Siebner, Herbert Johannes Joseph RCA

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Works (192):

A Limner Special For Robin   U998.33.4 Lithograph 
Afternoon In Paris   U984.76.3 Watercolour 
Alleine in Berlin   U996.21.1 Watercolour 
An der Mole   U997.32.1 Oil 
Archaic Dream   U001.11.71 Acrylic/oil 
Architecture From An Antique...   U996.21.2 Mixed Media; ink and paint 
Artist's Studio   U996.25.77 print 
Asking For Direction On The ...   U996.21.3 Ink; Watercolour 
Balcony   U996.25.87 Ink; Wash 
Baltic Sea Bathers   U012.21.2 Oil 
Barbar   U997.32.2 Acrylic 
Beach Cabanas   U998.31.1 Watercolour 
Beilstein a.d. Mosel   U990.26.14 Watercolour and ink wash 
Bella Belle   U998.33.2 Ink 
Bella Belle   U998.33.17 Woodcut 
Bella-Belle   U984.76.12 Lithograph 
Berlin 40 Years Ago   U987.10.1 Ink 
Berlin 40 Years Ago   U990.26.15 Lithograph 
Berlin Cityscape   U996.25.78 Tempera 
Berlin, Wilmersdorf   U984.76.2 Watercolour
Between Baltic And North Sea   U998.31.2 Lithograph 
Bird Teachings   U998.31.11 Clay 
Birth Of The Amber Tree   U999.20.2 Linocut 
Centaur   U984.76.9 Acrylic; Crayon 
Centaur And Centaures   U980.8.4 Serigraph 
City Collage   U984.76.4 Oil; Newspaper 
Cow   U959.1.6 Ink 
Crowd   U984.76.13 Lithograph 
Cycladic Dream Of A Certain ...   U996.25.86 Acrylic; Mixed media 
Cycladic Image   U001.12.7 Woodcut 
Das War Ich (That Was Me)   U983.20.1 Woodcut 
Denkmaeler   U001.11.765 oil 
Don Quixote   U983.2.43 Ceramic; Wood; Grout 
Dubrovnik   U996.25.81 Mixed Media 
Duo   U988.10.50 lithograph 
Duo   U007.71.11 Lithograph 
Fairy Tale   U996.25.76 Woodcut 
Fairytale   U998.31.3 Woodcut 
Family Outing in Antiquity   U004.17.3 acrylic 
Figure Forms   U963.1.4 Oil; casein; wax 
Figure group   U959.1.9 Serigraph 
Frau Munch Going For A Dip   U998.33.3 Woodcut 
Frieze of Life   U001.11.811 Unknown sand/stone material; pigment 
From A Limner To A Limner   U998.33.18 Linocut 
From Italy Via Berlin Before...   U997.34.15 Print; Serigraph 
From Memory (For Mif the Day...   U001.12.24 Oil pastel 
Girl at the Hornburger Street   U001.12.10 watercolour, ink 
Girl From Pommerania   U997.32.4 Mixed Media 
Harbour Scene   U998.15.8 Acrylic 
He Is Alone   U999.20.8 Lithograph 
Hidden Sea (Baltic Sea)   U996.21.4 Watercolour 
Hidden Sea (Baltic Sea)   U996.21.5 Ink; Watercolour 
Hidden See (Baltic Sea)   U996.25.89 Acrylic 
Hoppa, Hoppa Reiter   U998.31.4 Linocut 
Horsemen   U984.76.7 Lithograph 
Im Sonnenland   U996.25.75 Watercolour 
Istanbul   U980.8.7 Lithograph 
Istanbul   U999.20.4 Serigraph 
Joker With Egg   U998.33.8 Ink and watercolour 
Komposition (Tempera)   U001.12.3 tempera 
Landscape of Love Poster   U005.21.3 Photomechanical reproduction; poster 
Lavrion   U984.76.20 Watercolour 
Limner 1972 Exhibition Poster   U001.12.21 Lithograph 
Limner Found at Atlantis 25 ...   U998.33.20 Stone; paint 
Losing A Shirt In Bethlehem   U984.76.15 Watercolour 
Lovebook   U998.33.15 Collaged paper and ink 
Lugano   U996.25.88 Watercolour; Wash 
Man Kissing His Belly Goodbye   U976.5.2 Mixed media; paint 
Man Playing With Sun   U984.76.8 Acrylic 
Mask For Robin On Xmas From ...   U998.33.6 Ink; Gouache? Acetate? 
Mask Scraffito   U001.11.747 Mixed media; unknown sand/plaster material; pigment 
Masks (Masker)   U999.20.17 Mixed media; paint; print; ink 
Maxwell Bates - Limner   U996.25.84 Lithograph 
Memento to Pablo, The Old Ma...   U001.11.748 Lithograph 
Moon Faces (Faces of Planets)   U001.11.73 Acrylic 
Mykonos   U984.76.16 Watercolour 
Mykonos   U984.76.17 Watercolour; Ink; Graphite 
Nassau   U996.21.7 Lithograph 
Nude   U984.76.5 Charcoal
Nun Changing Profession for ...   U000.32.4 woodblock print 
Observation of Hands at 4pm   E011.8.1 Mixed media; paper and watercolour paint 
Old Town on the Baltic   U007.71.4 Lithograph 
On The Baltic Sea   U984.76.21 Mixed Media; Oil 
One Of The First Watercolour...   U998.33.10 Watercolour 
Ovo   U001.12.4 oil on paper 
Paris   U996.21.8 Serigraph 
Paris   U998.31.5 Oil 
Play In The Valley   U982.3.2 Hancoloured Woodcut 
Poster for Limner's at Horiz...   U005.21.5 Lithograph 
Riddle For Robin   U998.33.5 Ink 
Robin And Herbert Both 60   U998.33.22 Ink, Watercolour 
Robin Skelton Reading Poetry...   U998.33.1 Mixed media 
Robin Skelton: Schriftstelle...   U998.33.14 Mixed media: Paper, Velvet, Wood 
Selbstmord (suicide)   U982.3.3 Linocut print 
Self-Portrait, Berlin 1951   U987.13.1 Lithograph 
She Is Alone   U999.20.9 Lithograph 
Siros   U984.76.18 Watercolour 
Siros   U984.76.19 Watercolour 
Skelton Writing A Poem   U992.16.2 Paint 
Sketch No.2   U982.21.2 Oil 
Sleeping Warrior   U980.8.5 Serigraph 
Statement of an Eagle Feathe...   U996.21.9 Mixed Media; ink; paper; adhesive; oil 
Stetliner Schloss   U998.33.12 Lithograph 
Stettin am Oder   U996.26.13 Watercolour lithograph
Stettin, Oder   U990.26.13 Lithograph 
Studies Of Ascending Figure   U996.25.82 Ink; Graphite 
Sun Goddess   U992.16.1 Sgraffito; Paint 
The Big Step   U984.76.10 Acrylic 
The Chase   U013.3.7 Etching 
The Circus Director   U999.20.5 Serigraph 
The Couple   U984.3.1 Serigraph 
The Day Of Arrival   U980.8.6 Serigraph 
The Founders of the Castle   U957.1.5 Mixed media (oil; wax; cassein; watercolour) 
Three Nudes   U998.31.6 Ink And Wash 
Time and Space   U001.11.804 oil 
Torsos   U984.76.11 Ink 
Transfiguration North   U996.25.46 Acrylic 
Two Brothers Seeing A Star   U998.33.11 Serigraph 
Two Centaurs   U984.76.6 Acrylic 
Two Figures   U001.11.985 Mixed media (pastel, charcoal) 
Two German Sisters   U996.25.93 Graphite; Wash 
Two Longing for the Sun   U007.71.18 Serigraph 
Untitled (Abstract figures)   U998.33.16 Mixed Ink And Wash 
Untitled (Abstract Figures)   U010.3.2 Serigraph 
Untitled (Abstract watercolo...   U001.12.65 watercolour 
Untitled (Abstract)   U996.25.80 lithograph 
Untitled (Berlin)   U007.71.8 lithograph 
Untitled (Building Sketch)   U007.71.16 watercolour 
Untitled (City Scape)   U988.10.51 Ink; Watercolour 
Untitled (City)   U998.31.10 Ink And Watercolour 
Untitled (Colin as a Limner')   U007.71.14 watercolour and ink wash 
Untitled (Couples Embracing)   U007.71.12 Lithograph 
Untitled (cycladic Islands)   U998.31.8 Watercolour 
Untitled (Farmer and Livesto...   U996.21.11 Linocut; watercolour 
Untitled (Female Figure and ...   U001.19.4 Lithograph; graphite; watercolour 
Untitled (Figure)   U983.2.41 Concrete; metal 
Untitled (Figure)   U983.2.42 Concrete 
Untitled (Figure)   U987.3.46 Lithograph 
Untitled (Figure)   U007.71.10 Lithograph 
Untitled (Figures)   U994.21.1 Ink and watercolour 
Untitled (Figures)   U996.25.85 Print; serigraph
Untitled (Figures)   U001.12.68 Etching 
Untitled (Five Figures)   U000.12.2 Watercolour 
Untitled (Hannelore)   U998.31.9 Charcoal; Graphite 
Untitled (lesbians Kissing)   U998.31.7 Watercolour 
Untitled (Lithograph)   U001.19.5 Offset Colour Lithographic Reproduction
Untitled (Nude and Animal)   U007.71.5 Lithograph 
Untitled (Nude Woman)   U001.12.67 Linocut 
Untitled (Nudes on Beach)   U999.21.7 Watercolour 
Untitled (On the Baltic Sea)   U007.71.9 Lithograph 
Untitled (Portrait)   U001.12.73 Charcoal 
Untitled (Scrafitto Abstract...   E998.7.1 ceramic, wood 
Untitled (Street Scene)   U996.25.79 Watercolour 
Untitled (Sun Face)   U998.33.21 Ink, Paint, Wash 
Untitled (Three Abstract Fig...   U998.33.19 Lithograph 
Untitled (Three Figures)   U994.21.2 Ink; Wash 
Untitled (Three Figures)   U996.21.10 Watercolour 
Untitled (Two Figures)   U001.12.76 watercolour and ink 
Untitled (Two Women Portraits)   U007.71.6 Lithograph 
Untitled (Versailles)   U007.71.13 watercolour 
Untitled (Woman)   U998.33.9 Linocut And Ink 
Via Appia Antiqua   U001.12.1 Woodcut 
Woman Breeding Better Men   U001.12.6 Lithograph 
Woman Making Holes (the Hole...   U996.25.83 Mixed Media; Encaustic 
Women Breeding Better Men   U980.8.3 Lithograph 
World Goddess   U996.25.74 Ink; Graphite 
Young Artist (Self Portrait)   U001.12.23 Lithograph 
Zusammen im Selben Boot ; (M...   U007.71.7 Lithograph 
Zweit   U007.71.17 Lithograph