Works (14):

Alabian Tights   U011.103.20 Charcoal
Butcher Block Table   U001.11.828 hardwood; wax
Malagan Sculpture   U009.17.200 Wood; natural pigment
Model totem pole; Eagle, Kil...   U001.11.120 Wood; acrylic paint 
Two Magpies on a Branch   M964.1.1 ink and white paper 
Untitled (figure with mask)   U009.17.202 Wood; pigment
Untitled (Grey Abstraction)   U011.103.17 Lithograph
Untitled (Jug)   U987.19.48 Porcelain; enamel paints, glaze and gilt 
Untitled (Landscape)   U006.36.7 ink 
Untitled (mask PNG)   U009.17.204 Wood; twine; natural pigment
Untitled (Northwest Coast pl...   U001.11.378-2 mountain sheep horn 
Untitled (Suspension Hook)   U009.17.195 Wood; pigment
Untitled (West Coast of Sout...   U007.44.18 watercolour