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Malinsky, Charles (1957)

Cultural Group : Canadian

Charles Malinsky was born in 1957 in Yorkton, Ontario. He completed his studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1978 where he subsequently taught. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Certificate of Excellence at the Soho, NYC Art Competition #7 and the top prize in 2001 at the Lineart Art Fair in Ghent. His meteoric rise to international fame started with a solo exhibition at the Fran Willis Gallery in Victoria in 1994. His paintings, which he has exhibited frequently throughout the past decade, are found in numerous collections throughout North America and Europe. In 1998 he and his wife Marilyn moved to Spain for nearly 10 years. They now live in Saskatchewan.

Malinsky is highly regarded for his narrative paintings that reflect on societal issues in an aggressive and often darkly erotic manner. He commented that he "can write the script, invent the costumes, and cast the characters. That's one of the great joys of being able to make pictures. Imagining something in your mind and then committing yourself to making a picture of it is like building a stage to contain a drama. There are the good guys, the bad guys, the interveners, and the gentle ones."