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Vant'reit, Ineke ; Ineke Pottery

Cultural Group : Dutch, Canadian

Dutch born. Attended George Jay Elementary School in Victoria in the 1950s. May have resided in Westlock Alberta in recent years.

Ineke pottery displays botanical motifs. Pieces are often hand-turned with artisan decoration of applied flowers (dogwood), in studio-pottery style. Ineke pottery was made for specific places or events and many pieces were made for souvenir and gift shops, such as Mattick’s Farm on Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria, BC; Victoria’s Butchart Gardens, the Malahat Chalet and for shops on the BC Ferries. Pieces could be found in shops across western Canada.
Marks: inscribed, hand-scripted under glaze, stamped, hangtag, or any mark with a hangtag

Mark variations:
• Íneke Victoria B.C. Canada
• Handmade by INEKE _ _ _ _ Victoria B.C. Canada
• Handmade by INEKE _ _ _ _ Victoria B.C.
• Íneke Canada
• Íneke
• Handmade Ineke Mattick’s Farm Victoria BC [ink stamp]