cragg, Heather

Works (43):

A View Down A Narrow Street   U983.11.2 Etching 
Coventry Mirage   L005.1.4 Zinc etching dry point engraving 
Duckling   U000.45.1 Watercolour 
Figure Study   L982.1.3 Graphite; Conte 
Flower Study   L982.1.2 Graphite 
Metal etching plates   L005.1.5 Metal 
Monkey In A Landscape   U983.11.6 Etching 
Nicola Study   L005.1.3 Graphite; Charcoal 
Portrait Head   U994.6.2 Etching 
Portrait Head   U996.4.9 Ink
Rat And Snake   U983.11.5 Etching 
Self-Portrait   U015.3.1 Oil 
Snarling Cat   L005.1.2 Coloured Pencils 
Spectacular Cat   U011.103.1 Lithograph 
Study of Hand and Foot   L982.1.5 Graphite 
Study of Hands   L982.1.4 Graphite; Conte 
Study of Shells   L982.1.1 Graphite 
Two Portraits   U983.11.1 Etching 
Untitled (Abstract Figure)   U987.9.3 Etching 
Untitled (Bearded Man)   U996.4.6 Etching 
Untitled (Bearded Man)   U996.4.7 Etching 
Untitled (Boats on the Hard)   U000.43.1 Watercolour 
Untitled (Mythical Beast)   U996.4.2 Etching 
Untitled (Quail and Book)   U990.26.65 Etching 
Untitled (Sketch of Bearded ...   U987.9.1 Drypoint Etching 
Untitled (Two Portraits)   U994.11.1 Etching 
Untitled (Two Women)   U987.9.8 Etching