Howarth, Glenn E.

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Works (49):

Banff Mountain Scene   U001.11.879 oil 
Banff Repeater Station   U001.11.427 Oil 
Brentwood Bay 33, Wharf   U014.1.1 Mixed media 
Brentwood Bay 40   U014.1.5 Graphite and linseed oil 
Bus 1976   U001.11.525 Oil; acrylic 
Elephant Highway No.2   U001.11.470 Oil 
Focal Forest   U014.1.9 Oil 
Forest Pond   U014.1.8 Oil 
Four Bathers by the Lake   U001.11.695 Oil 
Garter Snake Wrapped Doll; B...   U001.11.539 Acrylic; oil 
Garter Snake Wrapped Doll; C...   U001.11.626 Graphite 
Gas Pumps at Rock Bay and Ba...   U001.11.689 Oil; Acrylic 
Goddesses 1986   U001.11.576 Acrylic and oil** 
Gulliver's Daughter No.1   U001.11.1050 Acrylic 
Gulliver's Daughter No.2   U001.11.1052 Oil 
Gulliver's Daughter No.3   U001.11.955 oil 
Guns and Knives (Gun Collect...   U001.11.688 Oil; acrylic 
Inner Harbour 13   U014.1.4 Oil 
J.C. on the Stairs at Painte...   U001.11.101 Graphite 
Lake View   U982.30.1 Graphite 
Night Island Ferry   U001.11.921 Acrylic; oil 
Nudes in a Wrecker's Yard   U001.11.100 Graphite 
Ogden Point   U014.1.7 Oil 
Orcus Porcus   U001.11.618 Acrylic; oil 
Port Howarth Burning #2   U001.11.736 Oil 
Port Howarth Burning No.2   U001.11.737 Oil; acrylic 
Portrait of Sheri   U976.4.1 Oil 
Powerlines: Malahat, BC   U001.11.428 Acrylic 
Pub Scene   U001.11.90 oil 
Rocky   U011.1.1 Charcoal 
Self Portrait   U001.11.2 A=oil; ink; B=ink 
Sheri   U011.1.2 Charcoal 
Stump at Totem Spit   U005.7.2 Mixed media; photographic print; graphite 
Stump Heart   U001.11.976 oil 
The Circular Ocean   U018.3.1 lithograph 
Untitled (Abstract Figures w...   U001.11.1027 Mixed media; graphite (wax-varnish, Damar varnish) 
Untitled (Nude Women by the ...   U001.11.1025 Graphite; cold wax 
Untitled (Seascape)   U014.1.10 Oil paint 
Untitled (Totem series)   U014.1.6 acrylic? 
Upper Thetis   U001.11.77 oil
Upper Thetis: The Point   U001.11.794 acrylic 
Wet Sails   U014.1.11 Charcoal