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Frost, George (b. 1745 - d. 1821)

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George Frost was born at Ousden in West Suffolk in 1745, the son of builder, and named after him. He worked at first with his father in the building trade, and then moved to Ipswich when he secured employment at the Blue Coach Office. Here he worked for many years, becoming general manager of the office until his retirement in about 1813, when he moved house from Brook Street to the Common Quay at Ipswich. Like his Suffolk counterpart of 50 years later, Thomas Churchyard, the Woodbridge solicitor, Frost lived and worked in order to paint, draw, collect and teach. Both were insatiable sketchers, for which activity one suspects many office hours were sacrificed. Self taught as an artist, he developed his own very individual style that was broadly based on his interpretation of the work of Gainsborough, an artist whom Frost probably knew in his early years, whose work he collected, and of whom he wrote to the youthful Constable in 1807: "You know I am extravagantly fond of Gainsbro' - perhaps foolishly so."