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Lambert, David ; Lambert Potteries Limited (1919-1985)

Cultural Group : English, Canadian

Emigrating from England to Vancouver, BC in 1945 David Lambert along with Olea Davis,was a pioneer in the development of ceramics in BC. He established Vancouver's first urban commercial studio pottery in that same year. In the early 1950s he taught at the Vancouver Art School (now the Emily Carr University of Art + Design), where he developed a program that became a serious starting point for committed potters. In 1955 he co-founded the Potters Guild of BC with Olea Davis and also served as its president. (source: MOA, University of BC, Text panel 2016).

Lambert was a pioneer in the field of ceramics in British Columbia. (source: Elder, Allan). A Modern Life). He learned his craft from potter Axel Ebring, son of a Swedish pottery family.